Astrocartography Where to Live: The Beginner's Essential Manual 1

Astrocartography Where to Live: The Beginner’s Essential Manual

Have you ever wondered how the stars can influence where you live or travel? Introducing Astrocartography. Astrocartography is like a having your own personal cosmic real estate agent (or travel agent) to help you find the best location for your biggest goals and dreams! Astrocartography can pinpoint the best places for you to live and thrive — all based on your own birth chart.

So grab your pen (and paper) and get ready to dive into the world of Astrocartography. In this guide, we’ll demonstrate how to unlock the secrets of Astrocartography step by step. Relocation chart astrology unveils celestial influences for specific geographic locations tied to your birth chart. We’ll show you Astrocartography: where to live, made simple. Are you ready to change your life?

Astrocartography for Beginners

WARNING: This is a primer on Astrocartograpy (aka Location astrology or Relocation Astrology). Astrocartography is a deep and vast discipline of Astrology. It requires focused study, research, and an immense foundation of knowledge to fully comprehend. Please do not make life altering decisions based on the information in this article. Please consult with an experienced expert or seasoned Relocation Astrologer (or Astrocartographer) before making any major life decisions. Continue reading at your own risk. You are an adult and all liability falls on you. This is not to be taken lightly. Use this information wisely.

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What is Astrocartography?

Astrocartography, in simple terms, is a method to find optimal locations on Earth based on your birth chart. Think of it as your own tailor-made map, revealing special areas of the world unique to you, your soul, and your birth chart. These concealed locations are linked to your soul’s needs and wants. It’s like a personal celestial GPS, guiding you to places where the universe’s energies align with your destiny.

Astro*Carto*Graphy (abbreviated as ACG) is trademarked name, originally discovered, created, and popularized by American astrologer Jim Lewis back in 1970s. Considered the pioneer of Astro*Carto*Graphy, Jim’s work focused on helping people find ideal places using their birth charts. He aimed to guide individuals toward locations that could unlock their potential, driven by his adventurous spirit and belief in celestial influences. His work transformed how we connect with the universe. Below are two of his published books on Astro*Carto*Graphy. Contemporaries of Lewis, Donald Bradley and Cyril Fagan (sidereal astrologers), had also done astromapping in their work. Although, Lewis is more often credited with popularizing the concept.

Astro*Carto*Graphy Books

Popular TermOther Common Synonyms
Astrocartography (formally written as Astro*Carto*Graphy ™)Astrogeography (popular in Europe)
Location (or Locational) Astrology
Relocation (or Relocational) Astrology
The “Astrology of Place”
Destination Astrology
AstroTravel (or Astro Travel)

Astrocartography doesn’t predict your future. However, it may shed light on how celestial forces can shape your life’s journey. It’s a tool to allow you to reveal invisible pathways, like an infrared light.

How does Astrocartography work?

Astrocartography is like a celestial field guide for your life’s journey. It analyzes your birth chart, plotting where planetary energies intersect on the Earth’s surface. These intersections create influential zones. As a divinatory tool, Astrocartography can provide insight into life events and where to thrive. Your birth chart’s “zones of influence” are strategically placed throughout the world. Travel to these locations and you may encounter new wonderful experiences that you wouldn’t find if you stayed put. Astrocartography doesn’t dictate your fate, but it does help you understand cosmic influences. It’s a tool to explore your maximum potential, guiding you to make informed choices and enlighten your soul’s experience in this lifetime.

Is Astrocartography Real?

See WARNING message above.

Is Astrocartography Accurate?

This all depends on the individual interpreter (or Astrologer) providing their input and opinion. If you’re the interpreter, do you trust your methods are foundationally sound? If you are referring to an Astrologer that you are consulting with, do you fully entrust them and their work with your life? So the answer to “Is Astrocartography accurate” is “it depends on who is doing the work.”

The Importance of an Accurate Birth Time

The importance of an accurate birth time could not be over emphasized. Beware: An accurate birth time is crucial in astrocartography. Without it, you risk misinterpreting planetary alignments and making ill-fated choices. Imagine traveling to a dicey or dodgy location based on incorrect data—it could lead to unforeseen challenges or missed opportunities, turning your dream vacation into a chaotic one. Accuracy is your cosmic lifeline. Keep this in mind during your astrocartography analysis.

Astrology Birth Time Rectification Accuracy

Does Astrocartography Work?

