How To Attract Love Energy

How To Attract Love Energy

When we begin to focus on the subject of love, there is a lot of ground to cover. Love comes in all shapes and sizes. In its purest form, it is complete and perfect. Luckily, Love Energy is a readily available cosmic force obtainable to whomever wants to access it. It’s universal, abundant, and endless and is the best way to find your soulmate or learn how to attract a relationship.So learning “How to Attract Love Energy” or how to invite love into your life is simple. The key to generating love energy starts with the creator (or requester) of love. If it is a genuine and true request, then the answer will make its return in full force in dividends. Understand that genuine love energy originating from the Divine is always requited and often reciprocated ten fold in the manner in which it was given.The way to approach love energy (heart energy) is from the source. The person seeking love energy does not need to go far to find it. It starts with you! If you are asking, “What should I do to attract love?”, then you need to tap into that energy within you. The core rule of the Law of Attraction states that “like attracts like”. This is how to attract love spiritually. You need to learn how to become love and attract love vibrations.

So if you expect to receive the benefits of love energy and understand how to receive love, then you need to become a prime example of love. You need to transform yourself into the archetype of love – a loving beacon of affection, adoration, and appreciation. You need to become a pure loving soul, through and through. You need to know how to radiate love and light. Once you prove yourself to be an exemplary model of love, only then will you begin to naturally attract love into your life.

Ancient Greek culture and philosophy defines eight (8) types of love:

  • Agápe – love of god, love of humanity, altruistic unconditional love
  • Éros – intimate, romantic love
  • Ludus – flirtatious, non-committal, and casual love
  • Philautia – self-love, which can be positive or negative
  • Philia – brotherly love, friendship, love between equals – (Notice this is the root word in Philadelphia)
  • Pragma – ‘practical love’, dutiful love, a committed love to serve and protect the relationship
  • Storge – Familial love, the love parents have for their children
  • Xenia – hospitality and kindness bestowed to strangers

The above energies are a shortlist of the types of love available. However, it doesn’t mean that you need to select one of the above start with your chosen type. Love is all encompassing. So if you choose Universal Love (magnetic love), that will be adequate to attract the love energy you desire. Don’t get too hung up on the ‘love type’. Just be true to your heart’s desire. The true secret to manifesting powers is love!

How To Attract Love Energy
Next you’ll need to understand why (the purpose of) asking for this love energy in your life. Are you using this energy for healing? Is it to pull a special someone into your life? Is it for self-love? All of the above are great motivations, but you may have your own specific reason for attracting love energy. Be sure you are clear on your motive and understand what your final goal is. Begin with a clear purpose as to pinpoint so that you can determine how to best place this love energy and use it in divine order for deliberate creation.

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How To Attract Love Energy: Step by Step

Very simply, in order to attract love energy, you need to become love energy. You will need to reverse-engineer the path of love energy from you to the recipient to the targeted point of destination. Remember, you attract what are ready for. So that means you attract what your energy vibration is preset to. When emphasizing love, begin with the end in mind.Ask yourself what type of love you desire? Is it romantic love for a lifelong partnership? It is the love of mother or parent in order to heal a damaged familial relationship? Is it a platonic love for a friendship that you perhaps would like to repair? Either way, love heals all and is the best way to mend a relationship. If you’re wondering, “How Do I Prepare Myself For a Relationship?” The answer is love!

Utilize the following steps to use law of attraction for love in order to attract love energy in your life:

  • Step 1 – Sit and rest. Relax. Gather a peaceful moment and breathe deeply, yet comfortably.
  • Step 2 – Be thankful and grateful for this day. Feel the energy of gratitude for today.
  • Step 3 – Once you’re fully immersed in gratitude, then think and feel love. Think about things in your life that you love greatly, and unconditionally.
  • Step 4 – Bathe in this feeling of love and wait until you are soaked in love energy.
  • Step 5 – Then think of the world, the universe, and all the love contained within it. Ask for the love to come to you. Pull it into your existence. Generate the love from within and thank the love of the universe as it is entering your body, mind and soul. Then send it out to those that are in need of love.

For more on expressing gratitude, feel free to check out our post titles: “How to Be Grateful” and “Gratitude is the Best Attitude“.

Ask the Universe to love you, every scrumptious morsel of you. This method works the best and is guaranteed to have immediate results. The oneness we have with the Universe grants us a special relationship. When it comes to working with the Universe, you are your own ambassador. Once you embark upon a journey with the Universe and learn how to visualize your dream life and how to manifest your dream life, you are creating an unbreakable bond – one that several lasts lifetimes and throughout every dimension.Link up with the spiritual and it will always be at the ready, by your side. This is really how manifesting works. Endeavor to be a co-creator with the Universe when building and establishing the life you want to live. You are the architect and the Universe the constructive hand. What does it mean to manifest your dreams? What better way is there to build your dreams!

