How Manifesting Works

How Manifesting Works

Manifestation is equally powerful as it is mysterious.  The Law of Attraction has grown wildly popular over the last few decades because of stories and marketing. However, the hype is well-deserved. Spiritual laws, like The Law of Attraction, places the full magnitude of the Universe in your hands.

So how does manifesting work? Well, if you’ve heard of the phrase, “Thoughts are things”, then you’ll understand how manifesting works. Manifesting is a combination of implacable intent, unshakable focus, and steadfast conviction. Very simply, you create your own luck simply based on your thoughts, emotions, and follow-up efforts.

Understanding how manifestation works requires a deep dive into your psyche. Are you intransigent even in the face of the biggest obstacles? Can you handle opposition, being turned down, or do you waiver when there’s a smell of failure in the air? All of these methods are how the Universe will test you. But you’ll need to hold fast and persevere because the reward at the end of the rainbow can be sweet. It’s time to claim your dreams & desires, now, in this very moment!

What Is Manifesting?

Manifesting is the process of summoning all energies from the corners of the Universe by enacting spiritual law to make something appear in your life. In more plain-spoken words, manifestation, also known as The Law of Attraction (LOA), is a spiritual method to bring (pull) something into your reality and have it materialize in the present. What you pull can either be good or bad, it all depends on your frame of mind and your current emotional state.

We often manifest things unexpectedly, without our knowing. This is where mindfulness and self-awareness plays an all-important role. When manifesting, it’s important to reclaim your focus and attention, ignore all the negative in your environment, and be optimistic about your outcome as well as every day that follows. The common phrase, “Like attracts like” is not only a truism, but also profoundly accurate. Your thoughts act as a magnet and draws into your life whatever you think about the most.

“The mind is a magnet… What kind of thought you most charge that magnet (your mind) with, …it will attract most of that kind to you.”

— Your Forces and How to Use Them – Prentice Mulford (1834–1891)

Your subconscious mind plays a pivotal role in your manifestations. So how does the subconscious mind work?  It takes cues from our conscious mind, the creative and adaptable portion of our mind — the one making all the decisions. The subconscious mind can be described as an engine that runs in the background on autopilot, when the conscious mind is preoccupied.

However, the subconscious mind is pre-programmed with whatever thoughts you’ve been priming it with over any length of time. If you’ve been imbuing it thoughts of determination, perseverance, accomplishing your goals and fulfilling your desires, then expect those things to occur. If you’ve been spending your time in the opposite frame of mind, one of despair, misery, pain, and abject failure, then expect that to be your outcome.

“We are what we repeatedly do.
Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

— Will Durant (1885 – 1981)

Our beliefs are shaped by repeated messaging which then creates our prevailing reality. The subconscious only responds and follows directions based on our ideas and influences (or rather what we choose to be influenced by) which allows for manifesting thoughts. It is why people often say there’s no need to die because heaven or hell is right here. You just need to choose which one you want to live in. Yes, we can create absolute bliss or wretched misery just by choosing to think about it. Whatever we choose will inevitably manifest.

So what is manifestation? And what does manifesting mean? It means bringing our ideas into reality. Yes, making them real. Creating your own gravitational pull, pulling items into your orbit and having them manifest into your world. If you’ve ever asked yourself, “Does Manifestation Work?”, well, your answer is Thoughts are things. So the answer is, “Yes.”

Manifesting requires your focused attention. Your most sacred and precious commodity is your attention span. Time is the next most. Money and resources the next. If you remain distracted all day every day, then you cannot manifest greatness or achieve your greatest potential. It’s easy to manifest if you have focused uninterrupted concentration – this is your greatest asset. Where you choose to place your attention, awareness, and effort is where you will see the most change.

If you choose to place your attention on the bad and heinous in the world, then you’ll see more chaos and destruction. If you choose to place your attention on the best, most delightful, and true happiness then you’ll see more that appear in your life. Despite what many may think, “happiness is a choice.” So it’s important that every day, you choose happiness.

How Does Manifesting Work?

Manifesting is based on our emotional state and alignment with the item or thing that we desire (our goal).  First, we think of an item (person, place, thing, or idea), and then we pull it into our world. The aim is to take something from the spiritual plane and move it into the physical plane, which is sometimes not an easy feat. However, if you follow these guidelines, you’ll be closer to seeing your request materialize.

