Gratitude is the Best Attitude

Gratitude is the Best Attitude

Although, it may seem hokey and new agey, the phrase: “Gratitude is the best attitude” is a wise and timeless adage to follow when manifesting using law of attraction. Your attitude is your ‘default setting’. It’s how you approach life on a day-to-day basis. When you first get out of bed in the morning, are you cheerful and ready to take on the day? Or are you low energy and dread getting out of bed? One of the above will get you closer to your dreams and desires, while the other will keep you miserable and spinning on a hamster wheel. Can you tell which one is which?

Gratitude is an overlooked portion of the attraction-manifestation process. Many don’t know why gratitude is important or even how to have gratitude. Gratitude teaches us that each day is a gift and we need to be thankful that it was so generously granted to us. We need to welcome each day with open arms and truly appreciate it.

Once we adjust our outlook, we realize that if we create a life based on gratitude, we invite into our reality a number of great opportunities that may have passed us by. never expected, or even knew we wanted simply because we changed our internal setting: our attitude. The irony is we have our gratitude to thank for these new developments! =)

Gratitude keeps us humble. It allows us to see life as a gift that keeps on giving. With gratitude, we can create and control our happiness, each and every day. Remember: Happiness is a choice. How is this possible? Through constant and consistent appreciation. If we relish each day and see it as a golden opportunity to live our lives based on our hopes, dreams, wishes, and desires, then the sooner those dreams manifest. Once we learn how to be grateful as well as how to apply the law of attraction, we are unstoppable. Read on to learn why gratitude is the best attitude and learn more about how to manifest your dream life using gratitude. 

Difference Between Grateful And Thankful

Gratitude has a latin origin from Latin gratus meaning “thankful, pleasing”, not to be confused with gratis meaning “free of charge”. More specifically, the definition of gratitude is “the state or quality of being grateful or thankful; a warm and friendly feeling in response to a favor or favors received; thankfulness.”

Even though the definition use the terms “grateful” and “thankful” interchangeably, it’s important to make the distinction between being grateful and being thankful. One is a long-term feeling, while the other is short term and usually expressed verbally, through words.

If someone is grateful, it is a feeling that lasts long after receiving a favor or gift. “I am so grateful for your attendance at our wedding last year. Everyone was so happy to see you and it became a much more memorable event.” However, thankfulness is short term in duration and usually delivered in words. “I wanted to thank you for your help with the big house move. We could have never done it without your advice and guidance.” Notice how the use of one word has a long-term effect and feeling, while the other was more final and had an implied end period.

What is Attitude of Gratitude?​

The phrase “attitude of gratitude” was first coined by famed salesman, author, and motivational speaker Zig Ziglar. According to Zig, ‘…The more you recognize and express gratitude for the things you have, the more things you will have to express gratitude for.’

Simply put, your attitude is your approach to life and the world. It’s the emotional setting you have when you get out of bed. Much like when you go to the doctor for your annual check up and they check your vitals along with your ‘resting heart rate’, your attitude is your ‘resting emotional rate’. Ask yourself now, what is your resting emotional rate? Where would you measure on the emotional meter?


So if your attitude is a blank slate which can be changed to fit any emotion you feel. Then the gratitude is one of the many emotions that you can set your attitude to. If you have a daily practice of always remaining grateful, then you would have an ‘attitude of gratitude.’

An Attitude of Gratitude

Why Gratitude Is The Best Attitude

Of all the ‘attitudes’ we can acquire, surely the attitude of gratitude is the most important and by far the most life-changing.”

Zig Ziglar, author, salesman, and motivational speaker

Zig Ziglar was a fan of Dr. Hans Selye, a Hungarian-Canadian physician specializing in endocrinology. Dr. Selye was considered a pioneer in the field and made many discoveries regarding an organism’s response to stressors, or stress-inducing activities or stimuli. He divided stress into two categories: eustress (‘good stress’) and distress (‘negative stress’). Based on his studies with patients throughout his career, Dr. Selye eventually made the following conclusion:

“The healthiest of all human emotions is gratitude.”

Dr. Hans Selye, Hungarian-Canadian endocrinologist

Dr. Selye found that the best way to combat and counteract negative stress was through gratitude. This is why maintaining an attitude of gratitude is crucial to not only surviving our lifetime (with the negative messaging, news and social media), but also in effectively using the law of attraction for deliberate creation and manifesting. Even a doctor will agree that, “Gratitude is the Best Attitude” to have.

What’s the Difference Between Attitude and Gratitude?

Attitude is your general disposition and outlook on life. It’s your default setting. Ask yourself what is your attitude toward popcorn? Your attitude on popcorn will be different than it is toward cotton candy. Your attitude is more than just your opinion, or whether or not you like or dislike something. It’s your feeling toward it – a deep emotional setting. Do you have a good outlook or a negative outlook?

By enlarge, your attitude can be measured. Often you’ll hear people make mention of having an ‘attitude adjustment’ and this means resetting your mind or framework around a topic, idea, item or maybe even a person. Your attitude is your general setting or measurement. Your attitude can be set to gratitude, happiness, unhappiness, eagerness, excited, disappointment, optimistic, pessimistic, or realistic. There is no end to what attitude to maintain. However, as stated at the top of the article, when it comes to manifesting, Gratitude is the best attitude.”

