What is the Best Astrological Sign?

What is the Best Astrological Sign? 3The everlasting debate lives on. Which is the best astrological sign in the zodiac? Clearly, we need to approach this subject delicately, as everyone takes this answer personally.

Before we delve into the specific signs, let’s understand why each sign exists. What is the purpose of the zodiac sign? Each sign carries with it a lesson.

The purpose of each of zodiac sign is to remind us. Each sign is a teaching tool. Each sign also represents a ‘stage’ or ‘phase’ in evolution of humankind, where Aries is the beginning (‘infancy’) and Pisces is the ending (‘transformation’).

There is much to learn about each sign. Each sign travels at its own pace. Each sign has its talents and gifts and its downfalls and detriments. The question to ask is not which is better, but which is the easiest to progress and the easiest sign to labor underneath. Which signs have the easiest lessons to learn?

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