How To Have Peace In Your Heart

How To Have Peace In Your Heart

If you’d like to understand how to have peace in your heart, you’ll need view our feelings like the weather, which is variable, non-stop and often unpredictable. Most of us run through life in a flurry of emotions: stormy, breezy, bright and sunny, or even cloudy. However, the weather is best when it’s calm, clear, and serene. And like the weather, we are at our best when we are tranquil and at peace.

So it’s important to learn how to have peace in your heart when life gets erratic and when we are disrupted by unpredictable changes. Becoming educated on how to have peace in your heart will prove to be invaluable for years to come and beyond!The ideal place to contain our emotions is in our heart. Why? Because the heart is where everything begins and ends, within us and outside of us. The heart has the ability to lead us to the far corners of the Universe. Once we are able to control and contain our emotions and we can be more productive and enjoy our day when things are tranquil and serene. We can express them in any way we feel, but at some point we need to recalibrate and come back to a resting state.This is why it’s important to learn how to have peace in your heart because it is the most healthy of emotions to carry around. Unfortunately, our busy lives are high-pressured and structured in such a way that we are preoccupied with filling tasks and instead of fulfilling our emotional needs.This leaves us with very little time to sit and ‘be still’. Instead of working at a level of gratitude (knowing how to be grateful) and happiness (learning to choose happiness), we cultivate emotions that do us a disservice and eat away at our emotional vitality.

It is possible to buy back peace of mind by learning how to have peace in your heart. With a reformed and blessed heart, we can learn how to attract love energy, strengthen our manifesting powers, and use our will to manifest greatness. Love and gratitude can make this all happen. (Remember gratitude is the best attitude for deliberate creation.) Ask yourself: “What Does It Mean to Manifest Your Dreams?” and “What Is The Key To Happiness?” then make it happen through having a restful and peaceful heart.

What Does It Mean To Have Peace In Your Heart?

What is peace of heart? And how do you obtain it? If you’re really interested in learning how to have peace in your heart, you’ll need to practice it. Like any other discipline, having peace in your heart comes with time and dedication. However, once you’ve achieved it, it will have lasting positive effects with your health and in your life.Life takes on a graceful ebb and flow when you learn how to have peace in your heart. New events and opportunities are welcomed, rather than avoided or turned away. Happiness is a choice and a lifestyle when you have peace in your heart. Life begins to bend in your favor. What would normally ruffle your feathers is now obsolete and outdated because you’ve grown and moved on emotionally. Frustration and tension become a vestige of the past.You gain a solid sense of yourself and your heart becomes a center of calm. Anchoring yourself in your heart will become easier. You’ll notice a steady pace of life which pumps right along with your steady heartbeat. The world takes on a cadence or rhythm that you’ve grown accustomed to and can look forward to. The world will begin to revolve around you to incorporate your wants, needs, and desires and getting them fulfilled.The Universe responds to the heart, especially a peaceful one. If you’ve recently learned how to become more spiritually aware, you’ll notice a difference, too. If you’re familiar with how manifesting works, you’ll know how to apply the law of attraction to achieve your dreams. The Universe works with the subconscious mind to bring them to reality. But it only works when you know how to have peace in your heart. True bliss comes with everlasting peace, happiness, and compassion. You will find all of these in a calm and restful heart.

How To Find Peace In Your Heart

With spiritual guidance and healing, it is easy to find peace in your heart. First, you need to be committed and make space in your life to truly achieving peace. If you are someone that leads a fast-paced, hectic, or tumultuous lifestyle, you need to find daily methods to sit and be calm. Ask yourself if that’s truly possible. Don’t continue until you can make that promise to yourself. You’ll only introduce further frustration and disappointment into your life which will ruin your chances of real bliss and satisfaction.

So how do you find peace in your heart? How do you learn to love yourself again? Find a quiet place where you can be alone. No outside noise, pets, spouses/partners, smartphones (mobile – turn them off and place them in another room). Again you’re making a promise to yourself to reach true calm and serenity. Bring a notebook and a writing utensil.

Next breathe in and out through your nose. This should be measured and slow breathing. Find your own pace, but it should be slower than your usual breathes. If you need to, choose a number (5, 7, 10) and breath in while counting to the number. Then do the same when exhaling. Do a full cycle (both inhale and exhale) for at least 10 rounds. Close your eyes while doing this. Once you’ve finished, stop and notice how you feel. Write down your observations in your journal.

Do this exercise twice a day for a minimum of 7 – 10 minutes a day. (Ideally, you’ll do this first thing in the morning and the last thing before bed.) Do this every day for 7 days in a row. After 7 days, you should be able to find a rhythm. Now in order to learn how to feel peace in your heart, during your count imagine you are connecting with your heart. If you need to, place your hand on your heart. Now have your entire body connect with the heart. You can use white light or even imagine a bright light coming from your heart. How do you feel?

Again, repeat this exercise as much as possible. As you continue to connect with your heart, feel the sensation of love. If your heart has been blocked, or if you suffer from a broken heart (after ending a relationship), then be gentle, but keep working with white light to heal your heart. Just as it took time for the heart become wounded, you need to give it just as much time to heal. With regular practice, it will heal faster and faster.

How To Pray For Peace In Your Heart

Our heart is the center of love in our body and in our lives. The Universe responds to heart energy. So the goal is to connect the Universe with your heart in order to bring peace to it. Since the heart is the center of love, and you’re wondering what to recite for peace of heart, tell your heart, “I love you.” Do this several times, repeatedly, until you feel a sense of peace. It is more powerful if you say, “I love you” out loud, spoken to your heart.

Keep Peace In Your Heart

Let peace rule in your heart.

Healing Your Heart Chakra

Notice the color of the heart chakra. In the western world, hearts are usually color red or pink. But in eastern philosophy the heart is green. This makes sense because trees, plants, in nature, the predominant color is green. Green holds the essence of life. Love is the essence of life.

How To Have Peace In Your Heart

Heart Healing Consultations

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