What is the best astrological sign?

What is the Best Astrological Sign?

Which is the best astrological sign in the zodiac? The answer differs based on the sex of the native. Based on our study and experience, the best astrological sign for men is Leo. The best astrological sign for women is Taurus.

How did we come to this conclusion?

The Sun and the Best Astrological Sign

In astrology, the Sun is the embodiment of a person. It represents the core of a person’s ego and will power. It refers to a person’s sense of self and how they view themselves. The Sun is the story they tell themselves about who they are.

When someone’s sun sign (astrological sign) is in Leo, it means their ego is influenced by Leo’s qualities, like confidence and a desire to be recognized. They care a great deal about how they come across to others and want to leave a strong impression. Becoming the best version of themselves is crucial to the public image.

The Best Astrological Sign For Men

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The Sun is naturally masculine. Because of this, for men, the easiest energies to adopt into one’s life are ones that are masculine. The sun’s position in Leo is thought to be advantageous for men in astrology because Leo is associated with qualities like confidence, leadership, and self-expression.

This means that when the sun is in Leo, it shines a spotlight on these traits for men, making them more likely to feel comfortable taking charge, being creative, and showing their true selves to the world. This special boost of energy encourages them to be bold and confident in their actions and decisions. This energy can help men become leaders among their friends, family, or colleagues.

Furthermore, the sun is also considered a benefic and very lucky in astrology. A benefic planet means that it brings positive influences into a person’s life. The sun is considered the giver of life and energy. It is also associated with power, authority, and success.

The Sun is the natural ruler for Leo. The Sun is in its domicile (home) when in the zodiac sign of Leo. So for men, the best astrological sign is Leo.

Earth and the Best Astrological Sign

The Earth represents the physical body, the material world, and the practical side of life. It is associated with stability, security, the physical body, our physical health, appearance, and sense of touch.

The Earth is also associated with the material world, so it is associated with our finances, our possessions, and our sense of security. It is also associated with the practical side of life, so our work, our goals, and our ability to achieve them is also represented by the Earth in astrology.

More symbolically, the earth can represent our roots, our connection to the past, our creativity, our ability to manifest our dreams, and our connection to the natural world.

The Best Astrological Sign For Women

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The Earth is naturally feminine. The Earth is often referred to as “Gaia”, “Terra,” or “Mother Earth” (Terra Mater)

  • Gaia is the Greek goddess of the Earth. She is often depicted as a woman with flowing hair and a crown of wheat. Gaia is associated with fertility, abundance, and the cycle of life.
  • Terra is the Latin word for Earth. It is also the name of a Roman goddess of the Earth. Terra is often depicted as a woman with a cornucopia, a symbol of abundance.
  • Mother Earth is a term often used to refer to the Earth as a nurturing and life-giving force. It is often used in native and ancient cultures who have a strong connection to the natural world.

This Earth is seen as a nurturing and life-giving force, much like a mother. It beneficial to be born a female in the sign of Taurus because of all the.

You may be asking, “Well, why not Cancer because Cancer is ruled by the Moon? In terms of energy, the Moon is opposite the Sun.

Well, our answer is that we don’t live on the moon. (Plus, we know the Moon is not terra firma. It’s made of plasma, like the Sun. See our post on What is our purpose on Flat Earth.)

We live on Earth. So the energies of Earth are what we need to adapt to and utilize. Women born under the astrological (sun) sign of Taurus are already best fit to adapt to the energies of the Earth. Taurus is typically associated with traits like practicality, patience, determination, fertility, and an appreciation for beauty and comfort.

The sun’s position in Taurus is thought to be great for women because Taurus represents qualities like stability, patience, and sensibility. When a woman’s sun is in Taurus, it means these traits shine more brightly in her personality.

The female Taurus native enjoys a calm and secure environment, values her possessions and comforts, and approaches things with a steady and practical mindset. This strong foundation helps her make wise decisions and create a sense of reliability around her.

When the sun is in Taurus, its energy makes people feel a bit like a bull—grounded, patient, and focused on what’s important. Women with Taurus sun might find themselves expressing their energies in artistic and creative ways, as Taurus also has a connection to beauty and the senses.

In traditional Astrology, Venus is the natural ruler for Taurus. But our argument is that Earth is. However, both Venus and Earth are feminine. This once again supports our statement that Taurus is the best astrological sign for women.


The purpose of each of zodiac sign is to remind us. Each sign is a teaching tool. Each sign also represents a ‘stage’ or ‘phase’ in evolution of humankind, where Aries is the beginning (‘infancy’) and Pisces is the ending (‘transformation’).

There is much to learn about each sign. Each sign travels at its own pace. Each sign has its talents and gifts and its downfalls and detriments. The question to ask is not which is better, but which is the easiest to progress and the easiest sign to labor underneath. Which signs have the easiest lessons to learn and which signs have the most difficult to learn.

Exploring the details of each zodiac sign helps us see that they all grow differently, have different skills, and face their own challenges. Just like people live life at their own speed, these signs change over time too.

Each sign has its own good things and problems, showing how life has ups and downs for everyone. Instead of trying to say which sign is better than the others, it’s better to ask which signs make it easier for us to learn and grow.

When we figure out which signs have lessons that are easier to understand and which ones have harder lessons, we can learn more about the many different ways we can become better humans thanks to the zodiac.

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