How To Visualize Your Dream Life

In today’s modern, fast-paced world, learning how to visualize your dream life requires patience and practice. As we become more spiritually aware, especially due to the popularity of the law of attraction, we realize that we have more control over our existence than we ever thought possible. We recognize life isn’t random and that we are wholly responsible for our reality.

Learning how to visualize your dream life involves pulling thoughts into your existence and make them real. In short, create your goals, imagine how they will emerge in your life, and then take a step back and let the reality take shape.  At some point, we realize that we all need a lesson on how to visualize our dreams.

Ask yourself: “Are You Living Your Dream Life?” For many, this is a clear moment in time which can be a pivotal turning point from a purposeless meandering existence to living in alignment with your soul’s destiny. But how do you adjust and make that crucial shift? How do you cross that chasm? Is it possible to learn how to visualize your dreams and manifest dreams into reality? Yes, it is. However, it requires preparation and developing a positive habitual daily training.

What Is Your Dream Life?

In its simplest form, your dream life should be the world you yearn to live in every day. It should contain all of your hopes, wishes, wants, and desires. It should be a life you seek to fulfill and carry out. It is complete and absolute bliss. Ask yourself, “What Is Your Biggest Dream In Life?” or “What Is Your Greatest Dream In Life?”. The answers to these questions will define your ideal world and bring you closer to living your dream. Have a think. Reflect on it and chew on it a bit.

After some thought, you’ll begin to formulate a clearer picture of what you truly want and finally discover how to visualize your dream life. After which, you’ll be able to visualize your dreams and goals and eventually learn how to create your dream life. So ask yourself, “What Is Your Ultimate Dream In Life?” and help you learn how to visualize what you want by uncovering the secret of how to visualize clearly and how to visualize effectively to live out your dreams.

What Does Your Dream Life Look Like?

After having spent some time fantasizing about your dream life, it’s time to begin drawing a picture (figuratively or literally) of what your dream life looks like. Again, ask yourself, “What Is My Dream Life?”. Be sure to think of all the scenarios: at work, at home, on vacation, with family, while traveling, with your partner, with your lover, in your company or business, etc.

how to visualize your dream life

Think of your ideal day. Where do you wake up each morning? What is your day like? What is the weather like outside? Are you greeted each morning by children, by pets, or by both? Do you live in a lively household or a quiet minimalist sanctuary? What is your first thing you do each day? All of the above should be enjoyable events in your life. If you have otherwise, you have the power to edit, correct it, and start the dream over again.

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How To Write Your Dream Life

Once you’ve crafted your new dream life, begin to write down the first ideas that come to mind. This is how to design your dream life. By writing it down, you’re taking it from the spiritual, astral, etheric realm and pulling into your reality, the physical realm. This takes time. The law of attraction has to pass through many levels (or many spiritual planes) for it to work and manifest in the physical plane (our world).

How To Design Your Dream Life

Be able to describe your dream life. In order to understand how to manifest your dream home, you’ll need to begin by learning to visualize your dream your dream house. The same goes for how to visualize dream job, how to manifest your dream job, or how to manifest dream career.

Perhaps, you’re hoping to lose weight or you want to be in peak condition for a marathon. Then you’ll want to know how to visualize your dream body. Maybe you want to fit in your favorite dress again so you can go out on that perfect date, then you’ll want to work on how to manifest your dream relationship. All of these teach how to visualize your dreams into reality.

Designing your dream life will take time because you’ll need to focus on the specifics. Often there are too many goals to focus on. So in that case, choose the one goal that would have the greatest impact in your life. Is it more money? A better home? To be more physically fit? Find the perfect dream goal and make it a priority. Don’t let any excuse get in the way. Be fiercely selfish when it comes to this one goal. And then go after it! Make a plan, follow a schedule, and watch how the results come faster than you expected.

How To Imagine Your Dream Life

When asked to be imaginative, often people have difficulty with fantasy and make-believe. For many, they haven’t had the opportunity to fully use their imaginations since they were children. Adulthood isn’t very forgiving when it comes to having an irreverent, childlike imagination. I suppose if you work in a creative field. But not many of us have that privilege. Learning how to shift your mindset from serious adult to playful youngster requires awareness and getting in touch with our inner child and becoming our own best friend–again!

Well, now you have an excuse to begin imagining in order to conceive and develop a glorious new dream life. Imagination is another word we can use to describe visualization. Visualization is the art and craft of forming images in your mind, but also sensing the items you’re imagining.

For example: Close your eyes and imagine a tennis ball in your hand. You can feel the fuzzy felt as you rotate the ball within your palm. You can feel the crevices and lines around the ball. You can also squeeze and grip it and feel the pressurized air within the ball. As you bring the ball close to your nose, you can smell the material it was manufactured with – perhaps the manufacturing smells, too! What does the ball sound like when you bounce and catch it against the floor or wall?

Now open your eyes. You don’t have a ball in your hand, but you felt all the sensations of what is like to feel the ball in your hand. You also may have added some color to see what the ball looked like, while your eyes were closed. All of this entails visualization. It’s not just visually what you see, but visualization entails what you feel, smell, and any other sense that you would use to recreate an item (tennis ball) in your reality. So if you’ve been wondering, “Does Visualization Work?”, you now have your answer. Yes, it does work. As with any new skill, with time, patience, and practice you’ll learn how to become a manifesting master.

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How To Attract Your Dream Life

This is where emotions come into play. Gratitude is the best attitude when it comes to conjuring emotions for the attraction-manifestation process.  In order to apply the law of attraction step-by-step, you’ll need to break down the process of manifesting into two parts:

(1) Defining what you want and communicating that to Universe.

(2) Pulling the item (want, wish, goal, desire) to you (and into your reality) by attaching both sensations and emotions to that which you want or desire. This takes some mental dexterity, but it is possible and will work if practiced regularly.

So for example, let’s say you’re placing an order at a restaurant. On the menu is a list of various dreams, desires, wants, etc. You’ll need to choose something from the menu. It’s easier to focus on one thing in the menu – one deeply desired item, so that you can spend the rest of the time fantasizing and feeling what it is like to have the wish/goal come true.

Step 1 – Define what you want by planning it out and then visualizing it.

Step 2 – Attach an emotion to the desire. How does achieving that goal or receiving the ‘menu order’ make you feel? Think about the very moment you have your desire presented to you. Are you gleeful? Overjoyed? Ecstatic? Go ahead and experience it. Feel the sensations of finally receiving it.

Step 3 – Take a step back and let it come to you. Let the Universe deliver it to you. 

[If it’s love that you’re hoping to receive, you can read this post on how to attract love energy.]

How To Live Your Dream Life

Sensations are great, but what if you’ve never actually done the thing you want to achieve? What if you’ve never driven an expensive car? This is where a fertile imagination is necessary. You’ll need to revert to what it was like when you were a child anticipating Christmas Day. Get excited. Feel yourself experiencing your new gift. For more information on how to manifest your dream life, visit our post on the topic: how to manifest for beginners.

How to Visualize Your Dream Life

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