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Deliberate Creation is a magical method of dreaming up the life you want and making it happen in your reality. Some may call it the Law of Attraction, or manifesting. Either way, it’s you designing your ideal world and making it a reality.Pop Quiz. Take a step back and spend two minutes reviewing your life. Now deep breath… Would you say you’re happy? Do you wake up each morning excited to see what life will bring you? Or are you in a perpetual tailspin? Do you spend most of your day putting out fires? If your answer is anything but “I’m gloriously happy and fulfilled”, then you’re doing something wrong. (Perhaps, that’s why you sought out to this post.)

We are all equipped with the tools to create our lives. We’re given the gift of imagination and the gift of free will. However, it is up to us to decide what to do with those gifts. Deliberate Creation is the gift that keeps on giving. Deliberate Creation is about self-empowerment. It asks that you take a confident, purposeful step forward in your life and be the change you want to see in the world. Because of this gift of Deliberate Creation, we can directly shape our future as we see fit. Understand that no other animal can do this: cats, dogs, goldfish. You get the idea. This is what makes humans so special.

“If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world changes toward him. … We need not wait to see what others do.”

— Mohandas Gandhi (1869 – 1948)

Deliberate Creation is about choosing one of two positions in life. You can act. Or you can react. You can be the leader or the follower. You can decide to be in control of your life or you can let life control you. You can choose to manifest greatness or you can let life decide if you will be great. 


It’s important to understand that whatever you choose is right. Like anything else in life, happiness is a choice. However, know that many are afraid to become creators and truly let their souls shine. Why? It may be because they forgot or they believed that they couldn’t. If you know how to visualize your dream life, the you can create it in reality. The same goes for how to manifest your dream life. This is our destiny as humans — to create!

What is Deliberate Creation?​

Deliberate Creation is an alternative term for “manifesting” or invoking The Law of Attraction. It can also be referred to as Deliberate Manifestation. It is purposeful intent. The goal with Deliberate Creation is to take life into your own hands. You are the creator. You decide what appears in your life. Do you want to be blissfully happy or do you want to spend the rest of your time here in anguish or worse, regretful? There is one other option which is to be neutral and to feel nothing. In that case, then you are letting life seize control because you have given away your vote on the matter.

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The Law of Deliberate Creation

While there is no official spiritual law titled “The Law of Deliberate Creation”, the meaning still remains the same. To provide some context, we can revisit the other Spiritual Laws (or Spiritual Principles) that inform “The Law of Deliberate Creation”.

  • The Law of Attraction – “Like attracts Like“ – The most popular of the Spiritual Laws, the Law of Attraction states that what you spend the most time thinking about will eventually manifest (“come true”) into your life.
  • The Law of Correspondence – “As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul…”― Hermes Trismegistus. Very simply, The Law of Correspondence states that our world is a reflection of how we feel. It also addresses the three planes of correspondence – The Great Spiritual Plane, The Great Mental Plane, and The Great Physical Plane.
  • The Law of Energy – “Everything is energy” – This includes thoughts, emotions, and feelings. Energy has no meaning until you assign meaning to it. The two primary energies humans operate from are Love and Fear. Remember “e-motion” is “energy in motion”, which comes from the Latin ēmovēre; “move out, remove, agitate.”
  • The Law of Vibration – “Nothing rests. Everything is always moving. Everything vibrates.” All things, ideas, emotions carry a vibration. Everything is moving all of the time. 
  • The Law of Cause and Effect – Every action has an equal and opposite reaction comes from this law. If there is an effect you can find a cause that created it and vice versa.
  • The Law of Polarity – “Everything is Dual. Everything has poles. Everything has its pair of opposites.” – Like and unlike are the same. In nature, opposites are identical. Love v Fear, Up v Down, Good v Evil, Yin v Yang, etc.

For more on our Spiritual Laws, read our post:
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Practicing Deliberate Creation

Deliberate Creation requires practice and discipline. You’ll need to set aside time each day to work the craft of deliberate creation manifestation. You’ll have to spend time learning how to shift your mindset as well as how to apply the law of attraction. If this is a new undertaking for you, you’ll have to allow the space in your life to schedule and devote time to the practice of deliberate creation and manifesting thoughts. Time and dedication is the only way you’ll be able to hone in your manifesting powers!

Be open and willing to change your thoughts. Stay away from negative media and people in your life. They will only make it harder. Don’t share your plans on deliberately creating. Nay-sayers will of course have their say and dissuade you from empowering yourself. Just quietly work on your internal fortitude as you build your practice. Focus on the answer to the question: “What Does It Mean To Manifest Your Dreams?” and you’ll be better off.

At the same time, don’t make excuses for yourself. Hold yourself accountable to deadlines and to completing the practice. If you want to see change in your life, then you’ll need to make changes in your life. A sound, well-thought out, actionable plan is what is needed to carry out this fundamental positive change in your life. And if now isn’t the right time, then make a commitment to revisit this in the future.

Deliberate Creation Exercises

“When it comes to manifesting, start small.”

