Manifesting A New Job

Manifesting A New Job

The Universe is an expansive, massive place with plenty of abundance and magic to go ‘round. The Universe follows a set of rules called Spiritual Principles, like the law of attraction, which can work in any form, even when manifesting a new job. Ingenuity, imagination, and curiosity are the three surefire ways to help bring your dreams to life.

Manifesting the perfect job is right at your fingertips. The only thing holding you back are your limiting beliefs. It’s your responsibility to learn how to become a manifesting master to make it happen!

When you want to manifest the right job, you’ll need to be optimistic and open. The Universe often gives answers in a variety of ways and leads us down paths we may never have thought of traveling down before. But if you’re receptive, agreeable, and expect the best, then you’ll see major changes (for the better). Remember, “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”

“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”

— Seneca (Roman philosopher c. 4 BC – A.D. 65)

How To Manifest A Job You Want

When it comes to manifesting a job that you want, it’s important to visualize every scenario possible leading up to receiving your desire. Spend time learning how to visualize clearly. See the end goal or your final outcome. Practice imagining every way your desire could possibly manifest.

If you need to write down the steps you will take to receive this job, please do so. The more you can clarify and refine the set of activities leading up to you finally obtaining your goal, the easier it will be for your subconscious mind to make it come true.

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For example, when it comes to mapping out the steps to manifesting a job you want, you’ll first search for available positions and perhaps research a desirable company. Next, you’ll send out resumes and cover letters. Imagine how the person on the other end will receive it. Via post (snail mail) or via an email?

Then imagine their delight when they read your correspondence. See them smiling and their urgency to contact you right away because you are the perfect person for this role. Keep moving through these ‘scenes’ in your mind. Imagine what the conversation is like when they finally speak with you on the phone or in-person. Try to predict their words (as well as your own words).

When you take the time to imagine these scenarios, you are training your subconscious mind and giving it options. You’re priming it with various ideas of how to connect you to your ultimate goal – manifesting a new job! By practicing and training how to visualize your dream life in your new job, you are providing a foundation for the subconscious mind and allowing it to learn from your ideas and plans. You’re giving it clues as to how to bring about your greatest wish thus pulling your goal toward you.

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How To Manifest Your Dream Job

Taking it to another level, your dream job may be something that fills your heart with joy. More importantly, you know by working there it will quench your professional hunger. Perhaps working at this company matches your ideals. Maybe you really enjoy a product or service that they deliver. Maybe you like the brand as a whole. But alas, you never thought it possible. So ask yourself, “What is stopping you? Why can’t you work there?” And then begin to solve each problem one by one all the while using manifestation as the ace up your sleeve.

Perhaps, you need to network to acquire new contacts, move to a different town or city, or there is not an advertised position that fits your skill set. For whatever reason, the position feels out of reach. Well, this is the perfect time to work on how to manifest your dream job. Focus on each piece individually and work to resolve each part one at a time. Don’t bite off more than you can chew! Take your time (and use the Universe’s magnetic pull) to draw your goals into your reality.

Manifesting the perfect job requires time, patience, and clarity. You may need to spend some time investigating and doing your due diligence. Do some research on the company. If you can, ask for an informational interview, which is a soft lead-in an non-intrusive way of ‘getting your foot in the door’. If the company offers on-site tours, get down there for a tour. See if they offer public events, cocktail hours, meetups, special guest speakers, and informal gatherings. Keep an eye on their website, social media, and other online channels. All of these are methods for you to make a good introduction and the best impression to manifest the perfect job.

Manifesting A Specific Job

When it comes to manifesting a specific job, you’ll need to go above and beyond to find out the details of the role. Go out of your way to learn as much as possible about the position beyond the job description. Who is the hiring manager? What department is it in? Which building is it located in? Who would become your new colleagues? Who is the boss or manager overseeing the role? You’ll need to become a Sherlock Holmes like detective. Mine for those specific details, so that you have enough fodder and information to continue feed your subconscious mind.

Once you have all the details, begin to imagine yourself in the role. Go through your day. How would you commute to your job? If you’re not sure, test it out. Drive or take public transport to the building. Get a feeling for what it’s like to travel to your new job at peak traffic or rush hours. Then what happens when you arrive to work? If you’ve been able to visit your location, hopefully, you’ve sat in some chairs or experienced sitting at a desk. Go to the restroom and see what that’s like. Who would you spend your lunch hour with? Walk through your day with as much detail as possible.

If you can create a vision board or develop a memory palace in your mind, then travel to your imaginary world of working at this job. Do it often enough so that you have a strong sense of your day. Your feelings and the sensations that you create is more material for your subconscious mind to use. Pretending and “make-believe” is no longer for children. Using these methods helps with manifesting thoughts and in making your specific job real. Once you master this, you’ll find that manifesting a specific job is only a memory away.

