How Do I Prepare Myself For A Relationship

How Do I Prepare Myself For A Relationship?

So you’ve been dating for some time and you’d like to take the next step. If you’re asking yourself the question: “How do I prepare myself for a relationship?” then you’re already on the right track and way ahead of a lot of people who are not (but should be) asking themselves the same question. The way to prepare for a relationship is to be ready to be vulnerable and also be ready to support your partner throughout all odds.The name of the game in relationships is compassion and tender-heartedness. Entering a relationship can be wholly fulfilling and offer immense growth and satisfaction among those that participate in them. It’s important to equip yourself for a new long-term romance by adopting the right mindset while also being open and honest. All of the above answer the question of: “How Do I Prepare Myself For A Relationship?”The giving side of a relationship is often lost on many people. Many enter a relationship with the idea of taking: “This is what I’ll receive when I get into a relationship”. People often see the relationship as a ‘step up’ from being single, as if being single is a penalty and a strike against anyone content with being single.

However, being in the wrong relationship can be an even worse form of punishment. In terms of how to prepare yourself for a relationship, as long as you begin a relationship with wholesome and true intentions, the universe will meet you halfway. Only introspective givers in relationships

Are You Ready To Get Into A Relationship?

If you’ve been dating someone for some time, then you should already have a well-formed idea of what it will be like to enter a serious and committed relationship with this person. The biggest takeaway from this article (one which you should write down and commit to memory for every future relationship) is: “Have you witnessed this person at their worst?”An argument or disagreement? An emotional breakdown of some sort? Angry? Sad? Overly sensitive? Explosive? Selfish? Arrogant? Incessant complainer? Vengeful? Disparaging and derogatory? Harmful?If the answer is “Yes”, then ask yourself: “Is this a behavior that I’m willing to tolerate throughout the lifetime of the relationship?” If so, then you might be a negative enabler. This is something to watch out for. If you have seen the worst side of this person, then be sure to ask yourself, “Is this what I’m willing to give up my independence (singlehood) for?”After the blowup, was it easy to get back to the usual pace of the relationship? Or were things uneasy and you were waiting for the other shoe to drop and experience another flare-up? This is important to recognize. If you’re changing your behavior by walking on eggshells in order to avoid another unpleasant emotional storm, then this is not a good sign and be a good clear indication to leave the relationship.Also, despite their major flaws, you should feel confident that this person has the capacity to learn and grow from these emotional displays. As you continue the courtship, there should be fewer and fewer of these eruptions. This person should be maturing and gaining some wisdom from their mistakes. This person should have the capacity to expand and develop as an individual.Fair warning: If you haven’t seen a spontaneous emotional outburst from this person, then most likely you haven’t been dating long enough. You need to be wary of this and continue dating and be even more cautious about entering into a relationship.On the rare occasion, there are some people who are cool, calm, collected at all times. Picture an emergency room doctor. There are some people who just know how to handle high pressure situations. And if you’re lucky to date and fall into a relationship with such a person, all the better for you. But always assume the worst. It’s not pessimistic, but a protective safety measure.After kissing and making up, does this person acknowledge and apologize for their behavior? Do they recognize that what just transpired is not welcome and needs to be managed? If there’s more to the story, then you need to explore this in a dialogue with this person BEFORE entering the relationship. This will take maturity and patience from your end and will be a good indication of what’s to come.The next question to ask yourself is the same question in reverse: “Have you shown your worst side to this person? Are they okay with that? Can they handle it? Are you able to learn from these blowups and have fewer and fewer of them. Are you maturing and learning from your all of your relationships (friendships, work relationships, family, etc.)?You need to take off the rose-tinted glasses of puppy love and see this person for who they really are. You need to also draw a line in the sand. There will be some behavior that is intolerable, which you’re unwilling to approve of. However, you need to pick and choose your battles. You need to be able to tolerate (and allow) some habits.After all, no one is perfect, out of the box. Also don’t expect this person to change for you. Many people enter relationships thinking people are malleable and flexible. This is often not the case. It can set you up for a world of disappointment if you think they’ll “change for you”.

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How To Know If You Are Ready For A Relationship

Ultimately, you need to be an independent beacon and solid as a rock before entering a relationship. You need to know yourself (warts and all).  You need to be okay with being vulnerable – both of you do. There is no perfect condition for a relationship. You can’t train for it like you can for a marathon. But you can limber up and stretch out the muscles before hitting the gym.

How To Be Ready For A Relationship

Be ready to make mistakes. Be ready to deflate your ego. Be ready to get hurt. Allow yourself to get hurt. That is when you grow. If you put up a wall, you’ll never be able to see the other side.

How To Use The Law of Attraction to Get Ready For a Relationship

As long as you are in alignment, the great thing about the Law of Attraction is that it will only allow what you want, need, or desire in your life. Once you learn how to visualize your dream life and how it will appear in this new perfect relationship, it will create only that.

You can use the law of attraction for love by learning how to attract love energy. Once you learn how to apply the law of attraction effectively, you’ll see a massive internal change within you and therefore create space for this new relationship. This is an act of deliberate creation with the support of the Universe. It’s interesting to witness how manifesting works when you combine the energy of how to be grateful with learning how to shift your mindset. After all, gratitude is the best attitude to have when manifesting thoughts.

How Do I Prepare Myself For A Relationship?

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