Best Way To Find Your Soulmate

Best Way To Find Your Soulmate

What is the best way to find your soulmate? Finding your soulmate is less about the soulmate and is more do with you, your thoughts, and actions. The more you can embrace the deep emotional work you can do on yourself, by yourself while you’re single, the closer you will be to finding your one true love.You’ll need to take the internal work for preparing to meet your soulmate as seriously as you would anything you want to achieve in life. Dedicate a distraction-free space, create a schedule (and sticking to it!), as well as being patient enough to work on yourself (warts and all) are all key steps to finding your soulmate.

Ways To Find Your Soulmate

One of the best ways to find your soulmate is to employ the law of attraction for love. With that you can learn how to attract love energy to open up your heart and match the same vibration as your soulmate.Below you’ll find a list of various ways on how to find your soulmate. Take each one slowly and make space in your day to incorporate each practice. It should make your search for a soulmate more focused and ideally easier.Setting an Intention – Be fully confident in realizing your goal. Think of the act of setting an intention as like placing a pin on a map of the world. It is the final destination. “I’m going here.” Think of that in alignment with your goal. It is the final result. Set the intention, mark the place on the map, and without any distractions summon all your efforts to get you to this “place”.Meditation (and Prayer) – A combination of prayer and meditation is highly effective and influential. It doesn’t matter if you are (or are not) religious. Meditation and Prayer is not a product of religion, but a tool of spirituality. Remember that religion and spirituality are not the same.Alignment – Become aligned with your purpose. The more you feel you have an objective and a focus in your life, the more aligned you are, and the more likely your soulmate will surface because they have a similar purpose (or they are here to serve and support you with your purpose).Remove all Emotional Blocks – Work on yourself and all of the emotional constraints that may be holding you back. Some of these blocks may be stemming from past lives. Either way, your goal is to resolve it.Sometimes these blocks are revealed when facing repeated similar circumstances. Facing similar emotional issues from the past – meaning: “the feeling of loss” perhaps as a child you lost a treasured pet or family member. You may feel the same feeling as an adult (from a different circumstance/scenario) and now you’re reliving it. The Universe is presenting this “feeling” again so that you can resolve it.Start Checking Off Items From Your Bucket List – Go out and explore those things you’ve always wanted to do. For example: If you’ve always wanted to surf, that is programmed in you for a reason. Perhaps, your partner is also a fan of surfing. Then you’ll meet them at the beach “randomly” because you were taking beginner lessons together.Don’t Follow The Crowd – What works for everyone else is not necessarily going to work for you. Dating apps, and dating sites seem to be the norm nowadays. We think because we have the capability at the touch of our fingertips that it must be easier to find “the one”. If you’re taking part in artificial activities that only speak to the ‘needy’ side of you, then you’ll attract a person who will reflect that in you or bring more of that to you.

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Best Way To Find Your Soulmate

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