How to Be Grateful

How to Be Grateful

Gratitude has a well-deserved place in the creation of our day-to-day happiness. (Remember that happiness is a choice.) Being grateful is vastly important to being successful and is a key pillar to abundance. The energy of gratitude unlocks ancient spiritual law – the only law the Universe follows.

Sports stars, celebrities, film & tv stars, and business luminaries are very familiar with how to be grateful.  Notice in their acceptance speeches how they always express their gratitude. They do this for a reason. To create a magnetic field which pulls in more abundance, more success, and more opportunities to them. They are simply enacting spiritual law. And now you should, too!

Gratitude may not come too easily for most people, especially if you haven’t been expressing it as of late. Like any muscle, the gratitude muscle needs to be exercised every day. Without regular use a muscle will atrophy and degenerate. And the same will happen with a lapse in communicating (or demonstrating) gratitude. Eventually, you’ll need to get back in the groove and exercise your gratitude muscle. So let’s get started!

What Does It Mean to Be Grateful?

For the newbie trying to wrap their head around how to be grateful, it makes sense to start at the beginning. First, let’s understand what it means to be grateful. What is gratitude? How does it filter into our lives? What does gratitude feel like? And it is easy to be grateful?

To begin, what does it mean to be grateful? The highest form of gratitude is one that is completely selfless, pure, full-bodied (meaning you feel it throughout your body) and it emanates from the heart. To have a sense of gratitude means you have profound appreciation. It’s a stirring feeling.

Still fuzzy on gratitude? Well, let’s revisit a scenario. If you’ve ever lost something precious to you (a beloved pet, a wallet, your keys, or an electronic device – mobile/laptop), that loss has you feeling shaken to the core, right? But the moment someone returns it to you, you’ll feel relief. However, right before you feel relief, you feel grateful. That is how to be grateful!

Completely giving over to this feeling that someone is looking out for you or that someone has taken the time or made the effort to support you. This is gratitude! It’s a feeling of support. But this time you’re receiving the support from the Universe. In fact, the person who returned your item is an example of someone acting as an extension of the Universe, supporting you in human form. They probably didn’t even know they were a part of a grand master plan. But they unknowingly played a role. And as a result you expressed gratitude, opening up and making room for more to come your way.

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How Does Being Grateful Make You a Better Person?

All this talk of gratitude hasn’t addressed why it benefits you to be grateful.

To start, being a ‘better person’ falls into two camps: externally or internally. Externally being a good person deals with being a good person to society and humanity overall. You can be a better person toward friends, family, children, neighbors, workmates, and casual acquaintances. Internally being a good person focuses on being kind to yourself. Eating the right food to nourish your body, developing good habits, allowing yourself enough sleep, and in general, nurturing your soul. Being good to yourself is just as important as being good to others.

So how does being grateful make you a better person? There are so many options when it comes to expressing gratitude to humankind. But be sure to know that people always love to feel appreciated. Thanking them even for the littlest things goes a long way. Remember it costs nothing to be gracious, kind, and thankful. And by you being grateful toward others, you are helping by lubricating our society. Life goes a lot more smoothly when you’re generous with pleases and thank yous. 

When it comes to being grateful to yourself, under spiritual law we are all ‘One’. (This is what enlightenment teaches us.) This is why spiritual principles like karma or cause & effect or polarity are so well-known. What you do unto others, you’re doing unto yourself. And the reverse is also true. By being good to yourself, you’re being good to everyone else and the rest of the Universe. You play an important role in how the Universe operates. So be sure to be good to yourself to keep things running smoothly – and so you can benefit in the long run.

Law of Attraction and Gratitude

In order to properly and efficiently manifest your desires, you need to know how to be grateful. Gratitude is a powerful force in the attraction-manifestation process. Law of Attraction and gratitude go hand-in-hand. Remember you attract what you are ready for. If you’re open to receiving (a beneficial result of gratitude), then you’ll be able to enact the law of attraction masterfully.

A large part of manifesting is the receiving process and believing you will receive your request. Many people have a hard time letting go of the request and often don’t trust the Universe. This is where the magic of gratitude comes in. Once you know how to be grateful, you’ll be able to let go and receive patiently with open arms and full belief that your desire is on its way.

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How to Be Grateful for What You Have

Many people say they have difficulty with gratitude because they are not sure what to be grateful for. Well, for one, you can be grateful for anything. It doesn’t matter. Most importantly, you should be able to generate grateful feelings and thoughts over what you have right now! You can be grateful for your home, your family, your job, your freedom, for waking up in the morning, for your health, for anything! You name it! Look around the room you’re in. Look around your current location. You can be grateful for the sun, moon, and stars. For the fresh air. For the trees. For peace and quiet. The list can go on and on. Trust that you can find any reason to be grateful and it doesn’t matter how big or how small. If gratitude is something that doesn’t come easily to you, start small. The Universe is ready to receive your gratitude no matter the reason.

How to Be More Grateful

If you’re looking to incorporate gratitude into your day, and you’d like to learn how to be more grateful, below we have listed some methods:

What to Be Grateful for Today

As a general practice, it’s wise to wake up each morning being grateful. As soon as you open your eyes, thank the Universe for this new day. Then keep thanking. Just go on a non-stop thanking binge from the moment you get out of bed all the way to the bathroom to being freshening up. If you’re especially devoted, take some time after waking and before the bathroom trip to meditate. Find a favorite quiet location in your space, sit, breathe deeply, and just thank the Universe. Start with phrases like: “Thank you, Universe. I am so grateful for… [fill in the blank].” And this meditation time is a great opportunity to read off of your gratitude list, which we’ll talk about below.

How to Be Grateful Every Day

What is Daily Gratitude? It’s a tradition we should all adopt as it would make our lives go much more smoothly. Practicing how to be grateful every day is a habit like anything else. It takes discipline and commitment. But once you have adopted it, you will see the exponential effects on your day-to-day routine.

Find ways to be grateful from moment to moment. Again, it doesn’t need to be big. It could be as small as standing in line to order a meal and getting served faster than you expected. It could be arriving to and from work safely. It could be receiving a phone call from a friend. You can be grateful for the conversation. There are many ways to be grateful every day.

What is Gratitude Journal?

A gratitude journal (or diary) is a notebook that you keep around specifically to keep a list of things you’re grateful for. The journal serves as a reminder. It’s a great pick me up when perhaps things haven’t been going your way. That’s a great time to take a moment and read from your gratitude journal.

Some people like to use the gratitude journal as a daily exercise. Each day they can find new things to be grateful for. While other people like to simply use the journal less often (perhaps weekly or a few times a week). I wouldn’t recommend anything less than once every two or three days. I think letting seven days go by between reads is too little time to ‘check-in’ and express your gratitude. You want to make it a good habitual routine and not occasional. Eventually, the gratitude journal, if used often enough, becomes a part of you. Use it often enough so that it can become a part of you.

What is a Gratitude List?

A gratitude list is a list of things you’re grateful for. It can be a running list that you add to from time to time. Or it can be a list that you change up often while adding new and interesting gratitude ideas.

What is Attitude of Gratitude?

It is a common cheeky phrase that is a reminder that we need to maintain a positive attitude, but also regularly remember to incorporate and integrate gratitude into our lives. Remember that “Gratitude is the Best Attitude.”

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