Astrocartography can be remarkably accurate! As an example, imagine two friends on the same vacation together. They visit the same places, take part in the same activities, but one has an amazing time while the other feels off-kilter. This could be circumstantial or it could be Astrocartography at work, highlighting each individual’s connections to the area based on birth charts.

For instance, imagine Venus aligns with Hawaii for one friend, leading to romance and joy, while for the other, Saturn aligns there, bringing responsibility and challenges. Same trip, different vibes!

Astrocartography works by revealing how planetary energies intersect with Earth and shows you where unique opportunities or challenges may arise. So if you’re a fan of astrology, you can view it as another guide to use during your travels! Check out an astrocartography reading near me.

Reading Your Astrocartography Chart

My Astrocartography

How to Find out My Astrocartography

Here is where we begin to learn how to read an astrocartography map (or how to read your astrocartography chart). If you’d like to know how to interpret astrocartography, you need to know the basics. As we study relocation in astrology, various signals illuminate how changing your residence affects your life’s journey. Keep reading below to learn more about the beginner details in astrocartography.

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Astrocartography Tutorial

Step 1 – Angles

Step 1 in learning Astrocartography is knowing the key areas of your horoscope (astrological chart) which most affect your life. At the start, the angles on the chart are the most important to learn. Each angle is a sensitive point in the birth chart. These sensitive points influence specific areas of our life and our perception of life. Once you learn what each angle controls, you’ll be better able to apply it to your own chart (matching them with the Astrocartography Lines) and use it in your personal interpretation.

Read below for the Astrocartography Lines Meanings.

Location of the Angles on the Natal Chart


Here are the four (4) key angles:

  • Ascendant (AC or AS) – This is how you “greet the world.” Think of the moment when you cross the threshold when leaving your home. As you “step out of the door”, you leave your home (private life) and enter the world (public life). Your Ascendant is the division between both. You can find this quite literally in the chart. The Ascendant is midway between the IC (home/private life) and MC (public life, public image). The Ascendant is also marks the area where you will find your “rising sign” and the beginning of your 1st house.
  • Midheaven (MC) – This is your very public image. Your career and worldly aspirations fall into this part of the chart. It ties in your daily work and your long-term public goals. Overtime, you eventually grow into this energy, learn the skills needed, and become quite good using this energy to your advantage. The sign located in the Midheaven aligns with an energy (or skill) you are naturally inclined to and very capable of. This is what you will be most known for (“famous for”) in the public eye. This will translate to your astrocartography mc line.
  • Descendant (DC or DS) – This is how you meet people, socialize, and partner with “others.” If you’re looking to expand your social circle, looking for a partner (business, lover, or otherwise), then you would focus on this portion of the chart.
  • Imum Coeli (IC) – This is the private side of you. Things you would like to keep out of the public eye. Your home (where to live), roots, secrets, family, etc, Things or people that are near and dear to you and you would rather keep secure or protected fall into the “nadir” or IC. Pay special attention to this area of the chart when forming your Astrocartography analysis.
Angle (Sensitive Point on Your Chart)Meaning / Importance
Ascendant (Asc, Asc or As)Self, Self-Image, Soul’s 1st Impression on the World, 1:1 more personal situations
Midheaven (aka “Medium Coeli” (Mc), ZenithCareer, Public Image & Life, Social
Descendant (Dsc, Dsc, Ds, Dc)Social Life, Other People, Other Souls
Imum Coeli (IC), Lower Midheaven, NadirPrivate Life & Environment, Home, Family, Roots

Astrocartography Lines Meaning

How to Read Astrocartography Lines and Angles

So now that you’ve learned about the Angles, the next step is to place those angles onto the astrocartopgraphy map. How do we do this?

Easy. We combine the angles plus the paths of the planets to create Planetary Lines. These Planetary lines are powerful centers of energy on the earth. This is where the magic happens! Choose the right location on the flat plane and you will see amazing lasting change in your life.

Overall, you need to learn how to read astrocartography chart symbols. See below for more.

astrocartography lines meaning

In a few steps below, we’ll have you draw up your birth chart and superimpose it across a map of the world. But before we do, we need to cover the topic of the various lines you’ll see on your personal natal astrocartography map.

