How Positive Thinking Changes Your Life

How Positive Thinking Changes Your Life

Positive thinking can alter your life direction in numerous ways, especially in an unexpected fashion. Opening yourself up to optimism allows more fortunate outcomes to occur, ones that were previously closed off because of constrained and narrow-minded thinking. The method of how positive thinking changes your life is through opening up pathways and creating permutations (possible outcomes) that weren’t likely or feasible within the prior mindset.We walk through life with millions of thoughts. Unbeknownst to many of us, we are deeply influenced by media messaging and our environment (workplace, family, friends, etc.). Often these messages are negatively charged and don’t benefit it us. These adverse thoughts are actually harmful, do us a disservice by working against our primary motivations. With all of these outside influences, it’s important to learn how positive thinking changes your life for the better.Changing your life through positive thinking is one of the safest and most pleasurable ways of making a course correction. Plus, you have the added benefit and confidence in knowing that every new experience and opportunity that presents itself is going to be something that puts a smile on your face.

Can Thinking Positively Improve Your Life?

children we were programmed to think positively and optimistically about each and every day. We met each day with cheer and great expectations. Life was for the living! Make hay while the sun shines. Carpe diem!However, over time, as we get older, we begin to mimic our environment. Our parents and elders. Our friends and fellow peers. Our schoolmates and work colleagues. Many people have been programmed to only focus on the negative throughout their lives on this Earth. It is your job to constantly work at thinking optimistically.We are heavily bombarded by harmful and negative media messaging, this includes social media. When was the last time you viewed positive news? And if you did, it was quickly followed up by something negative. This is by design, so as to keep you fearful and in a negative state. After some time, we get used to being in a fearful state and happiness and positivity actually start to feel uncomfortable.The Universe only responds to two emotions: Love and Fear. If you’re not experiencing one, then you’re definitely living in the other. This is where you need to take your life back. If you are living with fear (and this includes: anger, sadness, apathy, anxiety, grief, pride, guilt, shame), then you are vibrating at a lower state and will have difficulty attracting anything positive.However if you know how positive thinking changes your life, then you’ll know that vibrating at a level of unconditional Love, it will completely turnaround your life. Love includes: joy, peace, happiness, optimism, forgiveness, bliss, trust, serenity.When you’re in a positive state, you attract positive. People in your life will tend to be positive and you will be drawn to positive people. Those people make a point to be upbeat in a downbeat world. It’s very easy to get caught up in the negative messaging. But again, happiness is a choice. You need to choose happiness every day. It needs to be become habit.

Does Thinking Positively Make A Difference?

If you understand how positive thinking changes your life is by rewriting the software that’s in your mind, then you know you have the ability to see the world from an entirely new vantage point simply by reprogramming the software. It can have a Matrix-like effect in your worldview. You become more empowered. You realize that life really does respond to your will and you have control at your fingertips.It’s important to understand how positive thinking changes your life because it’s all dependent upon your ability to stop, reevaluate, and course correct. The more self-aware you are and the more you can recognize the source of your thoughts (and your actions), the more you’ll be able to put an end to the negative wiring and replace it with positive.

You can draw a parallel to the butterfly effect (chaos theory) or if you can imagine a quantum-level domino effect. Think of Newton’s Third Law of Motion, “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

“For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

— Sir Isaac Newton (1642 – 1726/27)

It’s also follows the Spiritual Law of Karma (or the Spiritual Law of Cause and Effect). What you put out there, if it’s positive, will come right back to you. If you put negative out there into the world, then that will come back to you. Another great reason to keep your thoughts set to positive, always!Karma is best described as a spiritual boomerang. You may throw it as hard and as fast as possible, but it’s going to come back in equal speed and form. Just make sure what you throw into the world is good, pure, and true, because that is what is awaiting you when it returns.

How Does Positive Thinking Affect Your Life And Decisions?

Your current life, everything you’ve attracted into it: your friends, your job, your family, the neighborhood you live in, your social life, all of it was because of the frequency you are vibrating from. So if the vibration scale goes from 1 to 1000, and you’re at a 300, then you’re only going to attract 300 level items, people, events, etc. into your life.If you change your thinking and level up your thinking to be highly positive and engaging, let’s say at a level 800, then you’ll begin to attract other 800-level things in your life. If you’re unhappy at 300, then anything above it will be an improvement. So you can only imagine what your life will be like at 800.So all the choices you make, all the people that are drawn to you (and you are attracting into your life), all the opportunities that open up for you, are all at the level of thinking you’re currently resonating (vibrating at). If you make the effort and spend the time to change the level of thinking to something much more positive, you begin to magnetically attract those 800-level experiences in your life.The above is just an example of how positive thinking affects your life. You’ll discover several new ways below and of course once begin experimenting with positivity on your own. Remember, you attract what you’re ready for.

Benefits Of Positive Thinking

People who make a decision to be positive are able to take advantage of the many benefits of optimism. Below is a short list of how positive thinking can change your life.

  1. Never disappointed by the outcome. 
  2. Have the confidence of knowing the Universe is always working on their behalf
  3. Life becomes easier.
  4. Luck is on their side and positive thinkers tend to be more lucky.

Once you begin to make the switch from pessimistic to optimistic, you’ll begin to notice how positive thinking changes your life. After you reset your mindset to thinking positively, you’ll never go back to thinking negatively again.

How To Use Positive Thinking To Change Your Life

The key rule to learning how to be a positive thinker is to remain optimistic at every turn. In order to have a positive outlook in life, you’ll need to learn how to shift your mindset. Expect the best at all times. If you’ve ever asked yourself, “How does the subconscious mind work?” you’ll find out that it only can work with the input that you give it.If you provide it with positive input, it will return to you positive results, even if they don’t seem as convenient as you expected. So then, “What is the key to happiness?” Being committed to being happy at all times, even when life gives you a not so great start. You know the phrase: “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

How To Increase Positive Thinking In Your Life

How To Think More Positively About Yourself

Thinking positively about yourself requires that you love yourself. And “How do you learn to love yourself again?” Well, there are a few lessons to learn here. First is you’ll need to learn how to attract love energy into your life. Then you’ll need to learn how to be grateful and appreciative.

How Positive Thinking Changes Your Life

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