How to Visualize Clearly

Learning how to visualize clearly is a highly coveted skill in all walks of life. Many celebrities and accomplished athletes attribute visualization to being a pillar to how they built their very masterful careers. Business tycoons, CEOs, and internet moguls all have credited visualization to their extraordinary successes. Because of these high remarks from notable icons, visualization has become a buzzword as of late.

Devoting a portion of your day to visualization can grant you satisfaction with life, love, and overall happiness. Very simply, with visualization, “seeing is believing”. Learning how to visualize clearly is mental practice that been around since the ancient civilizations. But don’t be fooled. Visualization is often easier said than done.

As children we visualized as a part of our day-to-day experience. We played ‘make believe’. We daydreamed. We had ‘imaginary friends’. All are great tools for visualization which we seemed to have lost in adulthood. Throughout the rest of this post, we will delve into the visualization process and help you leaving behind the ordinary every day and finally envision the life you want to lead.

What Does Visualize Mean?

Visualization is the act of formulating images, ideas, and thoughts and using your mind to ‘see’ them in full form. Once fully formed, your subconscious mind can better understand your desire or goal and now “zoom in” in it more precisely. The more often you practice visualization, the easier it is for it manifest in real life — an often will in the manner that you visually practiced it.

While the term visualize sounds as if it’s directly related to sight and ‘seeing’, it is actually more appropriate to associate it with all of our five senses (touch, sight, hearing, taste, smell). Ironically, visualization is a ‘whole-bodied’ experience that requires only your mind. Learning how to visualize effectively is more about an internal ‘knowing’ than it is about seeing, viewing, or witnessing. It’s a full-bodied awareness. Think of it as ‘intentional dreaming’ – a dream that you get emotionally tied to and engaged with. It’s transporting yourself into a new dimension that originates in your mind.

When you visualize properly, you travel to a new world. It may be a world which you are very familiar with (a time-honored vacation spot, your childhood bedroom, or a peaceful hideaway). Or perhaps it’s a place you’ve never set foot upon and would one day like to pay a visit. Visualization is the tool that can get you there in spirit and in reality. It’s just a matter of putting your mind to it!

Visualization Exercises

Often people fret over visualization. They hear about the many success stories that come from visualizing and become inspired. Then they try it once or twice fruitlessly and then never look back all the while throwing up their hands and claiming that it’s hogwash and a myth. Those unfortunate souls never gave it the college try. Just like learning to tie your shoes or ride a bike, it takes time and repeated practice before you get it right and before you find the best method that works for you. You have to give it a fair shot.

Below are some visualization exercises to help you try it on for size:

  • Exercise #1 – Imagine a place (location) you have fond memories of. This special location can be outdoor or indoor. Reimagine the event that took place which stick with you. (Hint: It is probably the reason you have such fond memories of this special place.) Every time you revisit this location in your head it “takes you back”. Now spend some time remembering (or reliving) the sights, sounds, smells, and feel of the area. After some time, you will feel an emotion, hopefully, a positive one. Once you feel the emotion along with the other senses, you have successfully visualized. Congrats!
  • Exercise #2 – Imagine a location would like to visit, but haven’t as of yet. (If you’d like to use some photos from a website or magazine to help conjure up a few images, then please do so!) Perhaps you’ve heard stories from friends or family about this place. When you hear about it, it sounds fabulous and it gets you excited! Imagine the sounds that fill the air. Is there a busy marketplace with indistinct chatter of voices? Are there waves crashing against the shoreline? Are there animal sounds like coyotes, cicadas, or chickadees? What are the signature colors that envelop this place? What is the temperature? Is there a windy breeze? Use all the above to ‘draw a picture’ in your mind.

Visualization is more than just an image or a picture in your mind. It is the entire experience. It’s 3D reality taking place in your mind. It’s live and “in your face” so to speak. If you’re a Star Trek fan, they had the hologram room. Today we have green screens (or blue screens) to recreate a new reality. (We haven’t gotten to Star Trek level of technology, but I imagine one we will be.)

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Why Visualization Works

Scientific studies have shown that our brains react the same way to fantasy as it does to reality. The human brain cannot distinguish between something that is fake or imagined versus real life. Because of this ‘failure’ of the brain (mind), we can recreate our realities using visualization. If we can trick the mind into believing what we want and direct our thoughts, visions, and efforts into realities that have yet to exist, then we can recreate our lives. If you’ve ever watched the movie The Matrix, it provides a good example of what is possible. For more on visualization, see our article, “Does Visualization Work?”

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”

– Napoleon Hill

The movie the Matrix is generally perceived as a work of science fiction. In truth, it is a documentary.

– Bruce H. Lipton, PhD

Why Visualization Is Powerful

Visualization is a route to connect us (humankind) to the Universe at large. It’s a direct link. Whether you realize it or not, you are a natural creator. Spiritual Law bestows this power unto you. You are anointed a creator the moment you are born. Yes, you have manifesting powers! Don’t you feel special? You should. Because of this gift, you are given the keys to the kingdom. You are allowed to unite with your biggest dreams and greatest goals. Better yet, all you need to do is dream (visualize clearly) and the Universe takes care of the heavy-lifting. You can even imagine your future self.  if you’d like to live a different life than the one you’re leading now.

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Many sports figures (and Olympians) incorporate visualization as a part of their regular training exercises. In his book Psycho-Cybernetics, plastic surgeon Maxwell Maltz writes on the subject of formulating a positive self image before undertaking any new goal. Many professional athletes take their cues from the advice and techniques outlined in this book, the foundation of which is based on visualization. This book comes highly recommended!

How to Visualize Clearly 4How to Visualize Clearly 5

Neville Goddard is considered an expert on Visualization as it relates to manifestation and The Law of Attraction. If you are more interested in the art (rather than the science) of visualization, then be sure to pick up his book, The Power of the Imagination, where he walks you through examples of how to visualize effectively.

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Why Visualization Is Important

Creative visualization connects us to the world at large, but on our own terms. It allows us to take control over our lives with the simplicity and convenience of an innocent thought. When it comes to manifesting thoughts, it’s a low barrier of entry. Doesn’t require special tools, skills, or talents. Anyone can practice it and yield astounding results. It’s important to have a direct connect (calling card) with the Universe and visualization established that special link.

How to Visualize Something Into Reality

How to visualize clearly what you want requires two things: patience and practice. First, patience. You’ll need to be patient with yourself if visualization is a bit of a struggle and especially if you are out of practice. The greatest visualizers (Nikola Tesla, Stephen Hawking, Albert Einstein) spent hours a day visualizing. It may not come easily, but it is definitely worth the time devoted to it. Secondly, practice. Well enough cannot be said about this. More often than not, you won’t get it right out of the gate, but through persistence and fortitude, it will come. Have faith! Create a schedule. Set aside 20 mins a day simply visualizing. Learn how to visualize your dream life by using the exercises above to start. And then sign up for our FREE 7-Day Law of Attraction Challenge to continue the practice.  In due time, you’ll be a visualization master and you’ll see the results through achieving your desired goals and witnessing the Universe bring you the gifts you’ve ordered. Kudos to you!

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