How To Spiritually Heal Yourself

How To Spiritually Heal Yourself

In order to continue on a successful path in life, we need to find ways to recover from our personal problems and challenges in a healthy, productive, and efficient manner. These difficulties may be caused by personal obstacles which can be emotional, mental, or physical. Luckily, there are divine resources you can employ in order to learn how to spiritually heal yourself.

Disclaimer: None of the methods listed below should be considered as a substitute for primary medical care. Please always use common sense and see your licensed medical practitioner for any medical conditions that may arise. Spiritual (or metaphysical) healing should be used as complementary therapy to conventional or allopathic medicine. Always seek the advice and care of a licensed medical professional. If you are interested in finding a medical practitioner that blends both western (modern medicine) with eastern (traditional medicine), there are many available Integrative medical practitioners who incorporate both disciplines into their practice.

What Is Spiritual Healing?

Spiritual (or Metaphysical) Healing is a form of therapy that addresses issues on an interdimensional level within various cosmic planes of existence (or realms of consciousness). It is a method of treating the body, mind, spirit as one by using the forces of Universal Source Energy (Infinite Intelligence, The Divine Creator, The Almighty, etc.) to treat various conditions.

What does spiritual healing mean? Often spiritual healing comes in the form of shedding emotional or mental blocks. These could be negative experiences in your life which have left you with ‘nonphysical, emotional, or karmic baggage’. Removal of this metaphysical baggage is required in order to ascend. Consider it a rite of passage in order for humans to spiritually evolve and move on to the next plane or dimension. It’s par for the course in the realm of how to spiritually heal yourself.

Mastering your emotions (and transmuting the energy of those emotional blocks) allows the seeker to conquer the challenges of this current realm and develop spiritually. Spiritual healing can occur through spiritual transformation, self-transformation, or spiritual alchemy. All are synonyms for the same ultimate outcome. Ascension.

Spiritual Ascension involves deep emotional work and taking responsibility for your own suffering. This comes as a major challenge to many people because they externalize their problems and blame the outside world for their pain.

Taking responsibility for your own suffering is a huge step in the direction of spiritual advancement and personal spiritual evolution. By viewing every emotional or mental disruption in your life as an opportunity to grow, that is where you’ll be able to advance faster and evolve more quickly into the higher spiritual realms.The names of some of these higher realms (reality-planes) are the plane of Divinity, the spiritual plane, the mental plane, the astral plane, the etheric plane, the physical plane, as well as a host of others. By working with the energies of the higher realms, we can utilize them on the physical plane (our current dimension). The physical realm is very dense and difficult to maneuver. This is why it’s better to focus on emotional clearings as a form of healing, rather than physical healing.

Does Spiritual Healing Really Work?

So, does spiritual healing work? Yes and no. On the physical level, spiritual healing is quite difficult. Most metaphysical healing methods (acupuncture, Reiki, energy healing, etc.) operate mainly on the other planes of existence. Rarely do they instantly impact the physical realm. So in terms of healing a wound, or a physical injury, it is not common to remedy and treat this with spiritual healing.However, spiritual healing can work very well on those other aforementioned planes. When working with emotional, mental, or spiritual issues, metaphysical healing can work wonders. Because these higher planes are at an elevated level which aren’t easy to access from the physical realm, it will take longer for them to manifest on the physical plane.Our emotions (feelings) don’t reside on the physical plane. They inhabit the Etheric and Astral planes, where thoughts and dreams dwell. So when working to heal emotional issues (traumas, anxieties, depression), you will see a vast improvement (almost overnight) because these emotions don’t need to travel down the physical realm in order to be alleviated or transmuted. You can rectify them on their own plane and feel immediate relief when they are resolved.Thoughts, emotions, and feelings travel quickly. They are also very difficult to stop once they are set in motion. E-motion. Energy in motion. Thus is the origin of the word, emotion. An example of how quickly a thought moves is the example of when you think of someone (a friend, family member, or acquaintance) and just after thinking of them they call you. This is not by accident. You both connected on the Astral or Etheric plane and that person acted by calling you in the physical plane. This is by design.

Learning how to spiritually heal yourself is not complicated provided you utilize Spiritual Law and pay close attention to the planes of existence. For acute medical conditions or emergencies, you should see a licensed practitioner. Spiritual healing can be used as an additional method alongside modern medicine.

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How Does Spiritual Healing Work?

There are several methods and ways to heal spiritually. Ultimately, in order for spiritual healing to work, you’ll need to connect to Source Energy (The One, Infinite Intelligence). There was a time when humankind was fully connected to Source and we could feed, heal, and sustain ourselves simply by reconnecting with God (Source Energy).However, we have since lost this ability and need to work ourselves back up the levels of dimension to regain this access.By reconnecting with Source, healing and eating (sustenance) was automatic. We didn’t need to eat or grow food because God was our food. Nowadays, you’ll hear about breatharians and these are people gifted with the ability to connect directly with Source Energy in order to sustain themselves. No need for food or water.As the world undergoes a spiritual awakening and a greater awareness of the spiritual realms, so does spiritual healing and perhaps there will be a day where we may all can reconnect to Source for sustenance once again. This spiritual renaissance will be important for generations to come.What does spiritual healing involve? One method of how spiritual healing works is through meditation. Meditation is a way of clearing all thoughts that are unnecessary and connecting with Source. A regular cycle of meditation and prayer is a good guide to follow for spiritual healing.Many spiritual healers refer to outside forces, third parties (angels, archangels, spirit guides) to help with their spiritual healing. Ancient knowledge and wisdom from ascended masters also is given to those who ask.Because these being preside on the higher realms, they are incredible gifted and proficient of the techniques carried down from those dimensions. They can advise us on how to access the powers of the more advanced dimensions. They can also course correct where they see us going wrong and heading down the wrong path.

Why Does Spiritual Healing Work?

How To Heal Yourself Spiritually

How To Spiritually Heal Yourself

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