What Are Spiritual Laws

What Are Spiritual Laws?

So what are spiritual laws? We live in a reality that has a clearly defined and specific set of truths which are ever present and unchanging. Before ever reading this article, you may have never known that our world is governed by these rules. These laws are immutable meaning that they are fixed, permanent, and cannot be changed. They are definite, limitless, and we can always rely upon them to operate on all dimensions (all planes of existence). If you’ve ever asked yourself, “What Are Spiritual Laws?”, then be sure to read on.

These laws (rules, principles, or truths) are so predictable, ready-made, and concrete that once we learn how to use them, we can begin to create our realities as we see fit. We can bend reality at our will. We call these truths our Universal Spiritual Laws.
Universal Spiritual Laws (also known as Spiritual Principles, or the Immutable Laws) are rules by which our Universe is governed. These are truths that cannot be altered or broken. They remain intact no matter the circumstance. This is what separates them from religion, which is man-made and hence ultimately flawed. All religion borrows from Spiritual Law and were put in place by the Creator (or Divine Intelligence, the Great Spirit).
So what are the Spiritual Laws of the Universe? To name a few: The Law of Cause and Effect (aka The Law of Karma), The Law of Vibration, The Law of Polarity, The Law of Divine Oneness, The Law of Correspondence, and many more!
Spiritual Laws surpass and supersede all of our basic physical laws, for example: Gravity. The Law of Gravity is a physical law, but not a Universal Spiritual Law, which means that it can be broken. Birds break the Law of Gravity every day with the Law of Aerodynamics. It doesn’t mean that Gravity no longer is there, but the Law of Aerodynamics allows birds to defy Gravity.

Where Did The Universal Laws Come From?

Because Spiritual Law was put in place before sentient life forms existed, no one really knows the origin (where and when). However, it is very clear that these laws are very powerful and operate on all levels, throughout all dimensions, space, and time. Many attribute Hermes Trismegistus (Thoth) the immortal ruler of Atlantis (considered to be “the scribe of the Gods”) to be the purveyor and educated humanity about these spiritual laws.
Hermes visited Earth three times (earning him the moniker “thrice great”) to pass his wisdom onto humankind. Hence, he is also the creator of the Emerald Tablet which holds the key to many spiritual truths and is only revealed to the purest of souls. The Emerald Tablet is built of a material that is impenetrable, unbreakable, and everlasting throughout all of our 3D (3rd dimensional) reality. It was made this way, so that the truth could never be manipulated or destroyed.
When it comes down to who wrote the universal laws, it assumed that many people over thousands of years managed to document them. Secret societies and Mystery schools have had access to this spiritual knowledge since the beginning of their creation. Shamans, who usually pass knowledge through storytelling from generation to generation, also are privy to these spiritual laws.

Despite the origin remaining a mystery, one thing continues to be crystal clear, Spiritual Law is a constant which is here to stay. Once we learn and abide by spiritual law, it will set us free. Hidden truths will be revealed and you will learn how to become more spiritually aware. Understanding Spiritual law requires knowing how to shift your mindset. But once you do, an entirely new and different world will be revealed to you.

What Are Spiritual Laws?

How Many Laws Of The Universe Are There?

Many want to draw a line in the sand and categorize groups of Laws. However, they are all found in our natural Universe (and other Universes beyond). Some may say there are 7, 12, 20, or 100s of Laws. Honestly, the number doesn’t matter because many of the Laws offer the same lessons. And many of these lessons overlap and are repeated throughout the Laws. So as long as you learn the core laws you can competently answer the question: “What Are Spiritual Laws?”

Why are Spiritual Laws important?

Spiritual laws govern our universe. They proffer a level playing field where we all have access to the gifts the Universe provides us and we can take advantage, by endeavoring to make our lives better, as well loved ones and those around us.

How To Use Universal Laws

How To Live By The Universal Laws

Spirituality v Religion

List Of Spiritual Laws

Depending on your source, it is possible to draft a lengthy list of spiritual laws. To make understanding the list of spiritual laws easier, we can divide them into four (4) groups or four (4) categories:

(1) Fundamental Laws of Existence (Basic Laws of Life)
(2) Laws of Creation
(3) Laws of Higher Awareness
(4) Laws of Higher Frequency

(1) Fundamental Laws of Existence (Basic Laws of Life)

(2) Laws of Creation

(3) Laws of Higher Awareness

(4) Laws of Higher Frequency

What Are Spiritual Laws?

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