Each angle (the sensitive points mentioned above) is merged with a planet’s path. This path is a line drawn on the astrocartography map. Depending the software you use, you will see three different lines:

  1. Planetary Lines (based on the angles + the planet’s celestial movements in your chart)
  2. Parans (horizontal lines that run laterally or across the latitudinal axis)
  3. Local Space Lines (lines based on your chart that follow you no matter where you are “locally”)

For now we are going to focus on the Planetary Lines. We’ll cover the basics. But if it interests you, we encourage to go beyond and keep studying how you can benefit from these powerful Planetary Angles/Lines. Equally, you’ll want to study how these lines can also hurt, impede, or put you at a disadvantage. The universe works in polarity, both good and bad. So you need to know and be fully aware of BOTH sides in order to make the best and most informed decisions for your life.

Method #1 – Houses

Each house in the astrology chart focuses on a specific area of life. There are a total of 12 areas, which means we have 12 houses in the chart. Below we have listed the various areas dictated by the houses and a summarized explanation of what these areas are and how they show up in our lives.

House PositionSummary of Area of Life
1st HouseSelf, “I”, Individuality, Your personality, your physical body, your drive, instincts
2nd HouseMaterial needs, Wealth you earn, Things you find valuable for your own safety
3rd HouseInteraction w/ others & Learning, Communication, Short distance travel
4th HouseHome life, Family, Roots/Traditions, the Mother (Parents), Dreams & Memories
5th HouseWillpower, Creative Ideas, Pleasure, Romance (Dating), Children (Progeny)
6th HouseDay-to-Day Work, Routine, Health, Self-Discipline, Planning, Service to others
7th HouseLong term Partnerships (Business, Marriage, etc), Agreed upon Commitments
8th HouseDoubts/Questions, Sex, Intimacy, Power over others, Personal Transformation
9th HouseHigher learning, Expansion of self, growth, Foreigners, Long distance travel
10th HouseCareer Ambitions, Social & career Status, Public Image, Public Recognition
11th HouseSense of belonging, Friendships, Group membership, Organizations
12th HouseTranscendence, Soul Work, Illusions, Subconscious, What is hidden from you

How to Find Your Astrocartography Lines:

Grab a pen and paper, and then follow the below instructions.

  1. Choose an area of your life you would like to change or influence. Write this area down. Then label it. Some examples are: “Love, Money, Study/School, Travel/Adventure, Career, etc.”
  2. Cast your birth chart (with accurate birth time), using “whole signs” or your preferred house system.
    [Click here to get your birth chart for free.]
  3. Reviewing the House positions table above, find the “area of life” you chose in Step 1. and match it with the corresponding house. Write down the house number. Then match that house number in your own birth chart.
  4. Looking at your birth chart, find the zodiac sign that is ruling the house (life area) you’ve chosen to focus on. Now write down the zodiac sign ruling this area on your birth chart.
  5. Find the ruling planet for that zodiac sign. (Below you can find a table which shows you chart rulers.) Write down the ruling planet next to the birth chart’s zodiac sign.
  6. Now choose the Angle you’d like to connect the planet with. (Review angles in table above.) For example, if you’re looking for a love match (new partner, dating & social life), then you definitely want to focus on the “DC” angle, which targets the “other” (other people, other souls.) The other angles also work, but again, consider the division of life (career, home, self, etc.) Self (AC) might be a good 2nd choice. Whatever you decide, write it down.
  7. Now find that planetary line associated with your chosen planet & angle in your personal natal astrocartography map. To do this, there are two online locations we can point to cast your birth/natal map.
    • Go to (Astrodienst) in your browser > Create a login > Free Horoscopes > Locational Astrology > AstroClick Travel
    • Go to > or copy paste this link:
  8. Now find the sign that is “ruling” (covering) this area on your chart.

Astrocartography with Explanation

Example (House Method):

If I would like to influence my love life and perhaps meet a partner, I have a choice of the 5th house (Romance/Dating) or 7th house (Marriage, Long-term Love partnership).

So I would then review which signs are present in those areas of my chart. Find the signs that are “ruling” that area of your chart.

Astrocartography where to live - love relationships example chart

Astrocartography: Orb of Influence

The generally accepted orb of influence (where a planet’s effects could reach) was considered to be up to 700 miles (1,126 km). However, some astrologers now estimate it to be closer to 250-300 miles (or ~500 km). This is something to consider when planning your trip or relocation. The closer you are to the “power line”, the stronger the influence. So sometimes moving within the orb, but not “on top of” the line is best. This way you can ease into the energy rather than receive a full blast of it, which may not be pleasant, even if it is a “beneficial” energy.

