What Is Our Purpose On Earth?

Deep down we know that we are all here for a reason. But what is that reason? What is our purpose on Earth? The answer comes hidden in ancient wisdom and history.In short, our purpose on Earth comes with many missions. (1) One is very basic: Love and compassion. To connect and share using love, which is the most powerful force in the Universe. (2) The other is to learn and be a vessel for Divinity to experience Life. Yes, Infinite Intelligent needs humans to experience what it is like to be human.The answer to the question: “What Is Our Purpose On Earth?” is three-fold: to learn, to love, and to ascend (or transcend) “go beyond”. And to make matters more complicated, it needs to happen collaboratively. We all need to do this together. Easier said than done.Granted, humanity has been advancing throughout the ages by expanding through thought and spirit at its own pace. However, the need to ascend has grown in greater importance since 2012.

Root races, like the Lemurians and the Atlanteans, have given us somewhat of a head start. But the remainder of the responsibility rests with we humans. Entangled in the challenge of the Precession of the Equinoxes, our main purpose now is to evolve fully and fast enough to be able to reach the 5th density (5D).

F | L | A | T E | A | R | T | H

Yes, this is where we live! Is your mind blown, yet?

  • Stationary (not moving or spinning or rotating)
  • An even level plane (not a globe or sphere – AirPLANE, Sea LEVEL)
  • A domed sky – think of the top of a snow globe, where all of our stars, sun, moon, luminaries, celestial bodies – are contained



Do your homework and learn what the Earth truly is:

– Watch the Video “The Lost History of Flat Earth” – Search for it on Bitchute, Rumble, Odysee.com, or LBRY

– Watch videos from DITRH YouTube (Flat Earth Dave.com) channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/DITRH/videos


Humanity has a long and storied history on Earth. Hard to believe, but there was life, human life, before Earth. The Dogons, a tribe from the region we now call Mali, in Central Africa, state that humans are not from Earth. They declare that we descended from a nomadic space people that ended up on Earth to mine its resources.

What’s My Purpose On Earth?

Your Personal Life Purpose and Destiny

The North Node in your Zodiac (Astrological Chart) will tell you specifically what you purpose in this lifetime is. And of course, like any other challenge, fulfilling our life purpose does not come easily.

What Is Our Purpose On Earth? 1What Is Our Purpose On Earth? 2

To find out your purpose on Earth and for a deep dive into your North Node, read…

Astrology for the Soul
by Jan Spiller

The tenth house is also an area in your natal (birth chart) which will indicate what your public role in life is. This is more often a career which you’ll have a penchant and knack for as well as the public-facing side of you.

The Grand Experiment

Humankind is participating in an experiment, which is an extension of (2) – listed above. We are here to experience Life on behalf of Source (Divine Universal Intelligence). But there are a few rules that were specifically implements with Earth and the humans living on it.The first rule is a separation from Divine Intelligence (God). This is not a real separation, but a simulated one. It is the ‘forgetting’ that we have when we move from life to life. (If you’re reading this, you may have had the feeling or thought that you have lived more than one life. This is most likely true. But with each new life, we’re not allowed to fully remember the previous life. Only the penultimate lives before our last life.

“Elohim and the Founders re-negotiated to ensure that Human species evolution would continue but would be sealed off from the higher realms… Humans would have to clean up their mess to be allowed access to their Cosmic Families again. Our bodies were sealed off and we were separated from our 12 DNA consciousness, and this distortion to us created a separation between our antiparticle and particle selves, meaning we now experienced separation and duality.”

Renee, L. (2016). Root Races – Ascension Glossary. [online] Ascensionglossary.com. Available at: https://ascensionglossary.com/index.php/Root_Races [Accessed 17 Jan. 2020].


This ‘forgetting’ is a rule of the experiment. If we knew the previous life, we would have the answers to this life. It would be like cheating or having read the CliffsNotes to your current life.The separation from God is not permanent. It is a veil. You and I can connect to God any time we choose, through prayer or meditation. But evidence this experiment is working is the growing number of Atheists and Agnostics in the world. They believe (or don’t believe) that God exists. This is a part of the plan.So step 1 is separation from God. Make humans believe that God does not exist. The plan here is, “Let’s see if God’s children come back to him/her.” And many do through various religions and spiritual practices. But also, many don’t. And that’s okay because it’s all part of the Grand Experiment.Step 2 of the experiment is to give free will. Free will, meaning, “take off the shackles”. Let them roam free. You see, the rest of the Galaxy does not have free will. They are fully connected to the Universal Intelligence and operate by those rules.

So take these two elements: free will and separation and mix them together – what do we get? Well, take a look outside and notice our world.

But each and every day you have the gift of choosing what to do with your day and your life. If you know the answer to : “What’s my mission in life?” Then you’re even better off. We have to learn how to shift our mindset and redirect our purpose to help Earth and Earthlings ascend.

What is Our Purpose on Earth?
Different Views of Earth
What is our purpose on earth
The Earth is on a Public Stage within the Universe.

All other beings in the galaxy are watching earth. To them Earth is like FIFA or the Super Bowl. This is a big event that is taking place (of course over thousands of years.) 2012 was a big year because of what the Mayans had predicted would be the 3D falling away – and the rest of the world (earth) moving into the 5D, slowly.  Prime directive – non interference.

How To Discover Your Purpose On Earth

So how do you find your purpose on earth? Your purpose on earth is pre-determined before you incarnated. However, that does not mean it is set in stone. You can make free will decisions each day, hour, minute. Timelines change based on your everyday choices.

If you’ve been searching for the answer to, “How to discover my purpose on earth”, then you need to dig deep. What motivates you? Where do your skills lie? What gets you out of bed in the morning? If you’re still lost, then I invite you to begin a course of meditation. Only when you turn within, will you understand your without.

Steps To Finding Your Purpose

what is your purpose on earth?

What Is Our Purpose On Earth?

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