How to Manifest Your Dream Life

How to Manifest Your Dream Life

How to manifest your dream life may sound like a peachy, sunny, and happy request. (After all, who doesn’t want to live their dream life?) But in actuality assembling the ideal dream life takes real work. Yes, the Universe can deliver it to you. And, no, it’s not impossible. But the first step to learning how to become a manifesting master is to ‘write the shopping list’.

We all want dream lives and to manifest greatness. But what are you willing to do to get it? This is the ultimate question. How motivated are you to devote the time to crafting your dream life? Manifesting sounds sexy and magical. But the real magic is seeing your desire appear in front of your eyes.Everything that happens before that is not so magical, but very much practical. Manifesting your dream life is about practical magic. It’s about execution – putting in the effort. Still interested in how to manifest your dream life? Then brace yourself for some real world advice on how to bring fantasy into reality.

What Does It Mean To Manifest Something In Your Life?

What does it mean to manifest your dreams? Very simply, manifestation is pulling an idea or thought from our minds and have it appear in our reality. We are all gifted with these manifesting powers.  If you can think it (dream it up), then it’s possible. For example, if you think and feel like the owner of an expensive sports car, or the multi-million dollar mansion, or a private jet, then you can manifest the life you want.

Of course, it doesn’t appear out of thin air. It’s not like pulling a rabbit out of a hat or waving a magic wand. The Universe is a vast and expansive place. There are thousands of ways and permutations as to how your request or desire may appear. “The how” is always up to the Universe. However, you still need to make the request.

To give an example of how the sports car may come into your life (after visualizing it clearly for so long) could be that you have a distant rich aunt (whom you’ve never met) whose husband passed away. This wealthy relative now has to reconcile, downsize, and perhaps sell items in his estate. She fondly remembers you as a small child and adds you to the will to receive her husband’s sports car.

You receive a letter in the mail or a phone call presenting you with this information. The only concern now is how to get it from Montana to where you are. (The Universe cannot think of everything. =) But your name is on that sports car. Does that make sense? You had no idea. But the Universe did. All you had to do was to think about it (and “ask for it”.) This is an example of manifesting something into your life.

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What Do You Want To Manifest In Your Life?

Now that you have an idea of what manifesting looks like, it’s time to decide how to begin designing your dream life. Believe it or not the Universe cannot read your mind. If it could, we’d have a whole lot more people living their dream lives in this world. Don’t be discouraged. If you put time and effort into helping the Universe see what you want, then your results should be satisfying. 

But just stating: “Give me my dream life” doesn’t communicate anything to the Universe. Think of the Universe as a waiter / waitress at a restaurant, and you, the patron, state: “Give me my dream meal.” Of course, you can expect the server to stand there blank-faced waiting for you to tell them what it is you want from the menu. They cannot read your mind. Does that make sense? The great thing about ordering at this restaurant is that you decide what’s on the menu. 

Ultimately, you have to put the effort into creating and showing the Universe exactly what it is you want. Take into account every facet, every angle, every turn. Remember that this is an entire life that you’re bringing into your reality, not just a sports car. So it requires that you create a fully-fleshed out shopping list – your life shopping list.

What to Manifest in Your Life

When it comes to what to manifest in your life, you’ll need to make some big decisions. Below we’re going to provide the basics of ‘the shopping list’. It will be your job to refine and craft the list moving forward. This is your dream life. You know what you’d like to see in it.

Overall, this should be a fun exercise. And be forewarned, the more seriously you approach this to task, the more seriously the Universe will take your request. Next, it’s time to check the calendar. What day is today? What month? Now add 3 – 6 months to today’s date. Realistically that will be how long it takes to see real change in your life. It may be sooner or later. But if this is a legitimate transformation you want to make in your life, if you’re taking inspired action every day, then you will see various results coming your way.

To manifest your best life, it’s good to begin at the beginning. Let’s review step-by-step how to manifest your dream life.

Address All Relevant Areas of Your Life

  • What is your daily routine? What is your morning ritual like? Who do you wake up next to? How are you greeted in the morning? What is the perfect way to start your morning? Coffee? Tea? Breakfast in bed? (Consider using ‘scripting’ as a technique to create the story of your life.)
  • What foods you regularly eat to nourish yourself? Which foods become a part of your daily diet?
  • What is your home life like? Children? Spouse? Extended family?
  • Where do you live? Town? City? Village? Domestic? International? House? Apartment? Multiple domiciles?
  • Pets? Domesticated animals? A house plant?
  • How do you spend your leisure time or downtime?
  • How do you relax? How do you nurture or pamper yourself? Spas? Massages? Long baths? Meditation? 
  • How do you earn a living? Do you have a dream job? How do you earn an income? Or how do you support yourself financially?
  • What is your bank statement like? A steady monthly income? Or did you win the lottery?
  • What is your mode of transport? Luxury car? Off road vehicle? Horse? Sports car?
  • What is your social life like? Hangin’ with celebrities, business moguls, luminaries in their respective fields? Or do you regularly attend a favorite book club, country club, travel club, or social club?
  • What are you special interests and hobbies? Volunteering?