If this is your first time deliberately creating (manifesting), we recommend you start small and focus on delivering something within your conscious grasp. It should be something that is minor with low stakes, so that it doesn’t feel like a ‘reach’ or a stretch. Aim for something that you’re not too tied to the outcome and you’d be pleasantly surprised if it arrived in your life. If it’s money, aim for a small amount, nothing too extravagant or excessive. (Perhaps, you want to learn how to attract wealthy friends.) If it’s related to love, try something small like an appointment for a date or receiving a pleasing love letter with contact info. These love-centered activities allow you to learn how to attract love energy and is the best way to find your soulmate. Either way, these exercises allow you explore how manifesting works.

  • Exercise #1 – Spend time visualizing your desire. Pretend you have already achieved it. Sit in a quiet room. (Don’t allow for disturbances.) Close your eyes and imagine the desire accomplished. Hold the image (or activity) in your mind. How do you see it entering your life? How does it make its first appearance? How would you react right after it is achieved? How would you celebrate? Who would be the first person you’d tell about it? What would the conversation be like?
  • Exercise #2 – Write down the story of your perfect day. Start from the beginning, waking up in bed. What do you see? What you do smell? What are you wearing? Who do you wake up next to? Then continue to record your day from what you eat, to where you live, to how you spend your day. Be as whimsical and fanciful as possible. There are no limits. You should have fun with this exercise. Let your imagination run wild.

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Deliberate Manifestation

When it comes to Deliberate Creation you’ll need to evaluate your personal patience level. Are you able to relax and let the Universe do its bidding? Or are you someone that needs to see results immediately – instant gratification? If you’re the latter, then you’ll be waiting longer than if you were a patient manifestor. Patience is key to manifesting! To learn more on mastering manifestation, read our post “How to Become a Manifesting Master“.

If you are beginning to deliberately create, then another question to ask yourself is, “do you want to be in full control of how your goal manifests?” Deliberate Creation relies upon the creator to jumpstart the process. But it doesn’t require the creator to dictate how the goal appears in their life. That is up to the Universe. Your focus should be on the what, while the Universe decides on how and when. So ask yourself, do you want to do the heavy lifting or do you want the Universe to? Do you feel you can produce better or faster results than the Universe? If so, you’ll be in for the long wait. Don’t try and micromanage the Universe. Just focus on what you’re best at: creating. Let the Universe do the delivering.

Being a Deliberate Creator puts you in the Passenger seat (navigating) and the Universe is in the Driver’s seat, taking you to your destination. You’re not driving. You don’t know the route. The Universe has been down this road several times before and you need to allow it the time and space to work its magic.

Deliberate Creator v Deliberate Reactor

A creator is an originator. It’s where things begin. It pulls its wants, desires, and goals into its reality, ideally unprovoked and uninterrupted. The difficulty with using Deliberate Creation in our world is that we don’t live in a vacuum. We have events, people, responsibilities, and emergencies in our lives. But if we look at the big picture, we called those events into our existence. Anything that is occurring in your life right now, positive or negative, you have pulled into your reality. Your spouse, your children, your pet, your home, your job, your school, your car, your clothes, your health. Shocking, yes! If you are in poor health, it’s a result of your mindset. If you’re in good health, it’s a result of your mindset. 

The Universe doesn’t play favorites. Everyone gets treated equally. Everyone pulls from the same deck. The only difference is you get to decide which cards you want to be dealt – the good ones or bad ones. It’s all based on your ability to maintain an uncluttered, undistracted positive mindset. This is where a good habit of meditation will do you wonders!

Now if you’re still in shock and your reaction is, “But… but… but… I’m a woman, I’m a minority, I come from a poor family…” there are countless stories available of people who fit the description of disadvantaged or underprivileged. All of those “underserved” communities have success stories of individuals that overcome their disadvantage. They still managed to get ahead using Deliberate Creation. You are no different. It is a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you believe you can’t, then you’re right. If you believe you can, then you’re right. The only difference is where you place your mindset. Choose. Decide that you can do it. You can overcome whatever the perceived handicap is. Perceived. Yes, it’s about perception. Changing your point of view. Choosing happiness over misery. Choosing responsibility over victimhood. Which do you choose?

Law of Attraction is a great teacher. It teaches you not to be a victim, not to seek to blame on anyone but yourself. Not your parents, nor your significant other, nor your boss, nor what ails you. Not that horrible teacher that had it out for you in school. Deliberate Creation is asking that you become the best version of yourself by taking responsibility and being accountable for your thoughts, emotions, and actions (or re-actions). The ancient Hawaiians (Lemurians) knew this already and they use Hoʻoponopono to reconcile and correct these issues, for themselves and for their ancestors.  

Deliberate Creation is about working one-on-one with the Universe. It’s about holding yourself accountable and taking yourself to task. Remove all negative barriers from your life. This could be family, friends, media, or social media. You’ll need to make room in your life to make these minor (or drastic) changes. Create a welcomed space for the Law of Attraction to work. Be patient with yourself and with the Universe. Make sure you clear the runway to invite success into your life. Once manifestation begins, you’ll notice this will start to happen automatically. Ultimately, You Attract What You Are Ready For.

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Deliberate Creation

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