How to Manifest for Beginners: A Guide to Law of Attraction

Manifestation has become wildly popular throughout the years. Major players in athletics, the business world, as well as film and tv sing the praises of The Law of Attraction and how it has helped them to manifest their careers. However, as fascinating as manifesting is, many people still find it elusive and hard to grasp or understand. Books like The Secret made The Law of Attraction (or LoA) a household name, but did little to explain the actual “secret” that makes manifestation work so well. It certainly didn’t help explain how to manifest for beginners.

Much fanfare has been generated around the concept of manifestation. And it’s easy to get caught up in all of the hype. Who wouldn’t want the ability to imagine their dreams and have them miraculously appear live and in technicolor right in front of their eyes? It sounds magical, like your own personal genie in a lamp. In all honesty, it sounds too good to be true.

But what about someone who is just starting out on their manifestation journey? What about the manifesting amateur just learning about spiritual laws like The Law of Attraction? For a newbie, there are still many unanswered questions like: What is the best way to go about manifesting? How much time should you devote to it? And what are the possibilities? Is there anything that is too big to manifest? If you’re manifesting neophyte, then this is the post for you. Read on to learn more about how to manifest for beginners.

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If you still find learning how to apply the law of attraction to be a challenge, then please download our 3-Day eCourse, the “How to Attract Power Pack”. Follow the step-by-step lessons on how to manifest greatness using the Law of Attraction.

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What is Manifestation?

Manifestation is creating an image, idea, or thought on the spiritual plane and moving it out of the spiritual into the physical. Manifesting creates a relationship between thoughts and things. It’s the ability for anyone to formulate an idea in their mind and then have it appear in their life. It sounds simple. But it is the result of the inner workings, mechanisms, and grand design of the Universe.

Our Universe is built upon a set of rules (Spiritual Laws) made especially for humankind to use in their favor. Free will and creativity is needed to enact spiritual law. Dogs, plants, or your smartphone cannot enact spiritual law. These things are a part of the Universe and play their own special role. But none of the above have free will. This is a special gift given to humans only. Manifesting is yet another way to allow Source Energy to better understand and experience the world.

With these spiritual laws (or principles), you can opt to use them in your favor or have them work against you. Often we hear of ‘bad karma’. This is a spiritual law that operates on the rule that what you put out there will eventually come back to you – in this life or in future lives. The Law of Attraction is houses the theory of manifestation. “Like attracts like.” This is the primary foundation of Law of Attraction. When you think of something you want (a car, a sum of money, a romantic partner), that image in your mind is energy. Once you think of this item long enough, it will eventually be pulled into your experience. This is a basic explanation, but lays the groundwork for understanding the process of manifestation.

With that, let’s begin our intro to how to manifest for beginners.

Manifesting And Alignment

Before we take a plunge into manifesting, it’s important that we clear the deck, erase the chalkboard, and start with a blank emotional slate. Believe it or not, this is the part of the manifestation process that will be the hardest for most people. Why? Because, at this stage in our lives, no one starts with a completely blank state, emotionally-speaking. We get complacent, smug, or just plain ignore our own emotional baggage.

Unless you’re a newborn infant that happens to be reading at a remarkably advanced level, you’re carrying some dead weight around. This dead weight is a liability when it comes to manifesting your dreams. Now it’s impossible to be completely free of all of the extra emotional cargo that you’ve been carrying around, unless you’ve recently experienced an epiphany and reached a state of enlightenment like Buddha or the rest of our Ascended Masters.

So the first step on how to manifest for beginners is: Do an Emotional Assessment using our Emotional Vibrational Color Chart. Take a baseline reading of your emotions. It’s almost like going to the doctor to get your vitals checked: heart rate, blood pressure, etc. Except this time you only need one measurement: Your happiness rating. Ask yourself this series of questions: What is your outlook on life? How do you feel when you first wake up each morning? What word would you use to describe your emotional state right now? Delighted? Content? Miserable? Optimistic? Chill? Or is there no emotion?

Neutral. Neutral is not bad, but it’s not good either. Neutrality is the absence of emotion. Neutral is good when you’re a scientist or a researcher or perhaps negotiating an armistice. But it’s not good if you’re trying to learn how to visualize your dream life and manifest it. Even reading that last line should conjure up some emotion. “Manifest your best life.” Can you feel it? It’s next to impossible to read that and feel nothing. It’s like trying to be miserable while simultaneously eating ice cream off of an ice cream cone. It’s impossible! It’s that emotion which you’ll need to generate and nurture early and often. After all, you attract what you are ready for.

