How To Meditate Daily For Beginners

How To Meditate Daily For Beginners

Meditation has skyrocketed in popularity in recent years because of the many benefits it provides to the mind, body, and soul. Many people use meditation for relaxing, de-stressing, and recuperating, while others use it to learn how to become more spiritually aware.If meditation is new to you, you’ll be happy to know this is the perfect time to adopt a meditation practice. For the freshman meditator, learning how to meditate daily for beginners results in a new outlook and fresh perspective of the world and of themselves.Never has there been a better time to adopt a spiritual guidance and healing practice through meditation. Those that choose happiness as a way of life, rather than temporary bliss, are using meditation as a reliable answer to the question: “What is the key to happiness?”. So how do you learn to love yourself again? Through a daily meditation practice. It allows you to learn how to shift your mindset while all the time remaining content.

What Is Meditation And How It Is Done?

Meditation is a method of aligning your spirit and soul by becoming connected with source energy. It’s not sleeping and it’s not being wide awake. It’s an intermediate state of mind that allows the meditator to be aware of their surroundings while also being tuned in to their internal state.While occupying this in-between frame of mind new insights and ideas come to light. Meditation offers a new set of fresh eyes allow the meditator to stretch and grow spiritually and as a human being.Meditation is like listening to the quiet being inside you. You wait for internal cues and messages. You clear away the noise and you reconnect to who you really are, who you were born to be. Some say they hear their inner child when they meditate. It enables a renewed connection with family, friends, nature, all without the outside world really knowing what’s happening.After meditating for several days or weeks, many people will comment on how you’ve changed. But they won’t be able to pinpoint why. You’ll also notice that you have changed, but so has the world around you. This is a great state to be in and a great way to learn how to meditate daily for beginners.

For those learning how to meditate daily for beginners, meditation is usually done while seated cross-legged (easy pose) on the floor (or ground, if you’re outside.) Typically, you can choose to do it with eyes open (zen buddhist or zazen) or eyes closed. Breathing is an important tool used in meditation. Measured respiration and controlling your breathing encompasses a large part of the practice.

Thoughts will come and go as you settle into your practice. How you maintain them is dependent on the type of meditation you subscribe to. Typically, the fewer the thoughts the better. But it’s not a hard and fast rule. For those looking for guided instruction on how to meditate daily for beginners, please view our video, Introduction to Meditation.

What Is The Purpose Of Meditation?

The purpose of meditation is to restore a previously lost connection with yourself and reunite with your soul. It’s a way to reconnect after having been disconnected for so long. As we grow into adulthood, smart (mobile) phones, media, a 9-to-5 job, and other pressures of life separate us from who we truly are. Meditation allows us reset and reconnect.Many practice daily meditation and reflection in order to relax and detach from the outside world and the stresses of life. Meditation is a great method to recharge oneself at any point of time in the day (or night). Rather than relying on outside stimulants (or depressants), meditation offers a great substitute to over the counter products or even the casual espresso drink. Many who rely on their “morning coffee” can use meditation as an alternative. Plus, meditation is free and will certainly cut down on the coffee expense.Meditation can also be used a metaphysical instrument or mechanism with which to download and transfer wisdom from Infinite Intelligence, Divinity, Source, or Oneness (also referred to as “God”). Meditation treats your spirit to a much needed realignment of mind, body, and soul. This divine communication provides insight to us, the world, and the Universe.Some people are finely tuned to Universal communication. Angels, passed loved ones, spirit beings, and others speak to us often seeking to help us. But many cannot hear the messages, which may come in many forms. Psychics and mediums are naturally tuned in. However, the average person can also tune in by leveraging the gifts that meditation gives us.

Overall, you can apply meditation for whatever you see fit. There is no one way to use meditation. If you’d like to use meditation for any of the above (or none of the above), it’s fully up to you. Meditation offers you control that you cannot receive from plant medicines or psychedelic therapy. Although, with much practice you can achieve the same states of mind as entheogens by only using meditation.

What Are The Benefits Of Meditation?