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Manifesting A Job Quickly

When it comes to rushing the goal and manifesting a job quickly, the only tool you have that is going to work that fast is your emotions. You can use your emotions in two ways: (1) to speed up by making the attraction (magnetic pull) stronger (2) sending the signal with both thoughts and emotions more frequently.

An easy way to think of how manifesting works is to consider a radio station. When a radio station sends out a signal, the radio picks it up some distance away. If that pattern is interrupted, then you’ll have a break in signal and you won’t hear the broadcast for the entire time the interruption occurs. But once the signal is back up and pumping out the radio waves, then all is well and the radio can pick up the transmission.

Manifestation works the same way. The more frequently you can send your signal (manifesting a new job), the faster the new job will come to you. The magnet pull is happening because you’re thinking about it and feeling it. So you need to do this early and often.

Another common roadblock to manifesting a job quickly is an emotional block. Very simply an emotional block will stop the signal from being sent. What is an emotional block? Any emotion that is countering the magnetic pull. So really any limiting beliefs or negative self-talk will interfere will you manifesting a job quickly. Examples of emotional blocks are doubt, fear, anger, tension, indifference, indecision, etc. Any of these will stop your goal from coming to you.

Manifesting a job quickly is all about alignment. Removal of spiritual, emotional, and mental blocks. Once you realize you have a self-defeating emotional block (or a limiting belief) that is plaguing and deterring your efforts, then you’ll want to clear that block. Often times, these blocks stems from familial influence or our environment. Media (TV, Social Media, etc.) can also intrude upon our thoughts and stomp on our dreams. Learning how to how to shift your mindset is key to overcoming this manifesting obstacle. Consider getting a Law of Attraction consultation with one of our manifestation coaches. You can sign up for a consultation at the top or bottom of this page.

Manifest Job Opportunities

Maybe you’re not sure what you want, but you’d like to see what’s available on the job market. Then manifesting several job opportunities is helpful. It’s also helpful when you finally do receive a job offer and you’d like to have a better foundation to begin negotiations. Because this is a little broader and more fluid a goal, it offers a greater amount of flexibility in what the Universe returns to you. If you have a specific category of job, it might be to focus on a single type of role, yielding various companies that have openings in that position.

So how does this work? Determine why you need to manifest a lot of job opportunities. And then aim for that goal. Are you under financial pressure? Is there a deadline or a date that you need to land a job? Are you hoping to make a pivotal move into a higher level position? Are you testing the waters? Do you need interviewing practice and need to manifest job opportunities in order to prepare for the perfect job, when it does come around? In either case, be sure you know what you’re aiming for when trying to yield many job opportunities. This will help fine-tune your intention.

A last resort for manifesting many job opportunities is that you’re seeking to make a departure from your chosen industry or field and perhaps make a leap into a brand new one. Perhaps because of your unfamiliarity with this new territory, you’d like to make sure there are plenty of options to leap into. Therefore, manifesting job opportunities in this new field may be a necessity. You can leave it up to the Universe by doing your research and then reimagining yourself in these new roles. If the market is smaller and there are limited options and limited availability of roles, then begin to think and feel the opposite. Ask yourself, “What if there were dozens of job opportunities?” how would you act and where would you place your efforts. Would you feel more confident? Then fake it until you make it, baby!

Law of Attraction Consultations

If you’re still finding the attraction-manifestation process to be challenging and you would like hands-on help and guidance, please sign-up below for the next available appointment.

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Manifesting A Job Interview

Once you’ve taken the action of sending out all of your resumes/CVs and cover letters, then it’s time to get your imagination working again. This is where all the research you’ve been doing on the company really pays off. Perhaps by using an informational interview, you can get a clearer picture of how the business operates in the context of interviewing new candidates. Often times newer companies, ones that are really invested in their talent, will give great details on their website on their hiring process. It works in your favor to study the specifics in advance.

Getting to know your interview is also helpful. Small talk is often a part of the interviewing process. So reading up on any news on the company, reviewing their announcements and social media accounts, will provide great insight on what they find important and interesting.

How To Manifest A Job Offer

As we mentioned, in negotiation, it helps to have more than one job offer to leverage your position as a potential candidate. A large percentage of candidates never negotiate, leaving money left on the table.

Manifesting A Job Promotion

Once you’re at a job, it’s a lot easier to manifest a job promotion. You have a lot going in your favor. You know the minutiae and the finer details of the role and how the company operates. You know some recent history of the company. You’re privy to a lot of information the average outsider (job seeker) isn’t.

Manifesting Job Success

What are you looking to succeed in? Also, are you looking for more confidence in your job? What does success look like to you? Maybe you’d like more accolades from your boss and fellow colleagues. Hearing that you’ve accomplished “A job well done” also always a confidence booster.

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