How to Apply the Law of Attraction

How to Apply the Law of Attraction – Step by Step

The Law of Attraction took the world by storm years ago when The Secret was released back in 2006. The Secret was a great example of consciously using The Law of Attraction to alter your life for the better. However, The Secret failed to lay out the exact step-by-step instructions as to how to apply the Law of Attraction to your life. To summarize, below is the Law of Attraction explained in simple steps:

  • Step 1 – Choose an emotionally attainable and definable goal or desire.
  • Step 2 – Create a space in your heart, mind, and soul that invites this desire into your life.
  • Step 3 – Build a practice whereby you routinely summon positive feelings around this desire.
  • Step 4 – Release the request and trust the Universe do its job and bring the desire to you.

How to Apply the Law of Attraction

As simple as the above law of attraction summary is, many people will have difficulty integrating the spiritual principle into their daily lives. Often why law of attraction fails is because of other outside forces and elements that are clashing with their goals. Examples of these outside influences may be disharmony or internal conflict within themselves surrounding the targeted desire. There may be harmful messages that are creating a ‘vibrational block’ between the desire and the person manifesting. There may be past unresolved issues or hurts that contradict with the desire or requested goal.

Before assuming The Law of Attraction doesn’t work, consider the above scenarios. Although the previously listed steps offer a quick summary, the person using the Law of Attraction needs to be completely free of emotional barricades or mental obstructions in order to smoothly manifest the desired goal into reality. Knowing how to visualize clearly is vital to the manifesting process. 

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How To Apply The Law Of Attraction To Your Life

In order to begin using The Law of Attraction in your life, ultimately, you’ll need to evaluate your present conditions and circumstances. Are you happy with your current life? If not, what shifts in your life would you like to make to one day bring into your reality? What specific areas of your life are you hoping to change? If you’re still unclear, perhaps take a look at a friend, family member, or even a celebrity (athlete, business tycoon, or movie star) with whom you admire. Review what you like about their lives and mindfully take a few notes. You don’t need to have all the answers. But you do need to make a specific choice, so that you have a point to focus on to then begin transforming your life. Ask yourself, “What does it mean to manifest your dreams“? and you’ll have your answer on how to apply the law of attraction to it.

How To Apply Law of Attraction Step by Step

Next, which one of the following lifestyle categories would you like to focus on?

  • Career / Job
  • Wealth / Finances
  • Love / Relationships
  • Health / Wellness

The Law of Attraction is very empowering. The greatest aspect of this spiritual and universal principle is that you have complete control over where you want to enact true change. It’s like a genie in a bottle. It puts your life (or lifestyle) in your own hands. You are ultimately responsible for your own happiness and well being. Make the most of it by taking an active role in its design.

Why Law of Attraction Fails

When it comes to attracting anything new into your life (love, money, career, dream vacation, or a new home), you should take into account your upbringing. This is essential for how to apply the law of attraction. For example, if you’re having difficulty finding, keeping, and maintaining a loving romantic partnership, then you’ll need to begin from where love was the first introduced into your life, during childhood. The same can be applied to your relationship with money or consider how you feel when anything of value enters your life. Do you have a general dis-ease with value and worth? Perhaps, you have an internal conflict regarding self-value and self-worth. In fact, this is a very common issue with those trying and failing to attract their desires into their lives.

“Give me a child until he is seven
and I will show you the man.”


The early stages of life (ages 0-7) set the stage for how a person will live out the rest of their life. Those first seven years are crucial to understanding your belief system and how it’s been embedded into your mind. Call it ‘brainwashed’ if you will. But this is the time of your life where your subconscious is forming its structure around your ideas, beliefs, and habits.

So if that time period of life contains the clues to solving many problem areas in a person’s life, and especially a person’s relationship with love, money, or sense of self-worth. If you can deduce the challenging issues you have now and trace them back to its point of origin, then you’ll have a better chance at attracting and developing a healthy and happy love life using The Law of Attraction.

