Manifesting Powers using Law of Attraction

If it sounds like a story line straight out of a comic book, know that, yes, it’s true. Manifesting Powers are real. Better yet, we all have them. In fact, we are born with them from the very moment we attain consciousness. So why are so many of us unaware of our natural-born super powers?

Because it’s a giant secret no one wants you to know. Your boss doesn’t want you to know. Your Ex doesn’t want you to know. The ‘powers that be’ don’t want you to know. So luckily you came across this article to learn the truth and summon your personal manifesting superpowers. Once you learn how to gain and use them, only then you will have unlimited potential and finally be able to Manifest Greatness!

Manifest Power: Definition

Manifesting powers are gifts from the Divine Creator that allow you to use the Universe as your personal butler, steward, or waiter. Your manifesting powers combine your beliefs, your thoughts, feelings, and your emotions. The more you learn how to hone the craft (i.e. control your thoughts and feelings), the better manifestor you will become. This takes practice and a lot of self awareness and self monitoring. You’ll have to be more a scientist when it comes your beliefs. Your future self will thank you.

When speaking of beliefs, we’re not speaking of spiritual or religious beliefs. Nor are we talking about political or societal beliefs. We’re talking about your day-to-day beliefs. Your self-talk. The voice in your head. Do you have control over that voice? Can you stop it from delivering negative statements and continuing to belittle you? Can you switch on happiness at a moment’s notice? Can you be rosy, positive, and confident even in the greatest adversity? If you said “Yes” to all of the above, then you have mastered your own super power. (And you can probably stop reading right now.)

However, if you answered “No” to any of these, then you’ll need to do some deep work on your personality, habits, daily lifestyle, and general demeanor. You’ll have to revamp and rework your daily routines and general way of life – mostly how you think to unleash these oft overlooked manifesting powers. Ultimately, you’ll need to spend a lot of time changing your beliefs. If you’d like to learn how to hone your special super manifesting powers, then download our 3-Day eCourse, How to Attract Power Pack.

The How To Attract Power Pack

If you still find it difficult to harness your manifesting powers, please download our 3-Day eCourse, the “How to Attract Power Pack”. Follow the step-by-step lessons on how to manifest greatness using the Law of Attraction.


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Manifesting Powers: The Two Most Important Parts

  • Owning it!

Yes, truly, madly, deeply. No excuses. No apologies. No more being a victim to your failures. No more complaints. What does ‘owning it’ mean? Not succumbing to outside influences and listening to them for approval. Putting away social media or your smartphone and spending the time necessary to work on yourself.

It’s time to take responsibility for your life, in every respect. All of your ‘bad luck’. All of your bad relationships. You cannot blame the other person. Half of that relationship you were responsible for. “It takes two to tango.”  Right? All the unfulfilling jobs. All the perceived ‘failures.’ You need to be accountable to your own misery, even if your misery means living with an ailment or illness.

You still have to own it because you can overcome it. There is no else to blame for your life in its current state but you. If you can agree, then you can ‘own it’ – and better yet, you can do something about it. You can change it.

  • Beliefs

This cannot be emphasized enough. Your beliefs are the sum total of your life. What you believe dictates your life. If you believe you have a great life, then you will have one. If you believe you are living in agony or torment, then you’ll have that, too. Your beliefs are your responsibility. Like children, you give birth to them and your job is to child mind (i.e. take care of them and discipline them when necessary, so they don’t grow up and make a mess of the society we worked so hard to build.) Your job is to mind your beliefs. Be cognizant of them. Change them when necessary, especially if they no longer serve you.

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.”

― Henry Ford

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

― Will Durant (Philosopher)

Take the

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The Power to Manifest

  • Where does it come from? The Universal Spiritual Law (aka Spiritual Principles). All of the religions of the world (current and historic) take most of their cues from Universal Spiritual Law.
  • Because they are universal, all of us have access to them the moment we gain consciousness. Consciousness is our free will our creativity and our ability to make decisions on a moment to moment basis.
  • The Power to Manifest is an essential step before awakening and enlightenment. All the ascended masters had the power to manifest – and then some!
  • It comes with a simple decision to take ownership of our lives and challenges us to be more than we already are.
  • The engine that powers manifestation is Love. It may sound corny but all those things that you struggle with in your life (people, jobs, family, etc.) close your eyes and love them. Just breathe them into your heart. It’s that simple.

Love Empowerment

Love is the secret to unlocking the unlimited possibilities of the Universe. It is the language the Universe speaks and responds to the fastest. If you can embrace love (and let love embrace you), you’ll unleash the full potential of universe and watch it take hold. Next step you’ll need is to attract love energy.

How To Use Love As A Tool In Manifesting

Using love in manifesting is a wise move because it is a direct connection to the Universe. Love is a fabric of the Universe. It is the core energy that Universe uses to exist. Without love, everything falls apart. Because there is no space and time (it is an illusion), love is the direct link. By utilizing love, you instantly speak to the Universe to tell it what you want in your reality. Love is the ideal tool in manifesting because there’s no interference. Love is the best way to communicate with the universe.

How To Attract Love Energy

If you’re asking this question, then clearly you’re out of practice. If you haven’t been regularly using your heart, then it goes into dormancy. So you’ll have to take it out of the chest (metaphorically), dust it off, and begin to use it again.

For more on attracting love energy,
please read our post: “How To Attract Love Energy“.

Powerful Manifestation Techniques

Once you’ve made the decision to invoke your manifesting powers, then you’ll need a few new methods to facilitate your new practice. Below is a shortlist of manifestation techniques you can begin using today:

  • Scripting – If you’re a fan of writing and storytelling, then scripting may be the best technique for you. The idea is to write an autobiography of the life you want to lead, the person you aspire to be (your future self), and goals you wish to achieve. You write the story of your life, down to the very last detail. If you would like to use scripting and choose to start small (on one specific desire), then you can write about the experience of attaining the goal. You can write the before, during, and after realizing the dream. Either way, you want to be detailed and specific when scripting and write it in past tense, as if you’ve already experienced it.
  • Visualization – This technique is one that many people can get behind because it offers the visualizer the opportunity to daydream. If you haven’t daydreamed since you were a kid, then this would be a good time to dust off the cobwebs and stretch your visualizing muscles. Visualization requires that you think of your goal live and in person. For example, if your goal is to receive a raise, imagine yourself during and after having received it. What your life like? How do people address you? Did you nameplate and title change? Did you receive a promotion? A new corner office? Don’t confuse visualization with vision boards. Although, vision boards can help a great deal to help refine your visualization. For more on visualizations, read our posts “How to Visualize Clearly”,  “Does Visualization Work”? , or  “How To Visualize Your Dream Life.
  • Affirmations – The process of affirming is taking a positive statement and letting it filter through your system and mind to replace the negative thoughts or simply add a new productive phrase to your vocabulary, so that it becomes a part of you. To take advantage of the power of affirmations, you’ll need to be committed to taking on a new practice of memorizing and repeating phrases. It’s like learning a new language. Most of your downtime will be devoted to speaking out loud, repeating, until it sticks with you.

Manifesting powers have been with us since the beginning. So now that you’ve discovered (or rediscovered) them, it’s time to take them out for a spin. Learn step-by-step how to use your manifesting powers with the Law of Attraction by downloading our 3-Day eCourse, The How To Attract Power Pack. There you’ll learn more manifestation techniques along with a few other tricks to get the Universe to speak your language.

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