How To Receive Cosmic Energy

How To Receive Cosmic Energy

The secrets of the Universe rest in the body, mind, and soul. In order to learn how to receive cosmic energy,  we need to ‘go within’ in order to unearth and unleash its potential. Being born as humans, we have a unique advantage because of our natural human connection to the cosmos.We can link up with cosmic consciousness and download whatever we need on demand. We can fill up on any missing elements relevant to our lives. It’s not simply magic! It is your divine birthright!Learning how to absorb energy from the universe is a skill like anything else. But it won’t happen for the uninitiated. It’s a matter of knowing how to speak and work with the cosmos, gather spiritual energy, and finally transform it (or transmute it) into the area of your life where it is most appropriate.Cosmic energy activation is given to those that are worthy of it and will use it for the best and highest outcome possible for all throughout the Universe.

What Is Cosmic Energy In Spirituality?

All energy in the Universe comes from the same source. Some may call it the Almighty, Universal Consciousness, Infinite Intelligence, Source Energy, or The Divinity. There are many names for it, but it all means the same thing. Science has traced the start of the Universe (Creation) with “The Big Bang”.Then from that explosion of energy, everything we know today was formed. The big bang was a catalyst for the beginning of time and all life forms. Human beings, planets, blood, your family pet, the device that you’re reading this on. All of it is made of stardust. We are all made of cosmic energy. We all come from Source. It’s important to remember that.So cosmic energy is already a part of us. We are created from cosmic energy and when we expire and cease to exist in this form, we will return to cosmic energy. Reconnecting to the energy of the universe is a natural and organic part of our lives. It is another facet to spirituality. It is Spiritual law and it crucial to the process of how to receive cosmic energy.If you’ve ever asked yourself, “What is our purpose on Earth?”, the answer is “to reconnect”. Tuning into the Universal consciousness is our way of reconnecting. As you learn how to become more spiritually aware, you’ll begin to see the many connections as it will become a part of your spiritual learning experience.Knowing how to have peace in your heart is a large part of the first phase of reconnection. Generating and learning how to attract love energy is the best way to connect. Gratitude is the best attitude to move into a phase of love and appreciation.

How Powerful Is Cosmic Energy?

Cosmic energy increases within each dimension level. We humans living on Earth reside and operate on the third dimension (3D). However, as prophesized by the Mayans, in 2012 the structures of the 3D will be completely dismantled and the Earth will continue to move into the fifth dimension (5D). So the cosmic energy within the 3D is not as powerful as it is in 5D. A human would need to be very advanced to know how to channel higher dimensional energies into 3D reality.

How To Connect With The Cosmos

Like any other spiritual practice, connecting with the cosmos requires time, space, energy, and devotion. Human beings are becoming awakened to the other dimensions and are learning more and more about how spirituality governs their lives.Learning to live within the rules of spirituality can provide the ultimate freedoms. But this venture must be undertaken with delicacy and respect by calling in white light and asking for the highest good to come of your connection.When you connect (or link up) with the Cosmos (the Universe), you set into motion a series of events, much like the butterfly effect which is in essence a cosmic domino effect (chain reaction). Understand that with each connection you are changing the balance of the Universe. So it’s important to be respectful and make sure your connection is going to benefit all (everyone) and for the highest good! Always be sure to ask for the highest good.Set aside some quiet time to be alone with absolutely no distractions. No smartphone, no pets, no spouse – absolute no outside intrusions. Bring with you a notebook (or journal) and a writing utensil. Get into a comfortable position, sitting cross legged on the floor.Dim the lights (or turn them completely off). Close shades, blinds, or windows if necessary. The room should be dark and you will close your eyes. Begin to breathe in measured cadence. Breathe more deeply than would in your day-to-day.Then imagine yourself covered in a bright white light coming down from the heavens and the cosmos. Imagine yourself connected to the Earth, directly to its center and core. Say hello to Mother Earth and thank her for all that she’s done. Thank the Universe and the Cosmos, as well.Stay in this bright white spotlight until you feel a shift in energy. Ask for the greatest and highest good to come from this link up. When you’re ready, slowly bring yourself back to the present reality. Thank all beings involved and return whenever you’d like.

How To Increase Cosmic Energy In Body

If you’ve studied medical astrology, you’ll know that every part of the body corresponds to a celestial body in the Universe. This is by design. Modern science spends a lot of time, energy, and resources (now up to billions of dollars every year) studying the Universe externally.They send satellites and wait several years (sometimes decades) for a few photos of a planet. Where if we spent those efforts inner exploration with the physical body and with our internal connection to the Universe, we would be much closer to learning the secrets of the Universe.Learning about spiritual energy requires being in the body and fully connected to it, for it is a tool we use to connect to the Universe. So do we increase cosmic energy in the body? First ask yourself: “How connected are you to your body?” Meaning, are you sensitive to the slightest changes in your body.Do you feel things in your body before they appear? Is your body good at detecting the slightest changes in the environment? The air temperature? Or a sound in the distance? The more sensitive, the easier it will be to feel the changes once they occur.

How To Use Cosmic Energy For Healing

A large benefit to learning how to receive cosmic energy is be able to use for self-healing. It’s a new method of using spiritual guidance and healing together. Some people don’t believe that using cosmic energy for healing actually works. Suffice to say that works on various different levels.Does metaphysical healing work? Part of the reason many people don’t believe it is that they don’t see or feel the immediate effects. However, the more you meditate, the more negative emotions you clear, the more likely you’ll feel difference — and at a faster rate. Learning how to receive cosmic energy for healing is a large part of how to practice spiritual healing.

How To Receive Cosmic Energy

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