To begin, ask yourself what your home life was like growing up. Were communication channels open, safe, and honest? If you came from a loving, warm family and had parents who were open and very giving of love, then your idea of what love should be is well formed and stable.

However, if you had a home life that was rocky, erratic, unstable and unloving, then that will be the baseline you’ll be working from when attracting the love you want. This is detrimental as you will be unknowingly (or subconsciously) recreating a flawed construct of love in your life. You will be mimicking the poor depiction of love you received in your home life, because it is all that you know or ever experienced.

Sure, we all have seen TV shows and movies which have examples of ideal love. But if you haven’t experienced it in your life in living color, meaning you haven’t actually felt the approving hand on your shoulder, the affectionate holding of hands, or supportive hugs and kisses, then what you see in the movies is only an example rather than the true experience. True love will feel distant, far off, and unattainable. It will feel like a wish or a fantasy, rather than feel authentic or based on reality.

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So before actually applying the Law of Attraction to manifest love, be sure that your internal ‘love meter’ is properly calibrated and set to a ‘stable, loving, kind, generous,’ and most of all ‘unconditional’. You’ll want to begin attracting from an emotionally secure place and start with a firm foundation before initiating the law of attraction process.

What do you do to re-calibrate? Make sure you begin to work with your subconscious to fill-in the holes and areas that might have been neglected from receiving love. If you don’t have much confidence or self-esteem before entering a relationship, then it’s important to build (or rebuild) that area of yourself before embarking upon the attraction-manifestation process.

How do you know if your ‘love foundation’ is solid? Examine all of your past love relationships or romantic partnerships. How long did the relationships last? Did you observe a pattern of your relationships ending, often out of the blue when you least expect it? Or did you notice no matter how hard you try, you cannot hold onto a relationship? If your romantic relationships are chronically ending despite your best efforts, then this is a pattern to identify, diagnose the cause, and remedy. A consistent pattern is often a sign that internally, your subconscious is not calibrated for a lasting relationship. Some time ago, you have reinforced the idea that “relationships never work” or “I can never find the right partner” or some other statement that you believe, but perhaps are not aware of. Your parents may accidentally have helped plant this statement into your subconscious (as a result of witnessing their relationship fall apart). Or perhaps, you don’t trust people or can’t be close to them. If this is the case, then it’s time to pinpoint the issue, rewrite the script, and reverse the effects.

How To Apply The Law Of Attraction In Relationships

Applying the law of attraction to relationships can be a fluid and open process. First, you’ll need to assess your relationship through a fair and honest lens. Are you giving as much as you’re receiving? Are you viewing this relationship from an authentic vantage point and not skewing facts or events? Here are some questions to assess your current relationships under varying types of landscapes:

Familial Relationships – Is there a balance? If you’re trying to resolve this with a sibling, depending on the line of succession (birth order), there will likely be some contention arising out of who is the dominant member of the descendants. If this is an issue with someone who is in the parental line (parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents) then you’ll need to understand there will never truly be a level playing field. The elders have their place and the youth need to be respectful of their elders, even if the elder is in the wrong.

Romantic Relationships – Do you feel whole with this person? Does the partnership feel one-sided or level and balanced? What’s missing? What would you like to see in the relationship? 

Work Relationships – What is your commitment level to establishing a harmonious relationship at work? Is it with a peer, colleague, or superior? (This will make a difference as to how you will approach it.) Work relationships are somewhat odd because it’s either camaraderie or it’s deferential and very formal. Even if there are close friendships within the workplace, you still need to default to a high level of work etiquette, especially in communications.

Friendships – Are also very interesting. Rarely are friendships 50/50. Often there is a leader and a follower. This is okay as long as there is respect and boundaries are established. Friendship go awry when boundaries are crossed.

If you’d like help with pinpointing and diagnosing what may be an issue with your love relationships, feel free to sign up for a consultation with a Law of Attraction coach.

Law of Attraction Consultations

If you’re still finding the attraction-manifestation process to be challenging and you would like hands-on help and guidance, please sign-up below for the next available appointment.

How to Apply the Law of Attraction - Step by Step 2

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