Manifesting Thoughts

Manifesting thoughts into reality may seem simultaneously both miraculous and mysterious. But yes, it’s true! The manifestation of thoughts is possible! It’s a powerful gift we’ve been given by the Universe as written in the Spiritual Law (aka Spiritual Principles).

Some may also call it “thought mechanics.” With enough focus and initiative, manifesting your ideas will become a coveted skill which you can develop over short amount of time. You just need to ask yourself how motivated are you. Are you willing to drop any preconceived notions you have about how the world works and adopt radical new ones?

There are three (3) Spiritual Laws that govern over this idea of ‘manifesting thoughts.’ They are: The Law of Vibration, The Law of Attraction, and The Law of Correspondence. Each law offers a different perspective on how to Universe works. These spiritual principles show us how we can take advantage of these very fluid and fascinating abilities we all were born with!

Manifesting Thoughts: Meaning

What does it mean to manifest your thoughts? Very simply, the term ‘manifestation’ means bringing something into your reality. Think of it as ‘creating something out of thin air’. (This is partially true.) Often we’ve heard the phrases “to realize (something)” or “to actualize (something)”. Both phrases explain that we can bring a goal or desire into our experience and have it appear in real life.

Manifesting thoughts means to materialize them or to make them real. Many religions speak about how mankind was made in the image of his creator, which means that mankind is also a creator himself. The method by which mankind can create is by using his/her thoughts. Again, very powerful!

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How Thoughts Manifest

The Universe works on a “order-delivery” basis. Meaning, what you “order” will eventually come to you (manifest). So the next question is: “How do you place an order?” Very simply. You think about it. Your mind is like a radio station which broadcasts your thoughts 24hrs a day. All thoughts. The good ones and the bad ones. The ones that benefit you and the ones that work against you.

Self-talk is the internal chatter or internal dialogue that you generate and participate in on a daily (hourly, minute-by-minute) basis. It stems from the subconscious mind, which is formed by our habits. Once we reset our subconscious mind, we reset our habits, and we reset our lives. It’s very important to get a grip on our thoughts and learn to control them, rather than the opposite. This is why mindfulness has become so popular over the recent years. Some may call it “new age pop-psychology.” But don’t underestimate it. It can have profound effects on your life, if you let it.

This is where developing good self-talk habits comes in. Every time you have a negative thought, you need to capture it, contain it, and edit the thought to something more positive. For example: “I could never get that promotion or that job. I’m not qualified.” Well, the Universe did create a plan for you to get that job, but you just buried it in a grave by telling yourself that, “I’m not qualified.” The Universe didn’t do that. Unfortunately, you did.

Even if you think you’re not qualified, tell yourself you are. Even if you think you’re not going to find the perfect mate, tell yourself you will. Better yet, pretend you already have the perfect mate. Playing “make believe” just like children do on the playgrounds or at home by themselves is the best medicine for manifesting thoughts. Do as much as possible to learn how to shift your mindset, as it will pay off in dividends in the not-too-distant future.

The Universal Spiritual Laws (or Principles)

We are all familiar with natural (or physical) laws like the laws of motion (inertia, acceleration, force) or the law of gravity. We work with these natural laws every day and are offered daily evidence of their existence. When one of these natural laws is broken we call it a miracle. But in actuality what is happening is that a bigger, more powerful law is overpowering and defying that natural law. 

To better explain, there are a higher set of laws that govern our universe. These are called the Universal Spiritual Laws (or Universal Spiritual Principles) which are more powerful than our natural (physical) laws. For example, the Law of Gravity is clearly evident as we can see it working every day. But more powerful than the Law of Gravity (natural law) is the Law of Attraction (spiritual law). Your ability to use the Law of Attraction to act on an object (like say, a car) can supercede the Law of Gravity.

How? Using the Law of Attraction, you can prime yourself to build your wants and desires to become more powerful than the Law of Gravity. You can eventually ‘pull that car’ into your existence, above and beyond the Law of Gravity. The forces of your mind and emotions (feelings) can attract and manifest that car. Spiritual laws will always be superior in power over natural laws. Better yet, you, I, and everyone we know has access to the spiritual laws.

There are many Universal Spiritual Law (or Principles) that exist. There are a lot of disputes about how many Universal Laws there are in existence. Some say seven (7 – Seven Hermetic Principles). Some say twelve (12 – The Twelve Immutable Universal Laws). Some say 20 or even over a hundred (100+). Below we are going to review the three (3) Universal Laws that control how we are able to manifest thoughts.

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Three (3) of the Universal Spiritual Principles:

  • The Law of Vibration: Nothing rests; everything moves; everything vibrates.” – The Kybalion
  • The Law of Attraction (a subset of the Law of Vibration): “Like attracts like”.
  • The Law of Correspondence: “As above, so below; as below, so above.” – The Kybalion

All three of these spiritual laws are very powerful and can be practiced daily in order to manifest your thoughts, desires, and dreams into reality. Below we’ll explain each in detail and how to use them in your manifestation process.