Everything in the Universe is made of the same base material, which is energy. This is our unifying common denominator. The fact that everything is made of energy is to our advantage. Energy, whether it be light energy, solid, gas, or liquid, it all vibrates. Even you vibrate. By that same rationale, our thoughts, emotions, ideas, spoken words, also vibrate. Of course, all of the above vibrate at different rates of speed. But everything vibrates. (The Spiritual Law of Vibration covers this pretty in depth.) This phenomenon of vibration is a large portion of how manifesting works.

When two vibrations match (and once they are energetically aligned), they begin to travel towards each other, similar to how gravity works. The stronger of the two vibrations pull the other energy body toward it until they are together – like two turtle doves. The more frequently the signal is sent, the faster the two bodies will meet. To provide an example, the more often you think (send an signal) about something, the faster it will show up in your life.

So how do you manifest? It’s an interplay between our Conscious Mind + Subconscious Mind + Superconsicous. It also works on dimensional levels of awareness and consciousness. Currently, we live in a dense and heavy dimension called, “3D” or 3rd dimension. The ‘lighter’ less dense dimensions are higher dimensions such as 4D, 5D, and so on and so forth. Some say there are as many as 12 dimensions, while others say that there are even more.

These planes of existence (also known as dimensions) are very clearly divided. Our thoughts travel through the planes from the highest down to the lower ones, where we reside. It takes more effort and focus to bring these items down into our existence. Thoughts on the spiritual plane manifest relatively quickly – instantaneously! However, for a thought to travel down to our plane of existence (the physical plane or the 3rd dimension) then it takes more work and time. This is why some manifestations take longer.

One of the things that helps speed up manifesting is clarity. If you know definitively you want to request something in your life, sharp decision-making and true conviction help greatly. Vacillating and wavering, indecision, and a non-committal attitude will slow it down or stop it from manifesting altogether. By being clear and emotionally in alignment with your desire, your manifestation will appear more quickly.

Picture a domino effect. This is a good example of how manifesting works. Envision a chain reaction that is triggered by your thoughts, which then sets off a series of events to follow.

How Manifesting Works - The Domino Effect

These occurrences eventually lead you down a strange unpredictable path where at the end of the road is your ultimate goal. This is how manifesting works. It’s almost never foreseeable or expected. The timing is never something you can calculate because it works on the Universe’s timetable.

Why Manifesting Works

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Manifesting With Your Mind

Initial Signs Of Manifestation

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Dreams can be a great sign your manifestation is coming. After concentrating on your desire for a long time, your subconscious mind finally gets the hint. So images and daydreams, fantasies start to absorb. Scientific studies have shown that the brain (mind) cannot distinguish between a tangible real thing based in our reality or the thought or idea of that thing.

For example, placing an apple in your hand versus thinking about an apple in your hand registers as the same thing to your mind. For more about visualizations, read our posts “How to Visualize Clearly”,  “Does Visualization Work”? , or  How To Visualize Your Dream Life.

Synchronicity is the other indication that your manifestation is coming to you soon.

Why Does Manifesting Take So Long?

So you’ve been focusing and working on intentions for several days (or weeks!) And now you’re wondering: “Why does manifestation take so long?” Where there’s a simple answer for this: alignment. Are you in complete alignment with your goal? Most people will immediately say, “Yes!” without thinking of their day-to-day experience. For example: how often do you have negative thoughts that cancel out your desire? Negative self-talk. Or do you receive and absorb negative messages throughout your day?

Negativity pervades. If you’re around negative people, you tend to absorb their thoughts and habits. And removing that negativity is often the hardest part of manifestation. It’s like trying to turnaround an ocean liner. If you’ve been heading in one direction your whole life (with all of the negative thinking and bad messaging), and now you want to turn around. It’s going to take some work (and some time) to turn all of that – including your habits – around.

How Manifesting Works

Often alignment is the reason your manifestation is taking its time. Becoming spiritually aligned with your goal or desire is very important. If you have any hang-ups or residual doubt about your request, it will result in no manifestation. By stirring up a negative emotion, you’re pushing your desire away from you, rather than pulling it toward you.

Your thoughts are working through several planes (dimensions) of existence (or consciousness). The higher dimensions are lighter, more fluid, and hence are easier to manifest things. The denser, heavier dimensions (1st through 3rd dimension) takes a longer time.

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How Manifesting Works

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