Spiritual Guidance and Healing

Spiritual Guidance And Healing

What does it take to attain true spiritual guidance and healing? Patience, dedication, and practice. Many will seek out spiritual guidance at the nearest religious institution. But understand the spirituality and religion are two very separate and distinct concepts. Spirituality doesn’t require any special days, times, tools, books, or hierarchy.Plus, you can practice it on your own (or with your own hand-picked spirituality peer group). Often it requires learning how to shift your mindset. Spiritual guidance and healing can be achieved by any one from any walk of life.Many seek out spiritual guidance and healing because life has taken them down the wrong path, one that they are no longer satisfied with. It has left them lost or questioning their purpose. Too often spiritual seekers are led astray by external forces. And in reviewing their lives, all the other faith-based structures don’t offer the same stability. So the best next step is to “go within”.

Spirituality vs Religion

A religious person will do what he is told… no matter what is right…
whereas a spiritual person will do what is right… no matter what he is told.”

“Going within” is a great method to find spiritual guidance and healing. Why? Because we are born with a built-in map to Divinity. This means we can find our way and trust that our questions will be answered by Source (Infinite Intelligence, Universal Consciousness, Divinity, or God) and lead us in the right direction. Even better, once you learn how to become more spiritually aware, the healing comes with it. Free gift with purchase!

What Does It Mean To Be Spiritual?

What Is Spiritual Guidance?

Spiritual guidance is a connection you receive from the Divine Source (or Universal Consciousness). The best way to describe Divine Source is primordial force or cosmic energy. It is the center of our Universe and what keeps the plants growing, the water flowing, and your heart beating. It is the pulse that runs through everything in the Universe. Some may call it “God”.Once you connect with this universal energy everyday, subconsciously. The act of being spiritually guided is a conscious choice. You ask the Universe, then ‘go within’, and ideally arrive at a peaceful satisfying response. With enough practice, you can this happen on autopilot by having your subconscious connect. [If you’d like more info on the subconscious, read our post: “How Does the Subconscious Mind Work?”.]At any point in your day, you can choose to receive all these insights and messages from within. Provided that you’re always relying on your heart (instead of your mind) to ask and receive these messages, you’ll always be on the right track. The heart (love energy) is the greatest tool given to us by the Universe. It filters out what we don’t need and only lets in the good.Spiritual guidance can give you the right answers at the right time. If you’re stuck in a conundrum or dilemma, you can rely on your internal spiritual compass to point you in the right direction and lead you to the perfect answer. The package the answer comes in is not always what you expect. However, being open and emotionally, spiritually, and mentally accessible is crucial.

Spiritual healing (also called metaphysical healing) is also a great benefit to connecting with Spirit. Some may ask, “Does Metaphysical Healing Work?” The easy answer is Yes. But ultimately, it depends on the severity of the illness and how quickly you implement metaphysical healing techniques.

How To Find Spiritual Guidance

The first way to begin is with you and your body, mind, heart, and soul. (If you’re specifically seeking out a mentor, counselor, or coach, you can visit the bottom of this page to connect with our team.) Your are built with all the components to find spiritual guidance. Spend time researching the pineal gland or a merkabah and you’ll understand. Learning to how the components work together is fascinating and will take you into another world once you master them.

Spiritual Guidance Consultations

If you’re still finding the spiritual guidance process to be challenging and you would like hands-on help, please sign-up below for the next available appointment.

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In terms of where to go for spiritual guidance, you can return to faith-based institutions. But the best time to go is when the area is empty. An empty church or place of worship is often a good space for devoted spiritual guidance. Of course, it is recommended that you create a special spiritual location in your home. Devote a space in your home to only praying and meditating. Keep it clean and tidy. Light candles for special occasions. You can even leave gifts of money or valuables to cultivate a giving energy.Throughout all this time, keep a positive outlook. Choose happiness above all else. And happy forces will find you. When clearing a space for devotion, be sure to ask for “the highest good” as well as “white light” to cleanse your area and your body. You can even ask for a fortress of white light to surround you so that you are only encountered by the good and positive.Many people would like the true answer to the question of: “What is the key to happiness?” But few know that they can find this answer from within. It is already embedded in them. And, of course, this is for good reason. One person’s happiness is not going to be same for all. Moreover, happiness is a choice. So some may never find the key if they are choosing to be miserable.The core lesson when it comes to spiritual guidance is that you attract what you’re ready for. So if you’re ready for the answer, it will be given to you. If you’re not ready (and perhaps fearful of what the answer is), then you’ll naturally block the answer and never receive one. Many people say they pray and meditate (and pray again) and never receive an answer. But the question they need to ask themselves is: “Am I ready for the answer?”If you’re truly need spiritual guidance, you’ll find a way to hear the answer. Sometimes the answer will come in a song on the radio, a spoken word from a friend or family member, or even in your dreams. This is why it’s important to always undergo your spiritual guidance with a pen and a journal (notebook) in hand or by your side.

How To Ask For Spiritual Guidance

You are gifted with the ability to ask for spiritual guidance and healing from inside of you. You are already pre-built with the tools and mechanisms to call upon the Universe for guidance, direction, healing, insights. One of those tools is called your intuition.If you’ve been disconnected for some time and haven’t been regularly ‘quieting your mind’, then it might take some time to clear out the mental chatter and create space to receive spiritual guidance. This is okay as long as you’re willing to work at it. Understand that it may not come right away. But it will come…! The answer is always within you. You can trust that.When asking for spiritual guidance and healing, always be grateful for any message you receive (or sometimes if you receive no message at all.) Remember you always receive a message, but to the untrained ear, you may believe your question is going unanswered. So this is where patience and practice is needed. You may not recognize the signs.In either case, gratitude is the best attitude to have. If you’re fuzzy on how to be grateful, just find any reason to be thankful, especially the moment of your request.

Spiritual Guidance And Healing

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