How To Become More Spiritually Aware

How To Become More Spiritually Aware

At some point in time our lives we begin to wonder about life and beyond. Often there is a dire need for spiritual guidance and healing. There are a ton of religious resources available, which then begs the question of spirituality versus religion. (That’s for another time.)However, if you’ve started a personal quest of how to become more spiritually aware, then you’ll find that there are many avenues to take and many bridges to cross. Plus, there are many signs the Universe will give you, such as signs of manifestation, which you’ll want to follow – and should!The key to spiritual growth and development lies in the seeker’s ability to respond to spiritual cues (both internal and external). Recognizing signs and then acting on them is a skill like any other. True mastery requires patience and practice. Of course, this is all a part of the “how to become more spiritually aware” process.Remember that all of the events that occur in your day-to-day life occurred because of the time spent consciously or subconsciously manifesting thoughts. Those thoughts took some time to propagate, germinate, and then flow down to our reality. Moreover, acknowledging that spirituality is lacking in your life is the first crucial step in your spiritual journey.

What is Spiritual Awareness?

So what does it mean to be spiritually aware? Spiritual awareness is the merging of two worlds: Your world (the one you’re living in now) and the spiritual world (the one that you’re wondering about and hoping to receive insight from). Your awareness is your ability to tap into the spiritual world and receiving insights, knowledge, and guidance from it. It’s more than just gut instinct. It’s a deep spiritual connection.

What Is Spiritually Aware? By developing spiritual focus, you get clues that those who are not aware are missing out on. It’s very much like the movie, The Matrix, and the main character’s choice of red pill or blue pill. (If you haven’t seen the movie, then you must because it’s a massive influence on our society today.)

How To Become More Spiritually Aware
There are those that want to take the red pill and have their world’s open. The red pill people know that there’s more to life. They know that they do more and be more. They know they can be more connected to others, beyond the everyday five senses. They seek out a spiritual connection with their friends, pets, nature, deceased loved ones (ancestors), angels, aliens, celestial bodies, and god!Then there are those that want to continue life the way it is by swallowing the blue pill. They continue letting the media, social media, and internet memes block their connection. Think about it. If you spend all your time on your smartphone (mobile), what time do you have to connect with those around you? ¯_(ツ)_/¯And trust us when we say that there are beings out there ready to connect – only if you’re ready and available to open up to them. (Fair warning: Always say a prayer to connect to beings of light and those that want to help, rather than the opposite. You’ll thank us for that!)
How To Become More Spiritually Aware

Why Is Spiritual Growth Important?

The importance of spiritual growth and development is paramount to the progress of the human species. Our proverbial lights have been dimmed for so long that it’s time for the rest of us to increase amperes and wake up.Spiritual enlightenment. Spiritual consciousness. Spiritual awareness. Spiritual alignment. And finally spiritual ascension! The more of us that are ‘on-board’ and ‘get it’, the better off humanity is. We have a lot of work to do to move the planet earth from the 3rd dimension (3D) to the 5th dimension (5D).

“In the turning of one age to another, in this period of transition from Pisces to Aquarius, comes an opportunity for mass ascension. This can only be accomplished by those who have served selflessly through many lifetimes, who have endeavored to return consciously to a connection with the Divine Spark that lives within all beings of natural origin. There is also an opportunity for the planet as a whole to ascend, which is occurring now, a process which opens the opportunity for souls of higher vibration to incarnate upon the planet there to experience physical life.”

— From Trillia Gia, The Starseed Highway

In essence, spiritual growth is important to help all of humankind elevate and ascend. It’s no coincidence that you came across this article. You are a part of the spiritual army. You are a spiritual warrior. The more people that are curious about their existence and asking the question: “What is our purpose on Earth?”, the more spiritual warriors that are breaking rank and spreading the good message. The more people that are meditating and raising and elevating their vibration, the more that are spiritually connected and taking part in our spiritual evolution within universal consciousness.

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What Are The Benefits Of Spiritual Growth?

Outside of becoming a greater part of universal consciousness, there are seemingly a series of benefits of spiritual growth. Spiritual growth development add layers to your existence and reality. These layers you’ll be able to recognize after having enough exposure to them.You’ll be able to make better decisions by relying on instinct and intuition. You’ll be able to call on outside white light beings for help. You’ll begin to shed old, stodgy ways of life and grow into new advantageous habits. You’ll see negative energies that were one holding you back fall away. They will be replaced by new positive energies: new positive friends, pets, colleagues. Old structures will have to come down to make room for new better institutions in your life.The best way to attract the right things in your life is when you’re in alignment and once you’ve learned how to become more spiritually aware. For example, if you’d like to use the law of attraction for love, then the best way to find your soulmate is to level up your spiritual awareness. You can do this once you’re fully clear and familiar with how to attract love energy.Ask yourself:  What does it mean to manifest your dreams? This is where spiritual growth and awareness can give you an advantage. You’ll know instinctively how to visualize your dream life and finally make it happen! Deliberate creation will be a cinch after you’ve experience true spiritual growth.If you’re trying to find out what is the key to happiness, learning how to become more spiritually aware can certainly help you narrow down what makes you truly happy. Remember that happiness is a choice and if you look for it, you’ll find it. Knowing how to be grateful also helps this mission.

Keys To Spiritual Growth

Openness – It’s important that you be receptive and open to what messages may come your way. You may be shocked at what you feel, hear, think. You may be surprised by what enters your life (physically and spiritually). In any case, be open. Don’t shut things out because they are strange and new. Be open to these new ideas and emotions. Give them the time and respect they deserve. Your openness is a key step toward spiritual growth.

Vulnerability – Some of the changes that may occur will feel strange, unusual. You may be facing issues that you once repressed. You may encounter emotions that make you uncomfortable. All of these need to occur for you to move forward, so that you can learn how to become more spiritually aware. This is normal and you’ll need to be okay with being vulnerable. Vulnerability may be a huge obstacle for most as we spend most of our lives behind giant walls. Make an effort to be vulnerable and you’ll be all that much closer to spiritual awareness.

Listening – Often we generate many thoughts in our head throughout the day. These thoughts are usually very distracting and not productive. This is why mindfulness became a common practice as of late. However, after clearing away the mental chatter and if we spend the time to really listen, we will be amazed at what comes through. Listening is a key component of communication (“Two ears. One mouth.”)

“The reason why we have two ears and only one mouth is that we may listen the more and talk the less.”

— Zeno of Citium (334 BC – 262 BC)

Upbeat disposition – It’s important to have a boundless sense of positivity. For many, as they pass through the spiritual journey of how to become more spiritually aware, there will be wild swings of emotions. Low lows and high highs. At some point, this will level out. But when you’ve reached those lows, you’ll need a reliable method to pull you out of the downward spiral. Making a practice of remaining upbeat and positive will pay off in dividends as you progress through your spiritual journey.Mindset Shift – Spiritual growth and development requires a shift in mindset. Once you learn how to shift your mindset, you’ll be able to see the world, the universe, and your place in it from a completely different level.

How To Become More Spiritually Aware

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