How To Develop Spirituality

How To Develop Spirituality

Many people feel called to a faith or a spiritual belief. But these very same people would like to connect with “God” (or however, you’d like to refer to the Creator) without the filter of a religion. This is a natural calling to learn how to develop spirituality. For those seeking, this is a new path to them. It feels scary and the ground may feel shaky because everything they’ve ever known they are now walking away from.

This is all a part of the process of learning how to develop spirituality. It is a calling. And you’re now that you’re committed to finding your spirituality, you will be all the wiser and more fulfilled because of this new path.Many people like you are waking up to a newfound faith which they are finding by looking within themselves. They want to learn how to become more spiritually aware. They are seeking a direct connection (and relationship) with the Divine. This is all a part of “the Big Plan”. This new awakening is happening all across the world. People are leaving religion and finding spirituality. This is how the Divine Creator wanted it always to be. You and God. That’s it. Simple. Easy.When it comes to exploring your spirituality, it’s important to make a distinction between religion and spirituality. They are completely separate ideas. First understand that religion is man-made. Someone (a human) wrote it down a long time ago or they created on their own and then convinced and persuaded many people over the years and centuries to follow these scriptures.Many claim it is from God. But most of the religious documents have been co opted, changed, rearranged, rewritten, doctored, portions redacted and removed, discarded, and edited from their original form and intent. So no one really knows what is true and what is false.Unfortunately, religion is a filter. It provides a veil to a version of truth. And often that version has been changed over time throughout history. It’s important to understand that religion is man-made. Spirituality comes directly from the Creator, with no filter or interpretation. Learning how to develop spirituality comes with no filter. You are working directly with the Creator.
How To Develop Spirituality

As it pertains to society, there has been a recent increase in spirituality throughout the world and in our time. People have witnessed the power of spirituality in themselves and others, even in small instances. This unity and interconnectedness is growing. The Universal Consciousness (or The Universal Mind) is growing bigger, stronger, and more complete as more and more people walk away from religion and find God directly on their own terms. This is the new spiritual freedom we can all experience.

What Is Spirituality?

Spirituality is the practice of stripping away all the rules that come with faith-based organizations and religions and getting right to The Source (Infinite Intelligence, Divine Creator, The Universal Energy). Spirituality is about creating a direct relationship with God without all the embellishments that come with organized religions.

The greater purpose behind Spirituality is to form a relationship and to speak directly with God through prayer, meditation, intuition, and spiritual awareness and insight. This can all be done from a sacred space that you create in your home on your time at your own level of comfort.

You don’t need a church, synagogue, temple, or any person to speak to God. This has always been the case. To many of you, you have already had this relationship while a part of a religion, but felt the need to remain in the religion because it’s what you’ve been taught, or your family has always done it, or it’s all that you know. You’ve never explored other options. Perhaps, you didn’t know there were other options.

So this is your opportunity to learn how to develop spirituality on your own terms. Once you grow closer to The Creator, you will have a better understanding of yourself and who you really are. You gain the development of self through spirituality.

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience.”

— Pierre Teilhard de Chardin -or- G. I. Gurdjieff

How To Find Your Own Spirituality

This most important part of exploring how to develop spirituality is listening to your heart. It is the only part of you that you can trust. Don’t listen to your ego or your logic or outside influences like friends or family. Often times they fear that you’ll leave them when you learn how to develop spirituality. It’s important you stay strong, remove yourself from negativity, always know how to be grateful, and know how to have peace in your heart.

How To Develop Spirituality

Spirituality Consultations

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