How To Forgive Yourself For Past Mistakes

How To Forgive Yourself For Past Mistakes

When we see or hear the word forgiveness, there’s always a solemn and heavy feeling swirling around the topic. Although, we shouldn’t be sad or solemn because the very act of forgiving is so powerful and uplifting. It’s what allows us to grow and move forward in life after a great atrocity. However, there is an inherent difficulty when it comes to learning how to forgive yourself for past mistakes. A true act of forgiveness is one of the most spiritually enlightening and soul advancing processes we all can participate in.

The act of self-forgiveness follows similar steps to grieving. In order to forgive yourself for past mistakes, you’ll need to work through the emotional steps of (1) acknowledgement (2) acceptance (3) love and (4) release. Love is the key step in this process. It is the line of demarcation that separates the pain and suffering from the emotional and spiritual guidance and healing. Once you can learn how to love yourself (and others) again, it will be easier to cross the invisible threshold of forgiveness.Learning how to forgive yourself for past mistakes may seem like a daunting and difficult task. It may take a lot of courage to face our own past mishaps and misgivings. But once you experience forgiveness and arrive on the other side of it, life takes on new meaning. And the very next act of forgiveness will be that much easier and welcomed. You will be forgiving over and over again. You will be so happy that you’ve learned how to forgive because it is the most transformative spiritual act you and partake in.

What Is Forgiveness? Definition

The definition of forgiveness is the emotional release of a past blame or hurt as a result of misconduct either by you or someone else. Often times the negative emotion you are trying to relieve is a combination of anger, frustration, guilt, and assigning fault or blame for a past wrongdoing, violation, or misbehavior. Many people find forgiveness the most difficult of gracious human acts to carry out.What forgiveness is to the average person is viewed differently from the spiritually inclined person. Forgiveness to the average person seems like ‘doing a favor’ to the other person who wronged them. By forgiving them it seems as though you’re letting them off of the hook too easily. However, to the spiritually aware, forgiveness is a way of shedding an undue burden. Freeing yourself from this oppressive weight is crucial to spiritual growth.Forgiveness for the spiritually aware person is a welcomed enterprise. Learning how to forgive yourself for past mistakes is a part of this journey. Forgiveness is a quick and easy lesson for those learning how to become more spiritually aware. This act of opening up your heart, releasing the pain, and allowing heart energy to heal your soul is penetrating and has resounding effects on you and your life. Forgiveness allows you to learn how to have peace in your heart.

Once you learn how to attract love energy, the act of forgiving will become much easier. Forgiveness also opens your connection to the Universe. You’ll learn how to receive cosmic energy because of your relationship with love, the strongest force in the Universe. Fundamentally, learning how to forgive requires a fundamental shift in mindset. Learning how to shift your mindset will be the difference between absolute blissful freedom and self-imposed suffering. In either case, you have full control.

How Forgiveness Works Spiritually

How To Forgive Yourself For Past Mistakes
The little known benefit to forgiveness is that it improves YOUR LIFE more than the person you are forgiving. It’s a misnomer and a falsity that the other person truly benefits. Understand that once you fully forgive someone, it is YOU who are benefiting THE MOST. And if you’re learning how to forgive yourself for past mistakes, then you’re receiving twice the benefits.Why is this so? Because the pain, anguish, and hurt you are feeling is EMOTIONAL WEIGHT. Although, you may think that’s not a big deal, it is a big deal on the spiritual level. When you hold a grudge, or you are depressed, or you are perpetually envious, angry, or sad, all of that negative energy is weight which is holding you down.It is holding you back from emotional and spiritual progress. It is stopping you from emotional and spiritual growth. It is stopping you from becoming one with The Creator, which is our goal with enlightenment.All of that emotional weight stays with you and sits on the Emotional plane. It weighs down your aura and your soul. It is literally EMOTIONAL BAGGAGE. And you can choose to release it or you can choose to hold on to it. Which do you choose?One way will uplift and bring you closer to spiritual awakening and contentment. The other will leave you miserable and only invite more misery into your life. The choice is clear and simple. Forgive and move on.Forgiveness is reciprocal in nature. The person who is trying to forgive (or in the process of forgiving) receives the most benefit. People often misunderstand the reciprocal nature of how forgiveness works. The request for forgiveness can be from yourself to yourself or to someone else, or from another person to you. Forgiveness works on several spiritual levels, planes, or dimensions.

When you forgive, you realign with Universal Intelligence (or the Universal Mind). You make peace and reassume your place in the world (and Universe). Forgiveness is a deeply spiritual act that is often tied to karma. If you are having trouble forgiving, it is very likely that you had this difficulty in a past life and it’s a lesson you must learn in this one. So in order to escape this cyclical karmic lesson, learn to forgive – and fast, so that you are not doomed with this in the next life. Forgiving will only serve you.

What Forgiveness Means

What does forgiveness really mean? It is the ability to remove all past hurt, pain, or any malicious feelings or ill will from a particular person or situation. It’s your ability to release all discontent with the situation that occurred and move on. This is crucial. You must be able to move on and no longer be emotionally tied to the previous issue. You leave the situation to God, Divinity, Infinite Intelligence, Source, The Creator, or whatever you may call it, to handle.

Does Forgiveness Mean Reconciliation?

It’s important to understand what reconciliation means on a spiritual level versus an emotional or in this case a physical level. To reconcile a relationship (on a human physical level) means that you reestablish the relationship or that you restart or revive the relationship. You try and bring the relationship back to life. So in this example, reconciliation is purely about the previous human-based relationship – a marriage, partnership, or short or long-term relationship.However, forgiveness (as opposed to reconciliation) is about you, your feelings and emotions, and your ability to let go of the past indiscretion and move on. Forgiveness does not have to be about resurrecting the relationship or bringing back. You could forgive and move on, never looking back at the relationship.You can choose to move on to greener pastures, either by spending some time by yourself or by starting fresh. But understand that reconciling is not a necessary part of forgiveness. You can move on and never look back and that is okay. That may just be your path.True forgiveness means that you’ve come to terms with the situation, you realize you cannot change the past, and you need to heal and move on. Although you do not condone what happened, you are not willing to let it affect your happiness and your valuable time and life on this Earth.So with forgiveness you are accepting it, no longer resenting what happened (or resenting the person) and instead relent. Forgiveness is relenting not resenting.

What Does Forgiveness Look Like?

How To Forgive Yourself For Past Mistakes
There are two angles to view forgiveness. One angle is from the side of wanting to forgive, but not knowing how. This is the angle that most people approach forgiving. Most end up lost and paralyzed in confusion and indecision because of having to manage several competing emotions. From this perspective, forgiveness seems like an impossible feat. You have to forgive. You need to forgive in order to truly understand how to have peace in your heart.The other angle to view forgiveness is from a vantage point of complete acceptance and serenity. From this position, you have finally come to terms with forgiveness. You feel in harmony with your world and your environment again. And now that you have forgiven, you see how much peace it adds to your life. You can view your life from a place of gratitude. You know how to be grateful for everything in your life. You make a point to choose happiness.The route to forgiveness can be a short one or a long one depending on what you choose. And once you do finally learn how to forgive yourself for past mistakes (or others for their mistakes), it becomes a familiar road, one that is easy to navigate. Forgiveness becomes more familiar and easier to do in the future.Ironically, once you learn how to forgive you have less need to do it because you’ve learned your spiritual lesson. You have learned how to become more spiritually aware just by simply learning to forgive. You’ve crossed that chasm and you’ll never need to turn back.

How To Forgive Yourself For Past Mistakes

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