What Is The Key To Happiness?

What Is The Key To Happiness?

Some say, “Happiness is the key to life.” But then, “What is the key to happiness?” Is there a secret behind happiness? The key to happiness is a combination of many things: Life Purpose, Fulfillment, Peace, Balance, and Health. However, the biggest factor in all of these is Love. Love is the true secret to living a complete life and well-rounded rife with contentment. We must not forget that the key to happiness is love.

The effects of this love starts with self-love and extends out to the rest of humankind and the universe. All souls need love. Love is the key to life. We need love to exist and to continue to survive. Love makes the world (and the universe) go ‘round. Love is the strongest force in the Universe. Remember that happiness is a choice. Love is an involuntary reflex. It’s like breathing. We can’t help but partake in the process.

What Is Happiness And How Can We Achieve It?

Happiness is living at a level where you welcome life each and every day. Being truly happy means that you wake up with zest and are fueled with enthusiasm to greet the world and see what it has in store for you. True happiness comes from within, not without.

Moreover, you see the joy of living and understand life as a gift. You realize that each day is a blessing and accept all the twists and turns life has to offer. There is nothing inherently bad, just the perception. Once you understand that life is all about perception, you’ll see that you can conquer any obstacle, overcome any fear, and truly “suck out all the marrow of life”.

Happiness is going to be different for every person. What satisfies you or me may not satisfy the next person. So beware of trying to “keep up with the joneses” when it comes to happiness. Choose happiness. But choose your happiness. Emulating other people may have the opposite effect on your aspiration to become happy. It could send you into a downward spiral of envy and jealousy. As long as you can create your happiness internally and not be dependent on what others do or say, you’ll be able to achieve happiness by setting your own rules.

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What Is The Key To True Happiness?

The key to true happiness is full alignment with your true purpose in life. Some might call it enlightenment. Some might call it spiritual awareness or ascension. But coming to grips with your raison d’être is the key to true happiness. Being at one with the world around you as well as being content with your life’s purpose will provide you will the will to take on the world every day for the rest of your lifetime. Once you figure this out, you’re happiness meter will soar!

Often times people are lost as to how to find their purpose. This does require dedicated time to sitting and just doing nothing. This is hard for some because of the various distractions that we tolerate and accept in our lives. Smartphones. Social Media. Internet Videos. Gabbing over the phone. Cutting out the senseless noise in your life will do wonders for finding your true purpose and for finding your happy place. Make a point to do this at least once a day. The more time you can spend by yourself, with no distractions, the more at peace you will become.

What do you by yourself? Meditation is a great way to make use of your ‘quiet time’. You can watch a free 45 min Introduction to Meditation video here. It will go into detail as to how to meditate (if you’re a beginner). If you know of someone that is in desperate need of learning how to mediate, please share it with them. Giving the gift a meditation is a gift that lasts a lifetime – and beyond!

What Is The Key To Happiness In Life?

Self-fulfillment is the key to happiness in life. The more you can create your happiness, independent of what’s around you, or what you own, or who you have in your life, the better off you are. Relying on a partner to make you happy is dangerous. Because think about it – what if they leave? You’ve placed all this stock and energy into having a partner that makes you happy. If they’re gone (or decide to leave), then what are you left with? It’s crucial that you learn to be happy on your own.

Learning to be happy solo is an ironic event. Once you learn true happiness through independence, the law of attraction will start to take place and you’ll attract more happy people into your life. Because you are beaming with happiness, like attracts like. So then more happy people emerge and slide into your life.

Are Friends The Key To Happiness?

Unfortunately, having a group of friends is not the key to happiness. Having a close group of friends is always great. A solid coterie of people that you can rely on and who support you is always a good thing. Human beings are social animals and socialization is key to human existence. But it isn’t the key to happiness.

Happiness is built on a solid foundation of what’s inside you, not what surrounds you or what is in your environment (this includes your friends or social circle). Many people think that learning how to attract wealthy friends will also help ease the pain. But it only serves as a temporary solution. You’ll start to compare yourself to them. And this is a recipe for disaster. The goal should always be to become happy on your own, through your own volition and free will, rather than depend on others to make you happy.

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Why Is Love The Key To Happiness?

Love is the most powerful force in the universe. It is also the one unifying force in the universe. You can find it in every corner of the Universe, on all dimensions, in all incarnations, in all modes of time (past, present, future), and in all degrees. Love is the key to happiness because without it we could not function. There are several scientific studies that have covered the need for affection, intimacy, and how neglect and deprivation of love can adversely affect a child or adult human being.

In other words, love is normal. A lack of love is abnormal. Human beings are social animals. We need love to exist, to feel valued, and to feel worthy. A lot of this is learned. But often it is not emphasized in the lifetime of many children (and adults!) Self-love is key. Self-love comes from learning to be loved by another, often a parent (or adult figure).

Not everyone can achieve the level of love straight away. It’s sometimes hard to love. Learning how to love again is a bridge too far for some. However, you can climb the Emotional Vibrational Color Chart by starting at your current emotion and using gratitude to scale upward. If you’re unfamiliar, know that gratitude is the best attitude to attain when trying to achieve love. Use gratitude to leverage your emotions. Learn how to be grateful and watch how your emotions turn from indifference to full of love.

What is the key to happiness?

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