The Law of Vibration

Everything in the Universe (the physical and spiritual) world moves, vibrates and travels in circular patterns. This includes our thoughts, feelings, desires, emotions, sound, physical items, etc.. Each one of these items has its own vibrational frequency, unique unto itself. With that, everything we experience in life using our five physical senses (sense, sight, smell, touch, sound), is conveyed through a vibration.

“Everything is in motion; everything vibrates; nothing is at rest.” – The Kybalion

This is an important idea to understand when it comes to manifesting your thoughts. If everything has a vibration, then think of everything having its own mailing address or blood type, or method of identification. Everything moves and everything has its own identifying vibration. Everything can be pinpointed and targeted by its vibration.

So how does this apply to manifesting thoughts? When you think of something and you picture it your mind, you are signaling it directly. You cast a wave out to its address / location in the Universe. Often, we don’t have to go as far out in the Universe. Usually, what we want is in our backyard right here on Gaia/Gaea (Mother Earth). When you think of something (anything), you instantly connect with it. It is instantly found. And depending on your emotional state, you begin to pull it from the spiritual plane into the lower planes and finally into the physical plane (our daily reality).

The Law of Attraction (a subset of the Law of Vibration)

The Law of Attraction has been popularized over the last two decades and with good reason. However, it is only a corollary (or a sub-rule) to the previously mentioned Law of Vibration. The Law of Attraction states “like attracts like”. It is based on the idea that your thoughts, beliefs, and words you speak will attract events, people, things, and ideas into your experience. These attractants can either be positive or negative. So it’s important that you focus on the positive and choose happiness, so as to only attract the positive into your life.

The Law of Correspondence

“As above, so below; as below, so above.” – The Kybalion

“The Hermeticists divided the Universe into three planes of existence: physical, mental and spiritual planes with many subplanes or levels within them, all vibrating at different rates. When Oneness is present, all three planes vibrate in harmony and agreement.”

The Law of Correspondence holds the Oneness together.

There are three planes of existence:

  • The Great Physical Plane
  • The Great Mental Plane
  • The Great Spiritual Plane

There is a relationship between each and they are all connected by Oneness.

The core idea behind The Law of Correspondence is that your world (the external reality we exist in) is a reflection of how we feel internally. The world is simply a mirror image of how we feel inside. If we feel agitated, the world will show us more agitation. If we feel comforted, the world will show us more comfort. If we feel fearful, the world will show us reasons to be afraid. If you feel cheerful, joyful, and optimistic, then the world around you will reflect this positive cheerful lifestyle. The reverse is also true. Essentially, if you’re life is filled with chaos, then internally you are chaotic. And so on and so forth. 

So it is our job, without fail, to routinely return to bliss. We must control our own thoughts. So one way to do this is to turn off your smartphone, turn off the TV or radio. Log out of your social media accounts. Shut off all media communications because they are filled with reasons to be frustrated, angry, scared, and anxious. Contain your environment and you will contain your thoughts.

The Law of Correspondence is an empowering spiritual law and puts your happiness and contentment in your hands. Your life is your responsibility. Happiness is your choice. We are directly responsible for our own environment and lifestyle. If we choose to, we can shape and fashion our world to our own specifications.

Manifesting Your Thoughts

So now you’re wondering, “Okay, okay, let’s get to manifesting my thoughts.” Easy enough. First do a self-check. What is your current mood? Are you nervous, agitated, irritated, frustrated? Are you cheerful, optimistic, joyful, or content? The Universe divides all emotions into two categories: Love and Fear. Ask yourself which one are you vibing on now?

When it comes to manifesting your thoughts, it’s important that you spend most of your day in the first category – at least when it comes to inviting positive things into your life. Read that again: You need to spend most of your DAY in the ‘happy as a clam’ mode. This is just the plain practical side of the Law of Attraction. If you want to attract good and positive, you need to feel good and positive. Does that make sense?

So take your ‘emotional temperature’ right now? Where would you score? Remember that happiness is a choice. The Universe lets you decide your own destiny based on your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Use our emotional vibrational scale to gauge where you are. Refer to it when you’re not quite sure how to label your emotional state. It often helps to know where you are, so you know where you are going.

Manifesting Your Thoughts Into Reality

You’ll have an easier time manifesting thought into reality once you’ve made space in your life to do so. This requires setting aside quiet time, cornering yourself in a room, and removing all distractions. This includes all devices, pets, spouses or partners, and children. Be selfish and guard your time and space. This is the best chance you have of manifesting a life you want to lead.

Once your mind is quiet, then focus on your goal or desire. Make it as real as possible. Pull in all the positive emotions that you feel about it while at the same time full imagining it. Let it be a full-bodied immersion into your goal. See if you can let it transfer to your nightly dreams. Deliver a message to your subconscious mind letting it know that this is what you want. The more sensory inputs you have (touch, smell, taste, etc.) the better able you are able to define and describe it to the Universe.

Manifesting Thoughts

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