How To Have Gratitude

How To Have Gratitude

Gratitude is one of the most powerful human emotions in the Universe. It is a vital feeling that we can all use in our spiritual guidance and healing. Learning how to have gratitude allows us the ability to learn how to receive cosmic energy and become one with Universal Energy. Once you understand how to have gratitude in your life, it will become a cherished practice which you’ll rely on daily.
Alongside love, forgiveness, gratitude is also a transmuting emotion. So what does transmute mean? It’s a common term in Alchemy which means the ability to turn one element into another. For example, turning water into wine or lead into gold. These are both alchemical processes.
Gratitude has the extraordinary ability to transform negative energy into positive energy by learning how to shift your mindset. This is a pure and complete change with no residual or adverse effects. Not many emotions can do this in our Universe.
As we know from the study of physics, energy cannot be created or destroyed. If you want to rid your mind, body, or space around of negative energy, you couldn’t simply remove it. But it can be transmuted. And this is why gratitude is so important. Gratitude is a great transmuter of energy and should be in everyone’s spiritual ascension toolbox.

What Is Gratitude?

What does gratitude mean? Gratitude is the act of appreciation (some may describe it as a sense of indebtedness) toward the Universe. When you feel gratitude, it is an overwhelming positive sensation that overcomes and overtakes you. It feels as if you are being bathed in love and protection. That comforting feeling is coming from the Universe. When you send out gratitude, the Universe responds immediately to support you.
Gratitude is deeply spiritual and when expressed in earnest, it carries resounding effects. Understanding the power of how to have gratitude and how it makes its way through the Universe and back is profound. Such a simple emotion that possesses such a powerful influence to engage the heart, mind, soul, and spirit all to a penetrating degree.
Gratitude is an often overlooked emotion and we take its power for granted. It was a gift given to us by the Universe. But we have neglected it and instead choose happiness as our preferred emotion. Gratitude is the foundation for happiness. Some would say that the answer to: “What is the key to happiness?” is gratitude.
With our ever busy calendars and even busier lifestyles, taking the time out to be grateful may seem like yet another item to add to the bottom of the happiness to do list. Because of our already jam-packed schedules, making room for gratitude may seem laborious. But once you find a rhythm, being grateful will be standard practice. You just need to free up some space for it in your life.

Difference Between Grateful And Thankful

When we speak of gratitude, we often confuse it with being thankful. At the dinner table, we may recite a prayer and express thankfulness. But being thankful is not the same as being grateful. Grateful and thankful carry two very different vibrations energetically.
You can even try saying it out loud now: “I am thankful.” or “I am grateful” and you’ll notice they even feel different. The grateful vs thankful difference is palpable. Grateful feels fuller and more complete. Try it now. Say it aloud and pause a moment to see how you feel.
Being thankful (or thankfulness) is very short-term. Almost right after you say it, it seems to disappear and fade away. However, you’ll notice when you’re grateful and you express gratitude it feels bigger, more robust. It takes up more space in the room.
Gratitude is sturdier, richer, plumper. It’s more fulfilling and more satisfying. It feels whole. And it was designed that way. The energy of gratitude is complete. Yet another reason to learn how to have gratitude.
What gratitude means to each one of us will be different. But this is the magic and wonder of the cosmos. It shows us that the Universe is in perfect balance. Gratitude grants each and every one of us a miracle. No matter what condition we are in or what situation we are facing, as long as we remain grateful, we will be rewarded by the Universe.

What Does Gratitude Do?

Gratitude is the great equalizer. We seek out gratitude in our lives to maintain balance between the mental, spiritual, and physical. So it is important to know how to have gratitude very simply for our spiritual development and so we know how to become more spiritually aware. We all could use another reminder on how to have gratitude.  Once we embrace it, only then will you see how much it powers the world around us.
We mentioned early that gratitude has an alchemical ability to transmute energies. Emotion is an energy. Emotion lives on the etheric and astral planes. Emotions aren’t dense enough to appear in our current reality. You can prove that emotions exist as a physical property because you can feel it when you walk into a room.
If someone has been crying or there was a heated argument, you can feel the residual energy in the room. It often feels uncomfortable, enough to make you want to leave and go to another space. This is how you know emotions are energy and take up space. Emotions have mass!
Gratitude has the ability to take those very dense heavy emotions (worry, fear, anger, sadness, despair, anxiety, depression) and transform them into positive energy (or positive emotions such as love, happiness, optimism, hope, peace, forgiveness). Gratitude can make it all happen. And if you rely on gratitude and use it every day, you’ll notice a drastic change in your life — for the better!

How Gratitude Changes Your Life

Because gratitude has the ability to change energies (emotions), it gives each of us the power to clean the emotional messes in our lives. If we’ve been grieving or just went through a breakup, gratitude has the power to clear up the negative energies and create a newer cleaner healthier positive energy in our lives. No matter what you are facing, no matter the situation, once you understand how to have gratitude, then you’ll see sweeping changes in your life.

How To Have Gratitude

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