Does Visualization Work?

Visualization is a well-known success technique that many celebrities, pro sports athletes, corporate executives, entrepreneurial elites, and many more use to achieve their goals. It is a method that is steeped in spirituality and science. So if you’re asking, “Does Visualization Work?”

Yes, visualization does work for those that believe in it and continue to practice visualization techniques. We all have used visualization before – when we were children. It was called “make believe” or using our imagination. So if you can travel back to your childhood and reconnect with your inner child, then you can easily slip into a deep visualization that will allow you to manifest greatness.

How Does Visualization Work?

Mental visualization or 3D visualization starts with creating images in the mind. Then as you visualize, you begin to develop more inputs and provide more information on that visualization. When visualizing, the imagination needs to be as vivid as possible. The more real it feels, the faster and more likely the visualization will emerge in reality.

Think of visualization as a dress rehearsal right before the big opening night. By imagining and reviewing the event (or the desired outcome), you are training the subconscious to live (and relive) the experience over and over again. Through repetition we can train the subconscious to make this feel like a common occurrence. By preparing the subconscious mind and getting it familiar and with your ultimate goal, you are enabling it and allowing it to adjust and ‘get used to it’ so that it can eventually manifest it into reality.

Visualization step by step:

  1. Choosing your subject matter (goal, desire).
  2. Use your imagination to recreate what it’s like to achieve this goal.
  3. Use all of the five senses to set an impression upon the subconscious mind and make it as real as possible.
    1. Have you ever noticed how children speak to their imaginary friends out loud? They have full conversations and are very comfortable going into and out of their fantasy-land. Do the same. Make achieving the outcome as real as possible.
  4. Meditate and reflect upon having this goal already achieved in your life. Again, incorporate your senses as much as possible and feel good while enacting this exercise.

Let the Universe work its magic. Be patient and most of all stay positive. Keep your vibration up using only positive emotions (happiness, gratitude, joy, cheer, glee, etc.) Remember to always choose happiness and that gratitude is the best attitude when it comes to manifesting your dreams.
For more instruction on visualization, read our post “How To Visualize Clearly“.

Why Does Visualization Work?

Another question to ask is, “how does the subconscious mind work when using visualization?” The reason visualization works is because the mind cannot distinguish between an idea (a thought held in the mind) versus an actual real-life example. This is key!

According to the mind, thinking about an apple (and fully visualizing it) is just as real as holding one in your hand or being in the presence of an apple. The mind makes no distinction. It thinks that both imagining an apple and holding an apple are the same. This is a tremendous finding because it’s what enables us to reshape our worlds and by leveraging our manifesting thoughts and invoking the law of attraction.

Visualization works because it enacts the laws of the Universe. Sometimes called spiritual law (or Universal spiritual principles) these are laws that are always at work. Our minds (thoughts) can use these laws to our advantage. Often it is said that the Great Creator (Infinite Intelligence, the Divinity, Universal Consciousness) created us in its images. Meaning that Infinite Intelligence gave us the gift of creation. The ability to manifest, manifesting powers, is this gift. Think about that. That is huge! Our method of creating is to simply imagine it! How simple. How magnificent!

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What Are The Benefits Of Visualization?

By replaying the event over and over in your head, you are preparing yourself to receive your desire. It’s as if you’re practicing Christmas Day over and over. You get to decide how you will receive it, where you will receive, and what you will receive in your visualization. There is nothing more self-empowering.

Of course, how you will receive your gift in reality is up to the Universe. But it’s important to at least imagine it, even if the outcome is wildly different from what you originally imagined. The irony is that Universe is all about surprises. So as much as you have practiced, it’s very likely the real-life scenario will be very different.

However, the opposite occurs in dreams. When you dream while you sleep, the Universe is connecting with your subconscious mind. It is the Universe that is communicating to you what to expect. If you’re experiencing prophetic dreams that reference your goal or desire, then you can expect the goal to be realized soon, especially if you wake up from the dream and the dream felt very real. But in order for this to happen, you need to spend time while you’re awake practicing your visualizations. At some point, the subconscious mind will get the hint and that dreamy conversation between the Universe and your subconscious will take place. After that, hang on for a wild ride!

Why Is Visualizing Important?

Visualizing is important because it’s a training tool that we can use to work with our subconscious mind and the Universe, without the heavy lifting. It’s a way of you dictating what you want in your life. It’s a method to make your dreams a reality. Just imagine what your life is like today. Okay, now try to envision how to visualize your dream life. Visualizing (or visualization) is a form of deliberate creation.

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How To Practice Visualization

The number one practice needs to be quieting and settling your mind. If you’re a busy person, you’re likely to have 101 ideas and obligations rumbling through your head. When it comes to visualization, your only job is to put those thoughts on pause and place them aside for at least 10 mins a day. (5 mins the morning and 5 mins in the evening.) Once you can achieve a calm mind, then you’re ready to begin practicing visualization.

Step 1 – Choose one goal. If you’re unsure (or not convinced) regarding visualization, then start with something small and readily achievable. For example, if you’d like to manifest money, start with a small amount of money as opposed to winning the lottery.

Step 2 – Visualize using all five senses. Smell, sound, sight, feel, taste (if possible). Spend a lot of time in this step. This is where the magic happens. If you’re at the point where you can smell and hear your goal, then you’re doing really well.

Step 3 – Now imagine receiving your desire. Focus on your feelings. Which emotion do you feel the most? Where in your body do you feel this emotion? Can you go deeper and feel it even more at a higher intensity? Bringing the feeling up an octave is a method for how to improve visualization skills. If you’d like to learn how to visualize effectively be sure to use all five senses and then increase the energy and feeling. You’re beginning with a goal that starts off vague and abstract and snapping it into focus so that it becomes so specific that it even as a smell and a sound.

Does Visualization Work In Sports?

Sports psychology has become a booming field because of the success of visualization in professional sports. Many noted Olympians and professional athletes in various sports: basketball, tennis, golf, american football, and many others.

Does Visualization Work In Love?

Yes, visualization works on a different level in this scenario. How do you want to feel in a relationship? What does your partner smell like? What does it feel like to be close to them (both emotionally and physically)? How do you spend your time together? Do you make your partner laugh? If so, what does their laugh sound like? Notice how we’re trying to incorporate all of the senses.

Does Visualizing Money Work?

Yes. Visualizing money can work. But money is a loaded topic. Many people have residual money blocks because of how they were raised around money or how they may have had a bad experience with money. So with money, there tends to be deeper conflicting issues most are unaware of. If this is the case with you, if you are noticing a negative pattern around money, be sure to schedule a LOA consultation using the form below.

Does Visualizing Success Work?

Yes, it can definitely work with a successful event. But again, what does ‘success’ look like to you? Does it mean having a lot of money in the bank? Is it living in a tropical paradise? Is it traveling the world? Is it getting a high-powered promotion?

The word success is often too vague and not specific enough. So spend time drilling down what success means to you. Write down EXACTLY what you want when to say success. And then after writing it down, write down the sensations you feel when you achieve this success. Be specific, clear, and positive. Your subconscious mind will appreciate it.

Does Visualization Work?

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