How Gratitude Shifts Your Attitude

If you’re familiar with Spiritual Law (also referred to as Spiritual Truths or Principles), you’ll be familiar with the concept of: “Whatever you focus on expands.” This is an underlying principle which you can find in several spiritual laws: The Law of Correspondence, The Law of Attraction, The Law of Divine Oneness, and so on and so forth.

In essence, they explain that if you’re focusing on your problems (ex: lack of money to pay bills, a failing or non-existent relationship, a miserable job), then those problems just get bigger (and the harder they are to overcome). When you focus on what you don’t want, you’re increasing its potency and power in your life. So the goal is to shift your focus and eventually shift your attitude in a positive manner toward this problem.

Now that we are familiar with this rule and our new goal is to pull positive things in our lives, especially our wants and desires. Then we need to re-examine and evaluate our attitude. If we were carrying a negative attitude, then we need to first be aware we are doing this. Second, we need to get control of our negativity, reel it in, and pull it back. Third, we need to replace it with positivity. Let’s shift our focus to what we want in our lives. More money, more freedom, better relationships, more happiness, etc.

Well, we need to fill our lives with thoughts and feelings whatever we want more of. More importantly, we need to feel those energies in our lives, even if we haven’t received these positive goals or desires yet. Gratitude is the secret to this. Believe it or not, the fastest way to shift our mood is with gratitude. Once you start to work with gratitude, you will see how quickly and easily you change from negative to positive thoughts, simply with a change in perspective aided by gratitude.

Gratitude sits close to the top of the emotional vibration scale. This is where we want to spend a majority of our day – at the top end of the scale. Being joyful, fostering happiness, and love is a lot easier when you have the magic of gratitude in our back pockets. An inability to release the negative is often what stops us from achieving our goals and fulfilling out wildest dreams. Gratitude is our ‘ace in the hole.’ Often the best way to shift our mindset to attract love energy is by implementing more gratitude.

Why Is An Attitude Of Gratitude Important?

Leadership is based on the ability to shape ideals. To look forward to the future and to assume that the future is positive. Why should we have an attitude of gratitude? Why is it important to maintain an attitude of gratitude? Maintaining an attitude of gratitude is important example to set for yourself, your family, your children, your neighbors, and your community. Imagine if the whole world shifts its attitude to gratitude for just one day. Imagine the impact that would have. This is why gratitude is so important. It’s important to maintain a practice of gratitude.

Gratitude is the best attitude to continually foster because it’s contagious – in a good way! The more often you resonate from a place of gratitude, the more of that frequency and vibration is sent into the world – and neutralizing the opposite energy types: negativity, sorrow, pain, grief, sadness, anger. For every one person (soul) that reaches a level of gratitude (or any other high frequency energy type: joy, love, optimism, etc.), the larger effect that soul has on other living souls on the planet. The magnitude is ten-fold, perhaps more. So why have an attitude of gratitude? Because you are doing the world a big favor by vibrating at the higher frequency. The more often, the better!

How To Adopt An Attitude Of Gratitude

Adopting an attitude of gratitude is easy if you’re willing to make a fundamental change in your approach to life. You will need to be not only patient with yourself, but also with the people around you. Ask yourself why it’s important you make this shift in attitude. Whatever the reason, be sure to write it down and commit it to memory. Create an anchor for you to remember why you’re making this shift. It is to make a difference in relationships? What about career aspirations? Or perhaps financial? Change your attitude to gratitude and it will affect all of these areas positively. You will be surprised how deeply gratitude flows into your life and how permanent the change will be.

A large part of adopting an attitude of gratitude is ‘catching yourself’ when you feel down. It may be easier to fall into a funk, but pulling yourself out of one is the challenge. Learning how to foster an attitude of gratitude is more about creating a habit, making concerted efforts to “rise to the occasion” and keep pulling yourself up and out into happiness. So that one day, the change is permanent. This is how the subconscious mind works, through repeated practice. And eventually by learning that gratitude is the best attitude, it becomes a truth and a way of life.

How To Let The Attitude Of Gratitude Change Your Life

By relying on gratitude to help you shift your perspective on life, you’ll be more in control of your thoughts and be better equipped to face challenges and reduce negative thoughts. Gratitude is very powerful and can help you completely reform your outlook to appreciate the little things in life. By focusing on what you have to be grateful, your energy naturally reshapes itself. It’s nearly impossible to fall back into a slump if you’re practicing gratitude correctly.

Once you let gratitude reform your perspective (and you do this routinely), it will become a welcomes habit. Once you have developed this habit to take over your life full-time, you’ll begin to notice your change in mood or whenever you’re about to lower your vibration. You’ll be able to better catch yourself and quickly adjust to the positive.

Getting into this routine allows you to change your life on a day-to-day basis and eventually change your life over the weeks, months, and years. Yes, it will be a slow, gradual change. But definitely a change for the better. You will thank yourself and your life will transform!

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Gratitude is the Best Attitude

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Gratitude is the Best Atttitude
Gratitude is the Best Attitude

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