You Attract What You Are Ready For

You Attract What You Are Ready For

Yes, you read it correctly. You attract what you are ready for. As out of control as your life may seem right now, the universe only serves up you what you can handle. Never more. Every aspect of your life, right down to the people that show up, the opportunities that arise, or the offers you receive, are all created by you and your subconscious mind.

You have programmed your mind to shape and create your current reality. And hence you attract what you are ready for. You attract what your mind has already “subconsciously agreed to” and in return has assigned to your life experience. If you’re looking to change your current circumstances, then you’ll need to make fundamental shifts in your mindset (both your conscious and subconscious mind) in order to see any real change.

Ultimately, you are responsible for what manifests in your life. Yes, you control your life. More importantly, your subconscious mind controls what appears in your life. So, in actuality, you need to regain control over your subconscious mind. This may be hard to hear if your current life is not what you hoped for. It may feel bleak or hopeless. But it’s important to see this is as a chance to reset your reality. And luckily, you’re in complete control of how or what you reset it to. The golden rule is this: if you’re seeking to manifest greatness in your life, then you’ll need to work within the laws of the universe (Universal Spiritual Principles) and with your future self to attain the goals you are seeking.

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We Attract What We Are Ready For: Love

Take this scenario: You’re embarking on a quest to find a new romantic partner. You’ve decided to take the plunge and get back on the market. Although, this time it’s different. You have a very specific idea of who you want to show up in your life. This eventual partner’s traits must align with the lengthy list you’ve already created in your mind. With each new date, the list grows longer, as you discover new attractive qualities to add to your catalogue. This is good because you’re getting more specific and refining your taste in a partner.

But, at the same time, the more specific you get, the shorter the number of available candidates — or so you think. As you encounter new eligible candidates, the possibilities narrow and this search for a new romance seems arduous and never ending. You begin to wonder why you started in the first place.

But again, you need to remember: “We attract what we are ready for.”

Despite your valiant attempts at seeking out a partner, it’s important to reflect on what you’re feeling as you embark upon this new phase of your life. Are you getting discouraged after every date? Or do you welcome each new sweetheart despite their flaws? Understand this: what you are feeling dictates what you attract into your experience. If you are optimistic and upbeat, despite the discouraging outcome of each date, then the universe is going to keep working hard to eventually send you the right one. If you succumb to the negative vibrations, then the universe will keep feeding you that instead. Again, you attract what you are ready for. So if you’re ready for love, then it’s time to make room for it. Welcome it. Stay enthusiastic and eager at every disappointing turn.

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You Attract What You Think About

What do you spend the most time thinking about? Is it money? Your family or spouse? Is it fantasizing about playing against your favorite sports superstar? Is it a dream vacation? In the grand scheme, you attract what you think about. Better yet, if these thoughts are tied to any emotions or feelings, then what you think about will manifest faster and more quickly. (So make sure what you’re thinking about is tied to positive emotions. For example: Worrying about money only creates dissonance and pushes you further away from the money you seek. Worrying is a negative emotion.)

The more time you spend thinking about your goal (especially if thinking about it takes up the majority of your day), then it will appear in your life at an alarmingly fast rate. This spiritual phenomenon can work in your favor or it can work against you. The Universe doesn’t make judgment calls on what you think about. It’s not going to spend time deciding on whether or not what you’re thinking most about will benefit you. It works equally as well for both positive and negative thoughts. This is why is crucial that you be aware of and control your thoughts, especially right before bed.

Bedtime marks playtime for your subconscious. The subconscious takes over when you fall asleep. And during that time, it has free reign over your thoughts and memories. When the conscious is away (sleeping), the subconscious is free to frolic. It can only play with what you supply in the toy chest (your mind). So be sure the source material is worthwhile and positive.

You Attract What You Are Ready For

You Attract What You Feel

Your feelings and emotions play a significant role in your manifesting. Largely, the Universe takes its cues from your feelings. Yes, what you think about is also key indicator. But feelings surpass thoughts when it comes to the Universe. Your thoughts tell the Universe what your targeted goal or desire is. However, your feelings are the ‘engine’. They supply the power to bring the item back to you. Thoughts trigger your feelings. Feeling pull the desired goal into your reality.

In our society, feelings are frowned upon. Women, the ‘softer sex’, often get the bad rap for having too many ‘feelings’ or being too emotional. But in the eyes of the Universe, feelings are what make the world go ‘round. So it makes sense to work on reshaping your thoughts and structuring your feelings. Yes, that phrase seems like an oxymoron. How do you give structure to something that has no shape? Organize your emotions so that you can receive what you want. Work on crafting positive responses to negative input. If you ended a relationship, bounce back with joining a gym or enrolling in a dance class all the while using your positive thoughts and emotions to bring someone new into your life. Our existence is built on our decisions and our reactions to other’s decisions. Be sure you’re prepared and equipped to guard and defend the sacred internal space (mind and heart).


You Attract What You Focus On

Your focus should always be on the positive. None of us are born blindly optimistic thinkers. Cheerful idealistic thinking takes discipline and practice. You’ll need to catch yourself when you are gossiping or still smoldering from a fight. You may not even notice when you have a passing negative thought. Just make sure is does pass and not linger!

Developing a good self-monitor is the best way to course correct your thoughts. Also, being adept at putting yourself in situations that invite happiness, support joy and merriment, and inspire pleasure. Is your natural state to be relaxed? Is it easy for you to let go? This type of “live and let live” temperament is optimal for welcoming favorable events into one’s life. It definitely serves to pull in your requested desires more easily and frequently.

You Attract What You Put Out There

What is your general attitude toward life? What is your resting energetic state? If you had to put a label on your daily disposition, how would you classify it? Cool, calm, and collected? Rageful, vengeful, and vindictive? Worried, nervous, and anxious? Rosy, confident, and content? As an exercise spend the day tracking your thoughts and emotions. You may just be neutral, which is not bad. But being neutral doesn’t provide the target the Universe requires to get you what you want. By remaining “off the grid” emotionally, you’re not communicating anything to the Universe. No signal is as bad as a negative signal. So be sure you’re “on the map” so you can get the Universe to follow your lead.

You Attract What You Are Ready For


Question: I’ve tried Manifesting using Law of Attraction and it gets me nowhere. I just spent my time waiting with no real results.

Answer: Often if you find you’re not getting results, then you’re somehow unintentionally blocking progress. Again, self-monitoring your thoughts (and emotions). Even in spite of not seeing immediate results, are you optimistic? Also you’ll need to let go of the outcome and how and when it will show up in your life. If you’re sitting around waiting, then you’re doing it wrong. Switch from waiting to doing. Occupy yourself. Get your mind off of the desired goal and take inspired action.

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