Happiness To Do List

Happiness To Do List

In our crazy, hectic lives today we need to find new ways to be happy. Statistically, people who make an effort in their happiness and actively choose happiness are far better offer than those that let life come what may. This is where a happiness to do list can come in handy. Meaning you have to decide to be happy.

Ultimately, you decide whether or not to be happy. You cannot let life make the decision for you because life will almost never make it happen. You need to be consciously focused on your happiness to see real results in your day-to-day.
Happiness and positivity need to be a routine part of your day-to-day and your default setting as you walk through life. Happiness is a choice, but it’s also a well-developed habit. As all habits require regular activity,  getting into your happiness groove can be a shortcut to meeting this requirement.
Aim to be happy all day. And when you hit a wall or fall out of your groove, be sure to reconnect and step back into it as soon as possible. The longer you sit outside of a happiness curve, and stay in a funk, the harder it is to revisit.

What Does It Mean To Be Happy?

Happiness will mean something different to everyone. So spend some time reviewing with yourself “what happiness means to me”. The more you ask yourself happiness questions the more you will become aware of what makes you happy and the more you’ll begin to spot these “happiness beacons” which will act as life saving floating buoys throughout your existence.

You’ll also begin to notice what doesn’t make you happy. What may bring you down emotionally or deplete your energy and/or life force is just as important to know and to restructure and organize your life around avoiding.

Many people ask themselves “What is the key to happiness?”. This is answer best approached by the querent as each individual will have different life pillars that keep them afloat. Deep spiritual exploration and a devout spiritual guidance and healing practice can get you there.

Ways To Keep Yourself Happy

If you feel yourself heading down the emotional drain, or if you’re just looking for a way to bring up your positive energy, then the below lists a series of ways to keep yourself happy. As with all of these techniques, be sure to leave your digital devices at home. All of these ‘get happy’ methods require your full concentration. Plus, having a break from your electronics is actually very beneficial to your well-being.

  1. Always monitor where you are spending the most time on the Emotional Vibrational Scale. If you are low on the scale, you’ll know that you need to proactively work to make up for lost positive influences.

  2. Deep breathing and using a counting method. This is a method you can find on our FREE meditation video. Find a quiet place, sit still, and simply breathe. Choose a number to count both inhale and exhale breaths. Focus on feeling good. If you can get outside and sit underneath a tree, this will help remove any negative energy from your immediate system.

  3. Go for a minimum 30 min walk. If you can make it an hour. (A ½ hr there. A ½ hr back.) As you walk, try to keep your eyes on the distant horizon. There is a beneficial effect to looking at long distances.

  4. Lift your legs above your chest. You can do this by lying on the floor and letting your legs rest against the wall. Do this for 5 or 10 mins or as long as you can stand it. You may want to stretch your legs and body before placing them on the wall. Do this a minimum of once a week. This allows for blood that collects in your legs to reverse its flow (against gravity) and move into your upper body, most particularly your heart. You’ll be surprised how this simple activity can increase blood flow, oxygen, and happiness. Legs don’t need to be that high. Just make sure they’re above the heart. So if you’re back in the floor, a two-foot lift in the air should suffice.

  5. We hinted at it in tip #4, but we’ll make it more clear now – meditate! Get into a routine of meditating a minimum of once a day for 5 mins. Short meditation sessions will do wonders for nurturing your mind and fostering a more calm demeanor. You’ll notice a difference after three consecutive days that you will become less irritable and more flexible. The more you do this the easier it will be to be happier. You’ll have less negative emotional weight bogging you down.

How to Make your Own Happiness To Do List

This is a project that will take some time. As you collect your happiness activities, be sure to notate and keep them in a notebook or journal. Having an inventory of things that make you happy is very powerful arsenal, especially for those glum not-so-fun days that suddenly creep up on you. The more you can arm yourself with happiness pointers and tips, the better off you’ll be.

Happiness To Do List

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