How Does Astrology Work?

How does astrology work? In order to understand how astrology works, we need to think in terms of energy. Astrology is a method of pinpointing and tracking the energy exchange between the celestial bodies within our solar system. By studying the shifting energies between our sun and all the objects around it (planets, stars, asteroids, and moon), we can make assumptions and educated guesses about how they will manifest in our reality and better understand how astrology works.

Astrology works by gathering all the energetic markers and identifiers and then figuring out how they play and interact with each other. Understanding how these energies are passed back n’ forth in the galaxy (and in your natal/birth chart) is how you can find the true magic within Astrology. Knowing what celestial bodies orbit the sun and how they work in tandem gives us a clearer picture of answering the question of “How Does Astrology Work?” .

Based on these assessments, we can witness how these celestial elements formulate and play out in people’s personalities, major events, or through divine advice. When it comes to the matter of how astrology works, Astrology can even provide spiritual guidance and healing. Discovering the astrology sign traits or learning the zodiac signs months allow even the novice astrologer to answer profound spiritual questions like, “What is my mission in life?”, “What is my spiritual path?”, or “What is our purpose on earth?”.

So how astrology works is by mapping energies. For example, the Sun is a fiery, “center of attention” energy. If you look at your personal map (your birth chart), and focus on where the Sun is positioned and in what region, then it is likely that this is an area where you would likely “shine”. The Sun is your identity. So wherever you can find the Sun in your chart, this is where you would “light up” or “brighten the corners”.

Many people don’t believe astrology is real. However, much like many of the other spiritual disciplines and studies, astrology is a gift given to us by higher intelligence. And there certainly must be a reason for passing on this spiritual knowledge to us humans. Once you learn astrology, it opens up a whole new universe to you. You’ll have a stronger understanding of how horoscopes work. It will reveal to you aspects of yourself (and others) that you may never have understood or known. You will gain an appreciation for what astrology can show you.


What Is Astrology?

Astrology is the study of the positions and movements of celestial bodies from within our solar system and how the relationships between these planetary bodies create shifts in energy which influence our daily lives. People often wonder how astrology affects us and how it connects to our day-to-day. It is the relationship these celestial objects have with each other that create variations and fluctuations in energy. It is these energies that have an impact upon us right here on earth on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

To give a very simple example of how a celestial body’s energy can affect us, think of the last time you went to the beach. Perhaps you arrive, lie down, and bask in the sunlight. While you lie there, you may not notice the energetic process taking place. Once you’ve had your fill and finish sun tanning, you stand and notice you feel completely different. You may feel energized or you may feel drained and exhausted. Either way, your energy shifted. Your energy changed and all you did was absorb some sun rays.

While we may not be paying attention, these celestial energies are constantly flowing throughout our lives. The more we are aware of them, the better we are able to attune to them, adjust to them, and use them in our favor. The more we ignore them, the more often we are beholden to their energies.

Astrology is a form of pattern recognition. The more often we can recognize these patterns, the better off we are at predicting the results and outcome of these energies.The talent and skill of a great astrologer is the ability to sense a pattern in the chart and also how it will represent (or activate) in real life.

Learning how to use astrology daily or how to reference astrology daily is a coveted skill that few astrologers truly master. The magic comes with the connection to the divine and to better understand the human personality, key events, and overarching energies in our universe.

Astrology is based on the birth date, time, and location within our galaxy. Using these data points, we can chart and detect the overall forces at play. Eventually, we trace and map these energies and compare them to the subject at hand. We look for what existed before and what exists now. It’s by comparing and contrasting that we can determine the core pattern and structure. Do this enough time and eventually a whole new world begins to unfold.

How Does Astrology Work?

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How Does Astrology Work? 1
How Does Astrology Work?

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