Meditation offers numerous benefits which have been scientifically and medically proven. Simply search online and you’ll find a multitude of studies on the benefits of meditation. Rewiring and strengthening neural pathways in the brain, a sense of calm and peace, a re-prioritization of what’s really important in life, and healing (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual).A large benefit of meditation is reestablishing a sense of who you are. The childlike optimism we had during our youth is often lost as we go into adulthood. And as we look back at our childhood, it’s a strange and foreign feeling. We know that happiness is a choice, but during childhood happiness was a way of life. So what happened between then and now? Somehow we lost our way. And we need to find our way back. Meditation allows us to do this.Renewed focus is another great benefit of meditation. Those learning how to meditate daily for beginners will see a difference in how they interact with their world. When it comes to studying, participating in conversations with loved ones, or long-term concentration, the ability to focus to will become easier.

Although, our world is filled with distractions that rob us of our much needed attention, we can reclaim some of it back through meditation. The attention economy thrives on our ability to consume information. We need a method to retrieve and redeem our focus and meditation allows us to do so.

There are a lot of intangible advantages that come with meditation. Some would say the benefits are difficult to explain or, “you know when you see it.” The only real way to find out is to try meditation for yourself. You’ll need at least 5 consecutive days (in a row) of meditation to see the changes it makes on your life. For many, it’s the light at the end of the tunnel. For others, it’s a journey. And for the rest it’s a lifestyle.

Does Meditation Really Work?

Meditation has skyrocketed in popularity mainly because it works! There are volumes of scientific studies and evidence that proves the positive effects of meditation. Because of the widespread acceptance of meditation, many people are also experiencing spiritual awakening, awareness, ascension, and enlightenment. Many experience a reunion of soul, spirit, heart, and mind.Provided you put in the time and effort it deserves, yes, meditation really works. Don’t expect it to work overnight, especially if you’ve (1) never meditated before (2) been living a completely fast-paced and demanding daily schedule. Meditation requires that you slow down to a near snail-like rate. If you can imagine a life where you earnestly devote taking 10 minutes first thing in the morning to meditate and reflect, you will experience a noticeable difference throughout the rest of your day.

The profound effects you’ll witness from meditation are subtle and measured. You’ll realized more moderate tempered existence. Your awareness elevates and you can take in (absorb) more without having to make a concerted effort to do so. The many benefits come packaged in other gifts. Some may think its mundane. But you will learn to love and respect the beauty in the mundane.

The realization of universal consciousness is another beneficial side effect of meditation. For the newbie learning how to meditate daily for beginners, a reconnection with the collective Infinite Intelligence is a marvelous benefit that many take for granted. Ancient civilizations have been practicing meditation since the beginning of man on Earth.And they have benefited with this close relationship with Mother Earth (nature) and the ancients. With a regular meditation practice, you, too, can experience what the ancient tribes have. For more information on man’s real reason for and the story behind our existence, please read our post: “What Is Our Purpose On Earth?”.

Why You Should Meditate Daily

The real benefits of daily meditation come from the consistency. Meditating every other day or casually whenever you remember or “feel like it” is not going to provide you real results. The benefit comes from the discipline and routine. Same time of day. Same location (place). Same posture. Same method. Carving out a daily and habitual meditation practice will give you profound and deeply beneficial effects.

Perfect practice makes perfect.

— Vince Lombardi (head coach of the Green Bay Packers)

The importance of meditation rests in its ability to be a great pacifier. We become less reactive and more compassionate, not only with ourselves, but also our fellow peers, colleagues, friends, family, pets and strangers. We’re able to easily step into the pace of life and not feel frazzled or stressed out. Meditation offers smoothing mitigating effect throughout our day.There are many different reasons to meditate daily. Because of our busy and distracting lifestyles, we have strategically (and unknowingly) isolated a part of ourselves for a long period of time. In order to recover, rebuild, and repair the relationship we have with ourselves, we need to invest adequate time mending that relationship through meditation.For as long we’ve been disconnected, it will take a minimum of daily practice to reestablish our spiritual bond and inner spirit. Through a regular practice of meditation you can begin to get in touch with parts of yourself that you so often dismissed or ignored. You can become whole again through meditation.

How To Meditate Daily

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How Long Should You Meditate Daily?

Rule of thumb – meditate until you feel a sense of peace.

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How To Meditate Daily For Beginners

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