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Future Self and Law of Attraction

Working with our future self is a clever and effective way to apply the Law of Attraction using deliberate creation. In short, the spiritual law states that when we focus on what we want or desire, it will manifest into our reality. 

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So how can we work with our future self to bring us what we want?  Easy. Just by pulling what we want into the present by using the Law of Attraction.

It’s important to understand our future self is really no different from who we are now. Our future self is simply the portrait of how we envision our lives to be. All of mankind is born with the gift to imagine. By imagining, we are looking into the future and simultaneously activating the Law of Attraction. All we need to do it is to learn how to visualize clearly and fine tune it to manifest greatness.

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Begin with Using Letters or Journaling

A good way to begin working with your future self is by using a letter (or journaling). You can title the page, “Dear Future Self” and devote 15 minutes out of your day to writing down what you would like to appear in your life. You can start with a simple bullet point list. (Don’t worry about complete sentences.) Just get the ideas down.

Once you’ve begun a relationship with your future self, you’ll want to consider asking a series of questions to dig deep and really come face-to-face with your potential destiny. (It should be noted, as a universal rule, you attract what you are ready for.)

Below you’ll find the steps you can take to begin a conversation with your future self and get started on manifesting a clear and definite future – one that leaves you fully satisfied.

Download the Future Self Cheat Sheet:

“11 Questions You Should Ask Your Future Self”

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How to Speak with Your Future Self


Option #1:
Isolate yourself in a room with a desk. Light a candle or some incense. If you have some soft background music or mood music (classical, bossa nova, triphop, chillwave, etc. ). Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and relax.


Option #2:

All of the above, but also include meditation. Many people have been getting on the meditation band wagon as of late, especially as a result of the Mindfulness movement. Just be sure to research methods on how to visualize clearly to add to the meditation.


Once you feel fully relaxed, get your pen and paper ready, and begin to channel your future self — who you want to be. Think about where your life will eventually lead to. Open yourself up to the feeling of you in the future and then ask yourself a series of questions:


  • What are your true aspirations?
  • Who do you want to be?
  • Where you do you want to go? In your life? In your career or job?

The conversation will be a give and take. You’ll have questions and you’ll be receiving questions. It’s a well-choreographed dance between deep contemplation and projections into the future.


Your Future Self & The Law of Attraction

Once you have a strong idea of who you are in the future, it’s time to incorporate the Law of Attraction. An easy way to do this is to choose one or two sentences that you’ve written down in your letter or journal. Choose a few that really resonate with you. You’ll know how to spot them because the sentence paints a vivid picture in your mind. Or you have an emotional reaction to the sentence. Either way, try and use that sentence to further increase the feeling. Once you do that, then you’re on the road to attracting your desires using spiritual law.

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Future Self Journaling and Future Self Letters
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