How to Receive Love

How to Receive Love

Learning how to receive love can sometimes seem more challenging than loving all on its own. The giving of love and the reception of love are two parts of a whole. They work in tandem. So if you deny receiving love, then the other side won’t work either. It’s important to know how to receive love in addition to learning how to give it. Once you learn how to balance the two, you’ll be more likely to maintain a healthy loving relationship.
Love can sometimes seem out of reach and unattainable. Many a love song will tell you that it’s hard to find, hard to keep, hard to let go. However, love doesn’t have to be hard at all. Love can be very real, very tangible, and is very much available to anyone who is in need of it. If you’re used to having love around, then learning how to receive love will feel familiar.
For those that struggle with how to receive love, you can find a lot of answers in your early life and childhood upbringing. If there was a lack of love and affection in the family (particularly from parents), then you’ll see that lack of love reflected in your current life, in both personal, romantic, and casual friendships. However, all is not lost.
The best way to learn how to receive love is to practice. The more often you can exercise your “how to receive love” muscle, the better you’ll become at receiving it.

Why We Need Love

As humans, we cannot exist without love. There have been numerous scientific studies done on human infants (as well as other animals) proving that lack of love is detrimental to the human condition. Below is a short list of those experiments.
  • Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II’s (13th century) experiments on infants [1]
  • René Spitz’s studies of Emotional Deprivation on Infants (1952) [2]
  • The Relationship between Orphanages and Infant survival rate [3]
  • The Devastating Effects of Isolation on Social Behaviour [4]
  • The Effect of Touch on a Human Infants Growth & Survival [5]
  • The Need for Human contact in Babies [6]

How Love Feels

Love is going to feel differently for everyone. To some it might feel tingly, soft, warm, and fuzzy. To others, it might feel electric, bold, and abundant. In either case, it will feel comfortable. If you practice how to attract love energy, you’ll learn how to bring love into your life on a daily basis or on command. Love is fluid and plentiful. It’s important that you get a true feeling for love so much that it is natural to feel it early and often.

How To Accept Love

First, you’ll need to master loving yourself before you can receive love. Love works best as a reciprocal energy. If you’re still not familiar with how to receive love, take a look at your upbringing and how love and affection was given or received in your family. If you witnessed and experienced a lot of love and affection growing up, then you should see a lot of it in your young adulthood and adulthood.

However, if love was neglected, then you’ll often have a difficult time recreating it in your later years. This can be overcome if there is a genuine effort to reevaluate oneself. Self awareness is crucial at this point. Ask yourself how your personal relationships are and reexamine how or why they end (or the recurring patterns that appear in them). Once you are able to take a step back and be honest about your love life, only then will you be able to see clearly what is hindering the ability for you to receive love.

How to Receive Love

Love Reception Consultations

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