How To Attract Positive Energy: Love

Positive energy is a necessary and vital tool, as well as a staple in our material and spiritual dimensions. Much like love energy, you can call upon positive energy whenever you need it. Often positive energy is created during prayer, meditation, or during manifestation to assist in achieving goals that deal with the metaphysical. With enough positive energy, you can alter the course of your day, week, month, and with enough practice, year.Positive energy is contagious and transmissible. You’ll notice when you’re in an environment full of positive energy, you can’t help but become positive yourself. This is the idea behind places of worship. With enough congregants all focusing their positive energy into one idea or determined goal, you can witness astounding results. Putting that good energy out in the world can only yield a positive impact. “Like attracts like” and “Cause & Effect” are both spiritual principles that undergird this idea.Many energies fit in the realm of positive energy. Love, gratitude, joy, happiness are just a few on the list. Love sits at the top of the positive energy spectrum. It is the highest vibration you can achieve and should be practiced early and often. Your aim is to raise your vibration to the level of love, so that you can attract the highest good and positive events into your life.

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How To Raise Your Vibration To Attract Love

Another method to enhance the love energy in your life is to raise your vibration. Before beginning on the journey of raising your vibration, be sure to examine the following to ascertain if there any quick and immediate changes you can make to help improve your results.

Your current environment – Are you happy with your living conditions? Your room? Bedroom? Do any of these places ‘bring you down’? Workplace? Your vehicle? Where do you spend a majority of your time during each day? Examine the various locations and evaluate if you can alter them in a way that energizes you rather than depletes your energy or lowers your mood. Any unnecessary consumption of energy created by your environment only creates another barrier to overcome. You’ll want to make sure to give your dreams and wishes a fair chance of survival.

Your social circle – Are you around people that are vibrating at a lower level? If this is the case, then by default you have attracted them into your life and you are matching their collective energies and vibration. In fact, your environment is a reflection (and a really good barometer) of your vibrational state. Everything that is already in your life, you have attracted. So if you are unhappy with your current state of affairs, it would be wise to begin to cut out the negative influences in your life. Emotionally unsafe environments like sarcastic or overbearing personalities are not good for raising vibration. If you find yourself surrounded by folks that carry these energies, then it’s time to make a change.

Your mode of creative self-expression – The way you dress (your clothing), dancing, drawing, writing, singing – Do you allow yourself time to express your creativity? Writing, drawing, playing an instrument, sports activities, etc. All are methods to release energy and express yourself. If you feel this is an area of your life that is neglected, then it’s time to resurrect it and give your talents a voice and a platform to showcase themselves once again.

Once you’ve learned how to create the habit of generating and attracting love energy, you can employ your subconscious mind to attract love energy on autopilot. Read our post: “How Does The Subconscious Mind Work?” for more information.

Raise your Energy to Love

Love is the highest form of spiritual energy. It can be expressed over and over without fail or end. It will never exhaust you or drain you. And there is an oversupply of it – it never runs out. So you should feel comfortable tapping into love energy whenever you need it. Often those that are seeking to attract love have a challenging time because of two reasons:

(1) They don’t have adequate self-love and self-compassion

(2) They are not generous lovers and are seeking love selfishly (for their own self-interest).

If you’re one of the above, then it’s time to work on the above enough that neither of the above is an issue. This may take time. But the time you work on yourself will pay you back a dozen times over. Just trust in love energy and trust in the process.

Ways to Raise Vibration

Below are a few ways to raise your vibration. This is not a definitive list, but should serve as a good starting point.

  • Music or Singing – Find music to increase your vibration and attract money health love (classical – baroque)
  • Meditation
  • Working directly with your subconscious (higher self)
  • Healthy Foods (temporary)
  • Color (The more vibrant the better: stick with yellows, greens, blues, pink, or purple)
  • Laughter
  • A relationship with a house pet (petting or interacting with a pet)
  • Volunteering (act of giving)
  • Decluttering and cleaning your room or common spaces
  • Sunlight
  • Plant life (sitting underneath a tree, walking in nature)
  • Combining any of the above

Ways to Raise Vibration To Achieve Love

Trees are built as energy centers. Some are built specifically to absorb bad energy (Willow Trees). However, all trees are built to work with humans in negating any bad energy from within you. Notice how after sitting underneath a tree for a short while, you naturally feel better. Same goes for lying in the grass and/or bathing in the sun. Aim for the purest form of anything in nature. Nature is built to be a great siphon of energy, diverting and absorbing negative energy and replenishing you with good positive energy.

So if you’re looking to raise your vibration, just head outside. If you can find a tree, and take a seat. Give yourself some time to relax and enjoy the energetic massage you’ll soon receive. When you’re done, thank mother nature. Thank the tree, too!

How To Raise Vibrational Frequency

If you’re wondering how to raise vibrational frequency, that is also another way to attract love energy. Ultimately, you attract what your energy vibration is set to. So if you’re naturally set to a lower vibrational frequency, use the above method to raise it. And then once you’ve achieved a level of love, joy, or gratitude, try to energetically increase the output (or frequency). Remember the more often you produce and give love, the easier it is for it to return to you at greater intensity and strength. So increase the frequency and watch it grow and expand in your life.

If you find attracting love energy to be challenging, feel free to sign up for a consultation with a Law of Attraction coach to help pinpoint what may be holding you back.

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