Happiness Is A Choice

Understand that happiness is a choice. For some, this is the first time hearing of this unusual phenomenon. It might take your mind a few beats to really have that concept sink in. Well, go ahead and repeat the phrase to yourself every day, especially if you feel you’re about to lose your cool. Life is all about choices. And yes, happiness is a choice.

No matter how bleak it looks, you can always choose to be happy. No, ifs, ands, or buts. If you’re feeling ill, or had a bad day, you need to make the choice to quickly move into a warm, cozy, happy, loving, cheerful emotional state from which your manifesting powers are given their full strength. Happiness needs to be your ‘resting pulse rate’, if you catch my drift.

If you’re having a hard time being happy, then you should set your sights on becoming more grateful.

Gratitude is A Choice

Taking cues from the previous section, yes, gratitude is also a choice. It’s important to know and learn how to be grateful and how to have gratitude while leveraging the Law of Attraction. When it comes to manifesting, use gratitude as your ‘reset button’ or your life raft. Constantly thank the Universe for what you have. You could always have less or be worse off. Just keep saying “Thank you…Thank you…Thank you…Thank you…Thank you…” even if it doesn’t feel sincere or genuine.

What you’ll notice the more you keep thanking is that the gratitude overtakes you. You’ll have no choice, but to eventually be grateful. You are programming your mind (your subconscious mind) to hear your words and to eventually believe them. You don’t need to say it out loud. You can say it in your mind. But understand how powerful gratitude is. Embrace it. Love it. Love yourself. Remember that “Gratitude is the best attitude“, and when you stick with that and you attract what you are ready for.

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How To Start Manifesting

When it comes to how to manifest for beginners, or how manifesting works, understand that manifestation starts in the mind.

Start Small – As a beginner, don’t try to swing for the fences. Start with manifesting something small, like a sandwich or a small amount of money, or if it’s a romantic intention, a potential partner’s phone number or contact info. Your goal is to try and build momentum, rather than shoot for something too out of reach and kill the hope. You start with a small, low-risk, low-return item and witness it appear in your life. Then you move on to something a little bigger.

As you build your manifesting muscles (and chops), you’ll gain more confidence. You want to avoid shooting for the stars and then being disappointed when it never arrives. Don’t kill your chances before you start. You have to liken manifesting to a skill. It’s a discipline and you’ll need practice.

Remember when you first learned to ride a bike or tie your shoes. You had to work at it several times before you got it right and especially before you got comfortable and it became second nature (‘without thinking about it). This is what you’re building up to. But for now start with something that you don’t have a great attachment to its outcome. But if you did, it would be a pleasant surprise.

Get Clear On Your Goal – There are two ways to manifest. You can either be very specific or let the Universe deliver it to you based on your internal compass (your feelings). There are two ways to point the Universe to your desired goal. You can be specific, drafting every little detail. This is a mental activity.

Often people create a manifestation list. These thoughts and ideas are okay, but often fall short of what you really want. Obviously, if this is a sandwich you’re hankering for, then maybe the list is pretty short. But if it’s a life partner or a significant other you’re trying to detail, that list can very well be as long as the Mississippi River – and still yet you’ll get it wrong. When this person shows up, you’re still thinking in the back of your mind: “This is close, but not quite what I want.”

It’s best to choose the detailed ‘manifestation list’ for small, not so important items, like a sandwich or tickets to a movie, or getting a first class seat on your next flight. They’re nice to have, but not mind-blowing materializations and you’re not too attached to the outcome. When it comes to things you are more attached to, the things that matter, it’s time to use your feelings as the indicator to the Universe. Instead of writing out a list, simply ‘feel your list’.

Feel what you want (and don’t want). Make it clear using your emotions what is the right fit. A good example of this is test driving an expensive sports car at the dealership. Literally (and figuratively) you’re putting yourself in the driver’s seat and feeling your way into owning it. Of course, you don’t need to purchase it then. But the experience of driving that will help you feel your way to eventually owning it.

Generate Happy Thoughts & Feelings – It may sound like a broken record, but the key to manifesting is being a happy go-lucky optimist. It’s like being a child all over again. The best way to describe the manifestation process in real form is like a child waiting for Christmas Day. They made their list. They imagine all the scenarios they’ll be playing with their toys: with friends at school, with kids in the neighborhood, with the family pet, in the clubhouse, at grandma’s house, etc. You get the drift.

They don’t even have the toy yet and they’ve already drafted in their minds the full playtime schedule with this toy for the next three weeks. They make full use of their imagination. And they’re fully confident it’s coming. In fact, they can’t wait for it come! Such anticipation and passion! This is what you’ll need to generate when manifesting your desired goals, especially if it’s a bigger goal. Does that make sense?

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How to Manifest For Beginners

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