How To Shift Your Mindset

How To Shift Your Mindset

Learning how to shift your mindset is vital skill necessary for survival in this ever-changing hi-tech information age. Changing your mindset can be the difference between a leader and a follower, an amateur and a professional, or an employee and an entrepreneur. A radical shift in mindset can be the crucial turn you take from a stay at home hobby to a multi-million dollar idea! In order to undergo a major mindset shift you need to be flexible and open.

The hardest part about a significant mental transition is breaking old habits and adopting new better more productive systems. It sometimes requires you to be fearless and take a chance. Our world is full of puzzling contradictions and baffling phenomenon. But with a positive mindset shift, you can make a serious impact on your life, become a more influential, grow into bold new you!

What Is A Mindset Shift?

A mindset shift is a change in personal perception. Once you shift your mindset, you experience profound change and see the world in a completely different light. A fundamental mindset change allows you to be completely transformed. Out with the old, in with the new. Think of it as a form of spring cleaning. After you’re done, you have a whole new space and you’re not able to truly see what the many possibilities are. For a clearer perspective on what takes place during a mindset shift, read our post titled: “How Does the Subconscious Mind Work?

Benefits And Advantages Of A Mindset Shift

The benefits of a mindset shift (or a paradigm shift) is that it gives you the advantage of utilizing more of the tools that you have been gifted. If you were stuck in a rut and couldn’t figure out a problem or dilemma, a mindset shift allows you to see beyond and witness an entirely new realm of possibilities. It goes to show that the phrase, “Change your mindset, change your life” is true to form.

Why Shift Mindset?

Every day we are presented with opportunities to shift mindset. However, many people react strongly to a mindset shift and perhaps may resist. Often people are intimidated by new ideas or perhaps even frustrated with ‘the work’ of having to adopt a new frame of mind.

The only way to smoothly shift a mindset is to constantly prepare your yourself for such an interaction. “Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.” By granting yourself the opportunity to generate new ideas and accept new philosophies are you able to fully embrace what life has to offer. New experiences. New thoughts. New outlooks.

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When To Shift Mindset

Most individuals are unprepared for a mindset shift because it often occurs when we least expect it. But alas, mindset shifts await us all the more. Often mindset adjustments occur when we don’t see it coming. Although, it can be argued that they’re most effective when nerves are settled and gotten a chance to reassemble our manifesting thoughts.

The best time to shift mindset is when you’ve had time to mull over the options and potential outcomes. Changing your mindset at breakneck speed doesn’t help anyone. Usually it’s too quick to allow you the luxury of exploring possibilities. Time permitting, leave yourself room to ruminate and give yourself permission to be wrong. Mistakes are a key indication that it is time to let a mindset shift take place, for the better.

How To Change Your Mindset

So how do you shift your mindset? Be a good listener and observer. By paying attention and hearing from those that have encountered your dilemma before, you will be better equipped to make a mindset shift. If you’re still stuck, seek counsel. The advice of a trusted friend, associate, or subject matter expert can help reveal a new universe of ideas and thoughts.

Lastly, practice opening up emotionally and breaking down those internal walls that prevent us from truly internalizing (consuming and digesting) the information is a game changer. People run away from what’s unfamiliar, uncomfortable, and what feels unsafe. This is often an overreaction to vulnerability. Over correcting with overprotection can be detrimental to an organic mindset shift.

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What Is The Best Way To Shift Mindset?

Each person is wired differently, especially when it comes to how they think and how their minds work. Therefore it would be impossible to prescribe a method for every one person and have it work equally and as effectively. However, we can offer various methods and approaches to try and find the best way to shift mindset.

Best Ways To Shift Mindset

It’s time to learn how to shift your mindset. Below are a few strategies and tools to shift mindset:

Travel – Taking a trip provides an opportunity to step outside of one’s normal routine. Different places. Different vistas. Different foods. The best way to shift mindset is to spend time in a foreign country, especially one where you don’t speak the same language. It may sound scary, but traveling by yourself is the best way to speed up a mindset shift.

By going at it alone, you remove all the crutches and all the methods you would normally fall back on in your time of need. Taking away what is familiar forces the mind to open and to discover new avenues. “A stranger in a strange land” isn’t a bad thing to be when it comes to shifting mindsets.

Reading – Read books outside of your field of expertise (start a book club)

Taking a class – Often you can explore new realms without having to leave town. In a classroom environment, you can practice mindset shifts in a safe space with a trained instructor who’s been in your shoes before. It is highly recommended that you sign up for an improv comedy class. If you’re wondering, “Why?” – then you’ll find your answer is at the end of Class 1. Online classes are great to learn, but not so great for full-bodied mindset shift because you’re in the comfort of your own home. Get out there and meet new people!

Mastermind mind groups –  (as recommended in Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich)

Try a new hobby

Play with puzzles and board games – Although, this could be a solitary pursuit, it is recommended that you play a challenging game like chess, or Monopoly. It affords you human interaction and you’ll likely learn a lot about yourself in the interim.

Attend conferences, events, and festivals – This is especially fun if you attend an event for hobbyists or trade show events that you don’t have a knack, skill, or passion for. For example: Comic book convention, Real Estate Investing, Food & Wine Festival, Medieval Festival, Toy Fair, etc.

Cities like Las Vegas, New York, and San Diego (the convention city) often hold conventions year round. Be sure to look up the local convention centers in these towns (or a town near you) to what upcoming events are taking place. Often they are low-cost and very interesting to attend, especially as an observer.

Start and complete a long-term project – Starting a new venture can be wholly intimidating. It requires coming up with an idea (something that will keep you stimulated and curious throughout the lifetime of the project), creating a plan (which requires patience and organization. Remember, “If you don’t make a plan, then plan to fail.” And, of course, follow-through and pushing the limits of your mind as well as staying motivated throughout the duration of your project.

Always keep in mind that it’s okay to pivot or change plans in the middle of execution. Just don’t stop. Obstacles are inherent in the process and where you will the great opportunity for mindset change. It doesn’t feel good to be frustrated and blocked. But the moment you decide to continue, that’s where the biggest changes will take place – and you’ll be glad you did!

Build, create, or invent something – This could be an art project or a gadget (or app) that solve a problem. The more people you can help, the bigger the payoff.

Meditate, especially when facing an issue you cannot solve immediately. If you’ve ever wondered, “Does visualization work?”, try it during a meditation session.

During all of this time, be sure to keep a journal. You can relive your mindset shift at the end of the year by re-reading your journal entries and seeing what you’ve accomplished.

How to Shift Your Mindset

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