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Commitment to the Journey

If you want the dream to come true, then you’ll have to put the time in. This will separate you from the rest of the dreamers. Ultimately, you attract what you are ready for. If you are truly committed to manifesting your dream life, then you’ll need to set aside time to ‘create your life’. At first this will be with photos, cut outs from magazines, favorite inspiring quotes, people you love and admire, dream travel destinations, etc. Fill up a box of with anything that you have positive emotional ties to, trinkets, movie stubs, memorabilia, etc. Fill the box up with anything that provides a clear picture of what you’d like your dream life to look like.

Spend a week or a month pulling all of these items together. Put in the time and care to do this. Make it a priority. Treat it like a cherished hobby. Add it to your calendar. Revisit your box once every few days. At some point, you’ll want to create a vision board to showcase your items which will serve as a reminder to you of your dream life.

Secret To Manifest Your Dream Life

The secret to manifest your dream life rests with two dynamic principles. The first is your commitment and discipline to ‘doing the work’. Placing your order with the Universe requires being diligent and specific. Remember that this is your dream life and you want to get it right. Of course, you’re allowed to make mistakes. And the Universe will not fault you for that. If something manifests that you’re not completely happy with (for example: ordering a sandwich, but receiving roast beef when you really wanted peanut butter and jelly), then not a problem. You at least did the job of figuring out you wanted a sandwich and did the work of placing the order. Next time you’ll just have to be more specific. 

The other is often the hardest for most people: letting go. After doing the work, you may be very attached to the outcome, especially if the outcome is related to love or money. Releasing it to the Universe can be difficult. Live and let live. You’ll have to then occupy your time and take your mind off of the end result. Using gratitude and learning how to attract love energy can help with attaining your desire greatly. But ultimately, you’ll need to trust the Universe. Your state of mind is important. If you’re worrying that it won’t show up, then it won’t. You’re vibing on ‘worry… worry… worry’. Remember the Universe only operates from two emotions: Love and Fear. Worry gets slotted in the ‘fear’ category. So be confident and shake off any negative emotions tied to your desired outcome. Learning how to be grateful is the trick to overcoming worry. Remember gratitude is the best attitude!

Signs Your Dreams Are Manifesting

Once you master the stages of placing your order, doing the work, and letting go, you’ll start to see signs of manifestation related to your desired goal. These are called synchronicities. Synchronicities are described as meaningful coincidences. Famed Swiss philosopher, Carl Jung, first coined the term, synchronicity. However, the best book that I can recommend that explains this subject is:

How to Manifest Your Dream Life 2How to Manifest Your Dream Life 3

Synchronicity & You
– by Frank Joseph

Synchronicities are great motivators. When you begin to see synchronicities appear in your life then you know these are signs your dreams are manifesting, which should encourage you to keep moving toward your desired goals. Naturally, you should keep doing what you’ve been doing as it means that the goal is getting closer and closer to manifesting into your reality.

What Else Is There To Know About How To Manifest Your Dream Life

Remember that a dream life can encompass several things: love, money, home, lifestyle, travel. Each one of these desires can take some time to manifest, based on how badly you want them to appear in your life. Usually, the more attached you are to their outcome (and the higher the stakes), the better you need to be able to ‘release’, ‘let go’, and allow the Universe to take over the delivery.Depending on how to picture your dream life (and the special events within them), they may each appear piecemeal and in varying degrees. Some fully formed and some in portions. This again will depend on what you spend the most time formulating in your mind.A great tool for manifesting thoughts is visualization. Now if you’re wondering, “Does visualization work?“, well you can ask the master at visualization, Mr. Nikola Tesla. He was an expert on deliberate creation by knowing how to visualize clearly. Mr. Tesla was quoted as saying:

“My method is different. I do not rush into actual work. When I get an idea I start at once building it up in my imagination. I change the construction, make improvements, and operate the device entirely in my mind.”

Nikola Tesla

How Long Does It Take To Manifest Your Dream Life

Tesla also mentions when inventing how long it takes for good ideas to fully form and take shape:

“Here in brief, is my own method: after experiencing a desire to invent a particular thing, I may go on for months or years with the idea in the back of my head. Whenever I feel like it, I roam around in my imagination and think about the problem without any deliberate concentration. This is a period of incubation.“

Nikola Tesla

Keep the above in mind when building your dream life. Let your dream life incubate, for a spell. You can see how much time and effort goes into how to manifest your dream life.

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