Astrocartography Vacation

A great place to test out Astrocartography is with a low risk endeavor like a vacation or holiday break. If you’ve signed up for an adventure and you’re interested in a “fact-finding” mission to test out a theory, then a vacation is a great opportunity to sample your Astrocartography studies without the commitment of moving or settling down. With an Astrocartography vacation, you can “test the waters” and validate your astrological research.

Astrocartography Zodiac

Zodiac Signs and Their Ruling Planets

Astrology Sign / Zodiac SignPlanet Ruler (Ancient)Planet Ruler (Modern)
Aries (♈) Mars (♂)Mars (♂)
Taurus (♉)Venus (♀)Venus (♀)
Gemini (♊)Mercury (☿)Mercury (☿)
Cancer (♋)Moon (☽) or ☾Moon (☽) or ☾
Leo (♌)Sun (⨀)Sun (⨀)
Virgo (♍)Mercury (☿)Mercury (☿)
Libra (♎)Venus (♀)Venus (♀)
Scorpio (♏)Mars (♂)Pluto (♇) *
Sagittarius (♐)Jupiter (♃)Jupiter (♃)
Capricorn (♑)Saturn (♄)Saturn (♄)
Aquarius (♒)Saturn (♄)Uranus (♅) or ⛢
Pisces (♓)Jupiter (♃)Neptune (♆)

*May also want to consider the Almuten.

Astrocartography Where to Live: The Beginner's Essential Manual 8

Another symbol/glyph for Pluto

astrocartography location astrology astrogeography

Method #2 – Planets

Just as each House controls and area of life, so does each planet in the astrology chart More broadly, planets influences a specific cross sections of life. There are a total of 12 planets in the chart. Below, we’ve listed the various aspects represented by the planets and provided a summarized explanation of how these aspects manifest in our lives.

Astrocartography Planet Meanings

Sun (⨀)Self-expression, ego, vitality, natural talents, life purpose, creativity, (for men, potential paternity)
Moon (☽) or (☾)Emotions, subconscious, intuition, home, nurturing, instincts, karma, (for women, potential maternity)
Mercury (☿)Communication, intellect, learning, adaptability, study/education, activities of the mind, trade/barter/merchant affairs (business)
Venus (♀)Love or Business partnerships, beauty, harmony, values, possessions, charm/attraction, social life
Mars (♂)Energy, drive, sexuality, action, ambition, will power, assertiveness, athleticism, increase in ability to work, increase in conflict
Jupiter (♃)Expansion, growth, luck, abundance, success, optimism, spirituality, higher education, increase in beneficial opportunities
Saturn (♄)Responsibility, discipline, structure, challenges, restrictions, separations, karma, solitude, increased concentration, self-discipline, or depression, slow, but solid career progression
Uranus (♅) or ⛢Innovation, revolution/rebellion, eccentricity, strange new friends, new technologies, astrological research/studies, genius, uncontrollable and unexpected surprise (good or bad), adventure, and increase in extreme risk-taking
Neptune (♆)Imagination, dreams, spirituality, illusion/delusions, compassion, complicated/risky situations related to water
Pluto (♇)Deep, personal transformations, power, regeneration, intensity, “phoenix”, karma, testing fate, take you the edge/brink, sexual fulfillment, criminal activity

Other Celestial Objects, Bodies, Symbols

Celestial Body/PointMeaning / Importance
North Node (☊) (a.k.a. “Ascending Node”)Your soul’s bucket list (soul growth), Life path, destiny, growth, karmic lessons, potential
Chiron (⚷)Your soul’s wound and how to heal this wound, mentorship, vulnerability, wisdom
Juno (⚵)Your ideal marriage partner, the one you need v want
Ceres (⚳)The area where you feel most nurtured, comforted, taken care of
Vertex (Vx) or (🜊)Inevitable fateful encounters, Life’s turning points
Anti VertexCommitment or sacrifice above and beyond personal duty
East Point (aka the Equatorial Ascendant)Considered to be the 2nd Ascendant, how the native projects themselves to others, how they conduct oneself in public

Using the Planets to determine Astrocartography

Grab a pen and paper, and then follow the below instructions.

