What is Spirituality?

What is Spirituality?

Many people are just beginning to embark upon their spiritual path. It starts with a search for the answer to the question: “What is Spirituality?”. The definition and meaning of spirituality can be described as the holistic connection you have with yourself in combination with The Creator (also known as The All High, The Almighty, God, Oneness, Universal Consciousness, Infinite Intelligence, Divinity, Source Energy). Spirituality is about rediscovering yourself and your soul, reconnecting with spirit, and finally finding your life purpose to lead a more fulfilling life.

People often go on a spiritual quest when they feel they have lost the true meaning in their lives. When life has no meaning, it’s hard to justify your daily efforts. Questions like, “What does it all mean?”, “What is my mission in life?”, “What is our purpose on Earth?”, or “What is my spiritual path?”, take precedence. You’ll find that the answers to these questions become all important. The above questions help focus you on your spiritual self and your life purpose.

So what is spirituality and how does it play into our overall existence? We all have a purpose in life that is beyond our jobs, families, and careers. There is more to life and deep down you know this. (This is why you’re reading these pages.) However, how do you find out what it is? Where do you go? Whom do you seek out? How can you get clear on your raison d’être (reason for being)? The answers to these questions are only a portion of the core elements of spirituality.

It’s important to note that we are spiritual beings having a human experience (and not the reverse). This is a paraphrasing of a famous quote credited to either French philosopher and priest Pierre Teilhard de Chardin or mystic Georges I. Gurdjieff. We are spirits inside of a human body experiencing life as humans. This is an important point to note and to contemplate. Contemplate this deeply to learn how to become more spiritually aware.

The genius in spirituality is its simplicity. It’s your time to become one with everything in your reality. It’s about surrendering to your higher purpose and shedding the cloak that has been ascribed to by society, your family, friends, colleagues. It’s about removing all expectations you have about yourself (and the expectations that others have placed on you) and giving over to your full existence. Spirituality is about becoming whole once again.

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What Spiritual Means

What does it mean to be spiritual? In order to answer the question, “What is Spirituality?”, we need to first understand what spiritual means. If spirituality is defined as a reconnecting with the Universe, God, and self, then being spiritual means that you either are an active participant in spirituality or on a spiritual journey with the aim at complete and total spiritual awakening, ascension, or enlightenment (illumination).

Being spiritual also means that you follow and adhere to the Universal Spiritual Principles (or Spiritual Law). Spiritual Law is alive and operating on all levels of our Universe, through all space, time, and dimensions. They are immutable, meaning that they cannot be overpowered by any other force in our Universe. All religions borrow Spiritual Law and Spiritual Law is the foundation of all religions, although, it is renamed and relabelled to separate itself from Universal Spiritual Truth.

A religious person will do what he is told no matter what is right.
A spiritual person will do what is right no matter what he is told.”

The true meaning of Spirituality is to reconnect with Spirit, God, The Infinite, Divine, or The Creator without outside help or assistance from any person, institution, or religious organization. All spirituality can be done on your own and this is the true distinction from religion. Although there are spiritual guides out there, the ultimate goal is to spiritually grow and develop where you no longer need a spiritual guide.

However, this is not the case when you align with a place of religious worship or dogma. If you feel you need a priest, rabbi, imam, or any other religious leader then you are no longer practicing spirituality, but have returned to a religion. Seeking guidance through a religion is not bad, but you will never receive the truth because you are always using an outside vessel or crutch to speak through someone.

Spirituality is a one-on-one relationship with God without the intervention or interference of a religion or religious dogma. Religion is constructed by requiring the member to use someone or something else in order to speak to God.

Spirituality is a solo adventure and you will know when you’ve reached the destination. With religion, you can never reach the destination because the religious leader will continually have you use your spiritual gifts to further their purpose, often doing this out of fear and using dogma to keep religious members afraid and into staying in their place of worship.

If you are spiritually inclined, you will not need outside help. You may ask for guidance from a spiritual teacher, but ultimately this spiritual teacher will push you to go on this journey on your own often through meditation. Some spiritually minded will be prompted and motivated on their own to travel a spiritual journey without the need for outside help. This is just as pure as asking for spiritual guidance from a teacher.

