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Choose Happiness

What does it take to choose happiness? Many people are not familiar with the idea that happiness is a choice. To most, real happiness seems like a daydream – a fun-filled fantasy that occupies a child’s mind. Challenge yourself to stop thinking that happiness a far-fetched idea, when in actuality it is very real and very attainable.Happiness is directly connected to your frame of mind and resting (default) emotional state. People that make a routine effort to seek out joy throughout their days are fundamentally happier and more satisfied with their lives. These very same people have grasped the notion that happiness is their own choosing. And allowing for the alternative could only send them in a tailspin and lead to further despair.It’s important to choose happiness in order to maintain all of life’s pleasures while still remaining fulfilled, productive, content, and motivated. Once you have clarity on your emotional state, you’ll be able to choose happiness always. Learn how to choose to be happy and make it a habit. In fact, make it a lifestyle!

Is Happiness A Choice?

The definitive answer is “Yes, happiness is a choice.” We all must choose to be happy because think of the alternative. When you’ve been living in misery or maybe in a state of apathy or indifference for years and years, that becomes the norm. You get used to sorrow, dismay, agony, boredom, frustration. It becomes normal to be miserable.It becomes normal because you’ve trained your subconscious mind and your body to live at this distressing level every single day. So misery becomes habit. This is important to understand. After repeated practice, you get better at any activity. In this case that activity is detachment and disconnection from ourselves and from others.Now is the time to get into shape and exercise those happiness muscles before they atrophy. If you’ve been facing sadness, hardship, or misfortune, you need to say to yourself, “Okay, that was yesterday. Today is going to be different.” And then get on your feet (literally) and start moving. Get the endorphins flowing. Go outside, Get some sun on your skin. Breathe fresh air. Get back to nature.If you’re in the middle of a city, try to find a local park and sit underneath a tree. Trees are built for absorbing negative energy. They are nature’s miracle. If you’re a water person (Aquarians or Pisceans), sit by a pond, a rolling stream, or a river. If you can get into the middle of a large body of water, whether that be swimming or on a boat, even better.The disconnect most people have is that they don’t recognize that they are miserable. They don’t recognize that they’ve been emotionally bereft for so long. They remain in a negative state of suspension, with emotions that they don’t like or need floating around them continuously. After awhile that can get exhausting. But not if you don’t do something about it. Not if you don’t take stock of your current emotional situation.

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Take a look at our emotional vibrational chart. Ask yourself where you sit on this chart right now. Then ask yourself where you are on the chart throughout your day, week, month. Taking stock of your emotional state is crucial to “knowing where you’ve been, so you know where you’re going.”

‘Go back to where you started, or as far back as you can, examine all of it, travel your road again and tell the truth about it. Sing or shout or testify or keep it to yourself: but know whence you came.’

— James Arthur Baldwin (1924-1987) Go Tell It on the Mountain, Knopf, 18. May 1953

Why Is Happiness A Choice?

Humankind has been granted a certain set of inalienable rights from the Universe upon our creation. There rights are divine rules which the Universe is governed by called Spiritual Law (or Spiritual Principles). Spiritual Law designates that we, human beings, have the power to create our reality. In other words, humans are creators. Read that again: Humans are creators.

This is a powerful concept to grasp. We have the ability to create our world by simply manifesting thoughts. By learning how to become a manifesting master, we can dictate our actions and recreate our world. If we continue on this path we can enhance our abilities and our manifesting powers to eventually manifest greatness. This is a wild notion! Imagine learning how to visualize your dream life then how to manifest your dream life and finally bring it into reality!

To dig into this concept more, read our post called: “What Is Our Purpose On Earth?” and “What Is My Mission In Life”?

So what does this have to do with choosing happiness? Often people think that happiness is all or nothing. Either you’re happy or you’re not. This is an incorrect way to view happiness and subscribing to it will leave you in gutter every single time. Remember that the Universe only responds to emotions and feelings. And it only gives you more of what you’re resonating. Meaning: Like attracts Like.

If you are an optimist that invites happiness, positivity, and spend most of your day in high spirits, then expect to see more examples of this in your life. The Universe notices and makes the calculation that “if this person keeps generating this feeling/emotion, then there must be a reason, and we’ll give them more of that.” Then you’ll start seeing other reasons to be jubilant and elated! So give the Universe the feeling of what you want and you receive more of that in return from the Universe. The moral: Always choose happiness. Always.

How Is Happiness A Choice?

Just as much as you have the power to choose your dreams, desires, fantasies, goals, what to focus on, or who you love, you have the same power to choose happiness. You choose your own happiness. Even in the most dire of circumstances, you always have a choice. If you’ve been bitter, angry, frustrated for some time, go back and remember when you were last happy.

Take your time. Spend this moment working on how to visualize clearly. If you’re wondering, “Does Visualization Work?”, you can be sure it is a reliable method to learn how to apply the law of attraction. Ask yourself, “What does it mean to manifest your dreams?” If it means anything at all, then spend the time now to shift your energy and learn how to become more spiritually aware.

The rules of the Universe are built within spiritual law. Within these spiritual laws, we are given the power to divine and manifest our destiny.

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How To Choose Happiness

Leveraging gratitude is a great way to choose happiness. Gratitude is the best attitude to lift your spirits. Learning how to be grateful is a great tool to help you elevate your vibration and move into a more lighthearted mood. Ultimately, you need to make a courageous decision to leave negativity behind.

Things like gossip, sarcasm, jealousy, anger, sadness, indifference, apathy, boredom, and any other negative energies need to become things of the past. Say goodbye to those and say hello to “happy”.

Make an effort to find happiness in your life. If you’ve been stuck in the doldrums, it’s time to find new hobbies and activities that elevate your vibration. Learn how to find a happy place in your mind and or what makes your soul happy. Below is an exercise that you can try:

Begin to focus on what makes you happy in life. Start with little things like long stroll on your favorite outdoor pathway. Or perhaps you like the smell of freshly baked bread. Maybe you like watching the sunset. Or a favorite song on the radio. If you have your own, be sure to find it and write it down. Then let it lift your spirits.

How To Find What Makes You Happy

The list of things that make you happy should be innate and inherent. If you’re having difficulty generating this list, think back to childhood. What things in your life made you giddy? A family pet? A visit from a relative or family friend? The holidays? Gift giving and receiving? A road trip? A good book? A swim in the ocean? Sports? Watching them? Playing them? Amusement parks? A trip to the cinema? The list could go on. But be open. It can be juvenile and childish as long as it brought a smile to your face. Give yourself permission to laugh.

In your efforts to know how to find happy, it all boils down to choosing what makes you happy and learning how To Find What Makes You Happy In Life. You may need to learn how to find things to be happy about or how to find reasons to be happy. There’s no one definitive way. Everyone is built differently. And that’s a good thing. Just be sure the answer to “How To Find What Makes Me Happy” is real and true. Learn how to shift your mindset to happy thoughts.

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What is the key to happiness?

This is the mysterious and magical question that everyone seems to have a different answer for. However, in terms of the Universe (and Spirituality), you already know the answer inside you. The Universe gives you the key to happiness embedded in your heart and soul. What makes your heart sing? What makes you soul cheer? The easy answer is love. The harder answer is what do you love with all of your heart? This is a good exercise in how to attract love energy.

For more insight on happiness, read our post: “What is the key to happiness?

Choose Happiness

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