  1. Choose an area of your life you would like to change or influence. Write this area down. Then label it. Some examples are: “Love, Money, Study/School, Travel/Adventure, Career, etc.”
  2. Cast your birth chart (with accurate birth time), using “whole signs” or your preferred house system.
    [Click here to get your birth chart for free.]
  3. Reviewing the Planets table above, find the “area of life” you chose in Step 1. and match it with the corresponding planet. Write down the planet. Then find that planet number in your own birth chart.
  4. Answer the following questions:
    • What house in the planet in?
    • What zodiac sign is the planet in?
    • Is the planet very negatively aspected? If so, how much?
    • Make a determination whether or not this planet is worth investigating. Or ask yourself is there another planet that will fulfill the same goal. Example: Both Venus and Jupiter are benefic planets that offer financial success. If Venus is not in the best position, perhaps you can swap it for Jupiter instead. Another example: If you’re looking for the best Astrocartography for studying, maybe look to Mercury, Jupiter, or Saturn.
  5. Now choose one of the four (4) Angle you’d like to combine with the planet. (Review angles in table above.) For example, if you’re looking for a business partner, then you definitely want to focus on the “DC” angle, which targets the “other” (other people, other souls.) Whatever you decide, write it down.
  6. Now find that planetary line associated with your chosen planet & angle in your personal natal astrocartography map. To do this, there are two online locations we can point to cast your birth/natal map.
    • Go to (Astrodienst) in your browser > Create a login > Free Horoscopes > Locational Astrology > AstroClick Travel
    • Go to > or copy paste this link:

Bonus tip: Once you find a potential location, spend some time to relocate the chart and rotate the chart as if you were born in that location. See the difference it makes with the ASC, Midheaven, and the other angles as well as the newly relocated zodiac signs ruling over your natal houses.

Free Websites/Resources to get your Birth Chart:

Below is a list of websites to get your birth chart for free. (If you conduct more web searches, you will find many more.) We have no preference as to which program/website/software you choose. We have listed ones we know are available (for free) below in alphabetical order:

  • Astro Charts –
  • Astrodienst AG –
  • Astrolab® –
  • Astrolabe®-
  • Astrotheme –
  • Astro-Seek –
  • AstroWin –
  • Cafe Astrology (Whole Sign) –
  • Great Astro Matcher –
  • Just Astrology Things –
  • My Astrology –
  • Zodiacal –

Other Necessary Factors to consider before make a major life decision:

  1. Parans Lines – mentioned above
  2. Local Space Lines – mentioned above; Astrological Feng Shui, the Azimuth lines & projections
    • Planetary radix lines. Projection of local charts on the Earth’s ground
  3. Your Relocated Natal (Birth) Chart
  4. Timing (cyclocartography, transit and progressions)
  5. Horoscope of the geodesic (geodetic) equivalent – Astrological technique, where the constant (given) is a central meridian
  6. Common Sense – No matter where you decide, if the location is war-torn, on a fault line, undergoing a regime change (political unrest), or falls in the middle of the ocean, then it doesn’t matter what “beneficial energy center” is there, you still have to deal with reality. If you don’t like cold or snow, but you find “the perfect place” (according to Astrocartography) in Siberia, then maybe you might reconsider your options. Common sense always applies.

If you want a FULL picture of locations that will be beneficial to you (or detrimental), you’ll need to investigate the above in detail before making any further decisions.

Astrocartography Where to Live

Astrology Software Programs (Downloadable)

Free (Freeware / Open Source)

  • AstroCalc – VegaSviri Matrix –
  • Astrolog (Walter D. Pullen) –
  • AstroWin –
  • Astro Zeus –
  • Cenon (Cenon GmbH) –
  • Skylender (Christophe Gros) –


  • Galiastro –
  • Janus (Astrology House) –
  • Kepler (Cosmic Patterns) –
  • Solar Fire (Astrolabe®) –
  • VegaSviri Matrix –
  • Win*Star 6.0 (Matrix Software)-
  • ZETGEO 9.0 –

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Astrocartography helps find ideal places based on your birth chart’s planetary alignments. To discover astrocartography where to live, consult a knowledgeable astrologer for personalized guidance.

Astrocartography lines represent powerful planetary influences on Earth. They reveal astrocartography where to live best suits your unique energy and experiences. Often you’ll here the terms “Power Places” or “Power Lines.” Consult an expert astrologer for personalized insights.

The best astrocartography line to live on depends on your birth chart. Astrocartography where to live varies for each person, so consult an astrologer for guidance tailored to you.

The Sun line in astrocartography highlights places where your confidence and vitality flourish. Astrocartography where to live under the Sun line can boost your self-esteem and leadership abilities.

DISCLAIMER: “Astro*Carto*Graphy” is a trademark. has no affiliation with or endorsement from the trademark owner or its licensees.

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