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What Is A Spiritual Teacher?

An authentic spiritual teacher can help you answer the “What is Spirituality?” question. True spiritual teachers come with a wealth of spiritual knowledge. Ultimately, the best spiritual instructors are the ones that have your best interests in mind. They will lead you down a path and you should feel and see real results early on in the mentorship.

Just like dating, not every spiritual coach and student relationship is the right match. This is where you will need to ‘feel out’ the spiritual teacher. Do you like how they speak, act, the topics they talk about, etc. For those in need of spiritual guidance

So what makes a good spiritual teacher? A good spiritual teacher will be able to help you reach new heights in spirituality. You will be able to reconnect with God as well as a new part of yourself. They will be able to offer you spiritual guidance and healing that you would not have experienced on your own or at least taken a long time to get there. Remember that your path is not their path. Although you can learn from them and their experiences, you will likely travel a completely different trajectory than other spiritual learners.

Why Do I Need A Spiritual Teacher?

Remember there are coaches that be long lasting or just for some small phase or stage of your life. You’ll know when it’s time to move on. Just as you have a variety of friends to support specific areas of your personality, (bookish friends, sports friends, shopping friends, travel buddies, political friends, car guys, fix it friends, techy friends, health nut friends, gym rat friends, etc.)

Understand when you undergo a personal journey, you are fundamentally changing yourself. Just as if you were to add a new habit or personal hobby to your life, it will change you. What happens inside you (internally) will ultimately change your world externally.

You are undergoing a vibrational shift. More often, you are traveling up the vibrational ladder, so lower vibrational things will fall out of your life: people, places, thoughts, friends, loved ones, etc. These will begin to change. Quantum shift, quantum realm.

How Do I Know If I’m Spiritual Versus Religious?

If you like exploring spirit on your own, by your own terms, then you are spiritual. If you prefer to have a guidebook, a priest, rabbi, imam, or a person to tell you which rules to follow, then you prefer religion. One is more limiting than the other.

People who are spiritual often found that their place of worship (church, synagogue, temple) no longer served them. They often have ‘turned away’ from their religion and opted to go on a spiritual quest on their own. This is admirable and the way that the Universe prefers.

You need to develop a connection to God on your own – not through a pre-set pre-scribed method that someone has forced upon you. Your family may disagree, mainly out of fear. Spirituality is solo pursuit. At times it may feel lonely. But once you ‘reach the heights’ of spirituality and you finally receive the answer you’re looking for, only then will know the true connection you have with spirit. You can only experience it on your own. You cannot do it through someone else. This is incredible freeing, but also very scary on the outset.

However, once you’ve explored all areas of religion on your own and realized how limiting it is, you have no other choice but to turn to spirituality because your heart, mind, body, and soul craves and requests it. You can only help but be pulled in that direction.

Spiritual Planes, Dimensions, and Densities

We need to address the several dimensions that exist in our Spiritual Universe. The spiritual realm is one that we can achieve in our thoughts, meditations, and dreams. Within them exist many planes of existence (also known as dimensions). Our current reality, the physical plane, is a part of the third dimension (3rd dimension). We are dimensional beings and our current dimension is this physical plane.

We have the ability to travel to other dimensions. When we sleep, we are automatically taken to higher dimensions. Sometimes we remember our experiences, while other times we will have no memory. We can also experience these dimensions through meditation, plant-based medicines or sacred plants or spirit plants (such as Ayahuasca, Huachuma (Ahuacoya or San Pedro), Peyote, Iboga) are enlightened, or dreams.

What is Spirituality?

Spirituality is a special solo journey we all must undertake. Follow the path is inside yourself to find deeper meaning and connection. It’s about understanding our feelings, values, and the world around us. Spirituality helps us feel more peaceful and purposeful.

Remember, spirituality means different things to different people. The important thing is to explore and discover what makes you feel more connected and alive. Whether you find your spirituality in meditation, in nature, or in your own thoughts, it will bring a sense of wonder and fulfillment to your life.

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